Campaign financing tidbits you may not hear about from the mainstream media:

1. Richest hedge fund managers gave 98% of contributions to Democrats

2. Gulf Oil Spill: Guess Who Was The Top BP Donation Recipient?

. . . do you think Obama will return the money as he goes on his demonization bender against BP? Will the media call for the return of the money? Will anyone on the Left whine about Obama being a big oil man, like they would if Bush was president? Yeah, right, on all three.

Obama was also the top recipient of Exxon Mobile money in 2008. And Chevron. Hmm.

Obama using the word “teabaggers” now — Classy.  Now why would someone committed to civil discourse use a completely irrelevant pejorative referring to a largely homosexual sex act?  Is he homophobic?

Why I hate the pill — interesting read on the not-well-communicated side effects.  Hat tip: Jill Stanek

The Bigotry of ‘Progress’ — well reasoned post on (oxymoronic) same-sex marriage by the Other McCain

Insofar as homosexuals sought only liberty and tolerance, they met little resistance, as even the most conservative Americans take pride in their “live and let live” attitude. Yet Americans balked when it was argued that the logical extension of such tolerance required recognition of homosexuality as the basis of a legal and political identity.

Amazingly stupid comments speculating on the identity of the Times Square bomber

So according to Bloomberg, Dreyfuss and Brewer, the profile of the guy who attempted to bomb Time Square was:

– Home Grown (born and/or raised and/or naturalized in the U.S.)

– Mentally Ill

– Has a Political Agenda (presumably against the Obama administration)

– Dislikes Obama’s Health Care bill

– Tea Party Member

– Anti-Government Right

– Bigotted against people from other countries and people with different skin colors

Weird.  It turns out that the guy in custody ACTUALLY fits THIS profile:

– From Pakistan and naturalized a year ago

– Received training in Waziristan

– Has political/religious agenda (against the U.S.)

– Hasn’t mentioned his opinion (and presumably doesn’t care) about Obama’s health care bill

– Hasn’t mentioned any support for (and presumably disagrees with) the Tea Party movement

– Is certainly anti-U.S. government, but not in the way they mean

– Seems to be bigoted against people in the U.S., no matter their skin color or background

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Mayor Bloomberg had no problem making negative statements about the tea party movement, but when the identity of the alleged perpetrator was revealed he was quick to announce that he would not tolerate anything negative about Muslims or Arabs in New York.

    1. the good Mayor only respects violent people
    2. he is afraid of violent people and knows perfectly well that a member of the tea party movement would not resort to violence.


    1. Excellent point. Hadn’t heard his anti-free speech bit about not criticizing Muslims but leaving open season on Tea Partiers. What a fraud.


  2. OK, I should have said probably not resort to violence. There are always a few nuts everywhere.


  3. Re. Amazingly Stupid Comments: You can just see the Democrats and thier media hacks crying in their beers.

    Just wondering. Is it even possible for a liberal to make a stupid comment?


  4. Re: The Salon pill argument.

    What is most interesting to me is the underlying assumption the author of that article uses: that you have to be a slave to your libido.

    There is one tried and true method of birth control that is fail-safe: remain sexually inactive until you are married. Some will then raise the issue of “BC during marriage”. To that I’d argue: don’t get married until you are ready to have children.

    Of course this attitude is considered old-fashioned and archaic, and I am labeled a relic for even suggesting such a thing.


    1. I did hear on the Onion last week that most couples don’t quit having sex until after they are married… Sorry, couldn’t resist… 🙂


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