Junk DNA – the real story — interesting read about how “junk DNA” isn’t junky at all and how evolutionists viewed it as proof of evolution both when it was considered junk and now that it isn’t.  Convenient, eh?

The ACLU’s concerns about privacy seem to vary with who is in the White House.

Wait, Obama used to claim that they weren’t aiming at universal health care.  He must have been misquoted here.  But you can totally trust him that his Executive Order about abortions will stand.

The Left’s shrill cries about potential violence and alleged racist comments (still no evidence, BTW) are really tiresome.  Both sides have freaks, but the media reporting is hopelessly one sided.  Bart Stupak had plenty of threats when he was pretending to be on the pro-life side, but those weren’t widely reported.  Read the link for many more examples.

Planned Parenthood hates black people

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Reading about the number of blacks being put to death every year out of ignorance was really discouraging. It’s times like these that I think we should have some form of ecclesiastical oversight within evangelicalism, to shut down churches that claim to be for Christ, but are pro-abortion. I know it wouldn’t be effective without a few rocket launchers, but alas… (remember the Bruce Cockburn song? That’s how I feel when I read things like this.)



  2. Tripped across this tidbit. It seems Stupak, some time after his yes vote, put his requests for earmarks.

    “Stupak requested more than $578 million in earmarks, including $125 million for a replacement lock on the Sault Ste. Marie, $25.6 million to build a federal courthouse in Marquette, Mich., $15 million to repaint the Mackinac Bridge and $800,000 to preserve the Quincy Mining Company smelter near Hancock in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

    He held out for an executive order, yeah right…..


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