Praying the scriptures is a great idea.  If you aren’t sure what to pray you have 31,173 verses pre-approved by God.  Check out Alysa’s post about praying 1 Peter 5.

Question: Is the intent of the DNC to replace black voters with Hispanic ones, as low-information pets of the party? Interesting analysis by Hillbuzz.

In 2008, Donna Brazile famously declared, during the presidential primaries, that the DNC no longer needed blue collar workers,  rural voters, senior citizens, or gay and Jewish voters, because the coalition they were building of blacks, college-aged first time voters, Hispanics, and women were enough to win national elections.  No one else need apply.

We wonder if Brazile’s candor didn’t leave out part of what’s going on — and that’s actually the DNC’s abandonment of blacks completely, replacing them as pets and dependents with newly imported Mexicans.

. . .

We’ve long believed that Liberal-controlled public schools in cities like Chicago are deliberately kept so terrible that black students never learn the social, academic, or life skills to succeed in life — and are instead kept dependent on the government for their welfare.

New DNA Damage Repair Mechanism Must Have Arisen Early — the workings of DNA are endlessly fascinating, and typically make a mockery of neo-Darwinian evolution.

This conclusion that complexity comes early is often forced on evolutionists, in spite of the evolutionary expectations to the contrary.

Here’s something not to get excited about — the alleged discovery of Noah’s ark.

If it is the Ark, may it wake up the biblical sceptics . . . And if this is just another hoax, it’s no big deal. My salvation isn’t dependent on (or in need of) scientific confirmation of incidents in the Bible, but on my relationship with God. His reality confirms His Word.

Bonus graph:

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Pumpkin Pi—ha!

    One of Beth Moore’s books that is actually orthodox (at least reasonably so) is “Praying God’s Word”. It takes hundreds of Scriptures and turns them into prayers to overcome various strongholds—idolatry, unbelief, addiction, etc. I’ve found it helpful.

    I heart Ray Comfort.

    And thanks for the article about praying Scripture, too—I’ll be sure to give it a look.


  2. Hey Neil,

    Sorry to ruin the analogy, but I think the maths might be out just a little. The “Pumpkin” on the denominator and numerator cancel each other out, so all you’re left with is pi … we can pretend it’s pumpkin though? 😉

    Can I suggest a revision. You need an extra Pumpkin on your numerator…

    2 x Pumpkin Circumference / Pumpkin Diameter = Pumpkin Pie.

    There, now you’re good to go!


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