The perfect summary of Che followers:

Should we velvetize the Bible’s hard truths to suit a culture that hates moral clarity? — Short answer: No.  Click for a great response from Charles Spurgeon.

Pastor Timothy has moved his blog home to WordPress, so be sure to update your favorites and/or blog readers with his new page.

John Stossel explains how environmentalism kills millions of people — DDT saves lives.  And why didn’t the opponents show up to debate?

Actress Janine Turner is a conservative and not afraid to speak out.  Yea for her!  Bring back Northern Exposure.

The use of images in the pro-life movement can be a controversial topic, but used appropriately I think they add a lot of value.  What could be more relevant than the truth about what the procedure in question accomplishes?  I didn’t get the precise quote as I heard it on a Podcast of Stand to Reason, but Greg Koukl quoted Melinda Penner saying that showing pictures of aborted human beings is a way for the victims to give their testimony.

A tale of 2 protests.  Watch and decide for yourself.  Also see New Video of Tea Party Protest, Still No N-Word.  Where is the retraction from the MSM?

Also note this reaction by the MSM:

  • Swastikas shown to protest President Bush = OK
  • Swastikas shown to protest President Obama = really, really bad
  • Swastikas shown to protest immigration laws = OK

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Big, fat “Amen” to the Che Guevarra T-shirt graph! Oh my word; if they only knew. Why is Communisms sort of Bohemian-chic here??

    My husband nearly dropped his teeth the first time he saw someone wearing one of those T-shirts in Denny’s (circa 1998). He said that is an emblem you would NEVER see in a post-communist society.


    1. Ironicly, the same graph probably applies to “Percentage of homeschool students who would/wouldn’t wear a Che T-Shirt” as well as “Percentage of public school students who would/wouldn’t wear a Che T-Shirt.”


      1. Only a fraction of home school students would be ignorant enough to wear a Che t-shirt, and the vast majority of public school students are ignorant enough to wear a Che t-shirt.


  2. I agree that pictures of abortions should be used in some places/situations. But I would be concerned about younger children who may see them if they were shown in open public settings. I think that if pictures of what goes on in a normal pregnancy might be even more effective if they were used more frequently.

    *This may be graphic for some* I worked several years ago as a nurse in an OB/GYN office. One time we had a couple who came in after a miscarriage. I cannot remember how far along the woman was when she miscarried; but she brought in the tissues that she passed in a plastic baggie. The doctor asked one of the nurses to send it to the lab. While she was writing up the paper work we got a chance to look at it. Most of it was in a circle (placenta) a little smaller than a half dollar and we could see a clear form of the baby inside the circle. I will never forget my heart feeling like it was going to break. Since then I have had two early miscarriages myself and now know the pain of loosing babies long before they are born.


    1. Good points, Alysa. Young children should be shielded from those.

      I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages. My wife had 5 before and after the girls were born and I saw the heartbeat of one on an ultrasound.


  3. Neil,
    I think it would be better to show our children video of babies in the womb along with all the evidence from those videos that those babies are alive, feel pain, etc. That would be a far better way to curb abortion using visuals. That way you remove the “horrible” factor by pointing out what is really found in the womb.

    It’s the same principle I use in preaching the gospel, point to the love of Christ and the benefits instead of focusing on the horrors of hell.

    Also, thanks for the note about my blog move. Now’s it’s really official!!! (aka Steve Martin’s The Jerk and finally becoming somebody since his name was in the phone book). 🙂


    1. When preaching the gospel we should follow the pattern set by those in the New Testament. Both the love of Christ and the horrors of hell are powerful motivators. Neither should be excluded or played down.


      1. Hi Lone,
        I don’t play hell down, believe me. I just don’t focus on it. I would say I don’t ignore it either. When it comes up in the text, as it is this Sunday, I’m all over it. But I hope and pray that it is the love of Christ rescuing us from that deserved location that brings more to Christ than the fear of hell. Remember the women who anointed Christ’s feet? She loved much because she was forgiven much.


      2. I understand. I just don’t understand the current trend in Christian theological teaching to ignore hell, as you say. I’ve visited churches and heard nothing but God is Love. It starts approaching the level of a hippy commune.

        One of the tenets of Christianity, according to the scripture, is that there is a consequence for not believing, and not obeying. You obviously hold to that tenet, so kudos to you.


      3. Yes, it’s really hard to ignore it when that Jesus fella keeps saying things like, “and cast the unfaithful servant into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” You have to do quite a bit of hoop jumping to water that down. I find it much easier just to preach it, and move on. Plus, there is a certain outer darkness for preachers who don’t preach the full counsel of God. I choose not to be among them.


  4. I like the DDT thing. I just posted a blog post about DDT myself. My trip this past weekend resulted in me finding a bedbug in our luggage shortly before leaving our hotel. Bedbugs are nasty things and if you get them in your home you will have a tough time getting them out..DDT could fix that too.

    On the subject of abortion pictures. I am for it. Much like not velvetizing biblical teaching for a society that can’t stomach it, we shouldn’t launder the awful practice of abortion just so it is more palatable to a squeamish society. Abortion (IE murder) has dastardly, morbid, and gory results. People need to know that.


  5. You know, there’s a couple of lefty bloggers I know that like to characterize right-wing pundits as “hacks”. I’ve never seen anything that comes so close to being a dictionary picture of what a hack looks like as this Mark Levine guy. He’s a hackmeister! Maybe “liar” would be a better word for anyone who would attempt to draw a parallel between the Tea Party protesters and the supporters of illegal border invasion. I don’t see Gallagher as the best voice of the right-wing, and I think he could have done a better job dealing with the lefty hackorama, but in this day of video camera cell phones, there has to be some evidence of someone calling the Congressman any names. If I’m not mistaken, one of his colleagues had his cell out and apparently he didn’t catch anything on his, so yeah, I think the Congressman is a liar, too. I don’t care WHAT he’s done for civil rights in the past.


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