Protection & pro-life

After I noted on another blog that pro-lifers protect the lives of the unborn, a “human rights activist” commenter responded:

Dawn of the Dead, Dawn of the Unborn, it’s the same nonsense.

Does that protection extend to females – who are ALREADY alive?

Of course I pointed out the scientific fact that the unborn are unique, living human beings.  I also replied as follows:

I don’t see what it proves to just say an argument is nonsense. Seems to me that non sequitors like “dawn of the dead” are less sensible than appeals to scientific facts and basic morality (i.e., you shouldn’t kill innocent human beings).

Re. protection to females: Of course protection extends to them if you are talking about saving the life of the mother. That is consistent with the pro-life ethic. If you are talking about the preference of the mother to have her unborn child killed — over half of whom are female — then that is a different story.

Females also need protection from the boyfriends and parents pressuring them to abort, which is very common.

And they need protection from statutory rapists, like those that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics willfully and illegally hide in their zeal to make money.

An authentic human rights activist has plenty of work to do fighting the abortion industry.

In addition, consider how pro-legalized abortionists oppose these measures:

  • Parental notification laws — parents are the primary protection for children, and schools  can’t give an Advil to your child without permission.  But they can take her for an abortion?!
  • Informed consent — how can hiding information from women protect them?  Do pro-legalized abortionists thing women are too frail to handle the facts?
  • Option to see ultrasounds of what is about to be aborted — same as above.

And who funds crisis pregnancy centers with their own time and money to provide free services to women and families in need?  The pro-lifers, not the pro-legalized abortionists.  In fact, the pro-legalized abortionists consider pregnancy centers to be the enemy and fight them as much as they can.  No surprise, as we cut into their abortion profits.

Pro-lifers are the ones protecting women, not pro-legalized abortionists.

0 thoughts on “Protection & pro-life”

  1. LOL What a misnomer=human rights activist. The only right that activist is for is the right to murder. Why not extend that right past the womb? Say if the child is 2 years old and becomes inconvenient.

    Oh that’s right, murder is wrong! Pre-birth or post-birth.


  2. Human Rights, as in defining humans as the activist see fit. I hope, especially being a white male, I am able to maintain my status as human.


  3. Funny how little value human rights activists ascribe to humans. Their stance on abortion (closely tied with their touted “population control” ethics) are the key indicators of how devoid they actually are of “human rights” values.


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