Hat tip to Matthew for this important literary analysis.  It is a real time saver, as now you don’t have to read the book.

The Shaft: How Some Companies Prey on the Poor — read about these common but legal scams.  The solution is solid education on financial basics.  Junior Achievement does an amazing job of building financial literacy.

Christian preacher arrested in UK for saying that homosexuality is a sin — coming soon to a country near you.  This is the logical conclusion of granting civil rights status to sexual preferences.  The preacher was right, of course.

Why didn’t the media cover the new CDC study on HIV transmission? — Seriously, when a preventable disease rate is 44 times higher for one particular group (gay and bisexual men) shouldn’t that be more newsworthy?

Glenn had a thorough and thoughtful post on women and hair coverings.

Edgar shared some good tips on what to say and what not to say when others are grieving.  The gift certificate idea is very practical.

What TO say:
• “I love you.”
• “I am so sorry.” You don’t have to explain. Anything.
What TO do:
• A wordless hug.
• A card that says simply, “I grieve with you.”
• Instead of bringing cakes, drop off or (better) send gift certificates for restaurants or pizza places.

Super creepy: Planned Parenthood is now encouraging people to not disclose their HIV-positive status to sex partners until they feel ready to do so. (Hat tip: Roxanne)

Stan addresses a common objection to Calvinism — predestination and Hell.

Dan did a great piece called “Poisoning my children’s well.”  Don’t worry, it isn’t like it sounds.  It is excellent advice for Christian parents.

Abortionist’s Hypocrisy: Infant Survives Abortion, Found Alive 2 Days Later — moral schizophrenia on display.

Once the baby was found still hanging onto life after “doctors” tried to kill it, thehospital made a sudden, vain attempt to bring it to health. To complete the circus atmosphere, after the child passed, police in Italy began a homicide investigation of the incident. Why? Because in Italy infanticide is illegal.

Confused? You should be.

This incident really shows the utter, scornful hypocrisy in the pro-abortion position. How is it that one second a child is something to be so contemptuous of that it might be killed in an abortion, yet the next a victim of homicide?

Planned Parenthood targets minority communities.  Listen to this former Board Member:

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Ha! My dad used to make Green Eggs and Ham by using food coloring! We loved it! It obviously didn’t taste any different than regular eggs & ham 🙂

    “Edgar shared some good tips on what to say and what not to say when others are grieving.”

    From personal experience (what I have done for others and what others have done for me):

    Having someone bring a meal (vs cake) is really helpful during times when someone can’t or doesn’t want to make their own (or go out to eat).

    Also, he touched on it; but letting someone know that you are praying specifically for them is very encouraging.


    1. I just had a chance to read the “women and hair coverings” post. I am not a greek scholar so I am not going to say if he is right or wrong. I have read another explanation here is another that I thought I would share. I also have heard something similar to this in a Bible study that I did at some point.


  2. I’m still amazed we have so many currency exchanges. People really get taken advantage. The one currency exchange by my house just got a touch-up… new paint, some siding work. business must be good.

    Right outside my office, and we’re talking Chicago downtown here… there’s a check-in-advance and I always see people there and I’m thinking… guys, chase bank is just around the corner. Then I realized, they’re there NOT to cash a check but to borrow on a future one. It’s a tough cycle to break.

    I guess the only good thing is that the Church is not running those businesses and profiting from people’s hard earned pay.


  3. Neil, I read that Planned Parenthood guide, fully expecting to find out they were really saying something different. Turns out your description is accurate. I’m honestly floored and absolutely outraged. It’s also not some obscure pamphlet – it’s features on their home page, and translated into several languages.


    1. Ryan, I’m wounded! 😉 You didn’t think I would accurately assess PP? Seriously, I have never needed to exaggerate their short-comings.

      Everyone should read the whole pamphlet. It is chilling. Their typical “Hey kids, sex is fun, so do it as often as you can in as many ways as you can, and just have an abortion if you get pregnant” message came through loud and clear. Then they add the “don’t slow down the number of sex partners just because you have a deadly disease” theme. Our tax dollars at work.

      I’d love to have someone do a survey of these PP leaders and ask them if they think it is unethical to shake hands with someone if you know you have a cold and just coughed and sneezed into your hands.


      1. As a nurse and a mother; the pamphlet (among other things) is absolutely absurd. Nurses and other medical professionals are taught to use universal precautions when it comes to caring for patients (especially when there is a chance of coming in contact with any body fluids). Patients are not required to inform a people treating them if they have HIV (which I think is absurd too). But we are trained on how to prevent infection from a medical perspective. I cringe to think that the disease will be passed more frequently because of naive teens believing the lies of PP.

        It is bad enough that they are encouraging teens to have frequent sex with however many partners they feel like. Of course in their mind it is probably about money. Teens who have frequent sex will have more unplanned pregnancies; meaning they can perform more abortions. When they included the encouragement of people with HIV to not disclose the info to their sexual partners; they are just targeting a group of people who (more than likely) have already been sexually active.


  4. Stan does and excellent job on explaining God’s choice and I’m glad He chose me and didn’t wait for me to choose Him.

    BTW, I read Green Eggs & Ham to Joey just the other day. He loves it, especially since there is a train in it. He loves anything with trains and balloons.


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