James White debates Adnan Rashid on trustworthiness of the Bible vs Koran — The Wintery Knight has an easy to read summary of key differences between the Koran and the Bible.  Read it and you’ll know more than most Christians and Muslims do about the transmission of both texts.

Bob Stupak was faking it all along —  See the post and the video in the 9th comment.  Only a sucker would believe an executive order by Obama.  The bill had taxpayer-funded abortion in it all the time, and the Democrats lied about it the whole time.  What a sad day.

This wasn’t just about health care.  It was about the start of many more destructive bills pushed through the same unethical way.  Can’t wait for November!

New study shows that greens are less moral than ordinary people — I cheated and linked to two by the WK today.

Jimmy Carter is one happy guy these days

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. If you ever wondered the modern conversion rate for 30 pieces of silver, you’ll be glad to know the price has now been pegged by Judas Stupak.

    $700,000 for a couple of airport renovations and a promise of “peace in our time.”


    1. I’m guessing there is some behind the scenes silver as well. But who is counting when you are trading your credibility and countless lives for material gain?

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  2. Good call on Stupak. Another EO, after the vote, will reverse what Obama has done. It will go through quietly because the MSM is in Obama’s back pocket.

    Meantime, Stupak committed political suicide. He will not be reelected. We’ll have to watch which appointment he receives after his defeat in November…….


    1. the MSM is in Obama’s back pocket.

      I don’t understand that at all. Isn’t Fox News the ratings leader by a long shot? Are they in Obama’s pocket? I think the most popular news network certainly qualifies it as “main stream”.

      Do you really believe that the President can issues executive orders in secret?

      This is a democratic process. You have an opportunity to elect new people in half a year, and a new president in 2012. If the health care bill is really against the will of America, you can be rest assured that the whole thing will be overturned.


      1. Even though it’s a ratings machine, Fox news is generally not regarded as MSM.

        You’ll generally see total uniformity of coverage among your standard liberal media outlets, both in terms of what they do and don’t cover, as well as the amount of coverage they provide.


      2. By hundreds, I guess you mean 5, which is the amount of executive orders he issued in his first week, all of which were campaign promises. There had been 43 orders signed as of a couple of weeks ago. Bush signed close to 300. Executive orders are made to get stuff done, and when your cause is all about “small government” I’d think you’d be in favour of EOs.

        The ones that flew under the radar were the boring ones that nobody cares about. They all get posted to the Whitehouse website. Every person in the country is welcome to check them out.

        I assure you that if Obama tries to reverse the abortion EO, it will probably make the news.


      3. It’s not the media’s job to lobby for things, that’s your job. Fox News does it, sure, but it’s goal is to promote opinions, not report them. Any station that organizes rallies for political groups and causes is not a “news” station.

        All of the major media outlets reported Obama’s EO on overseas abortion. EOs were issued by Reagan to implement it, Clinton to cancel it, Bush to re-implement it, and Obama to re-cancel it. It’s all been reported.


      4. Executive orders are made to get stuff done, and when your cause is all about “small government” I’d think you’d be in favour of EOs.

        Ryan, I’m not sure I follow your line of reasoning here.

        Efficiency (which is a good term for “get stuff done”) is antithetical to small government. The only thing it does is to erode the separation of powers and to make it easier, not harder, to expand federal power.


      5. I’m not sure what YOU mean by “small gov’t”. To my mind, it means a gov’t doing only what it is Constitutionally mandated to do. EO’s that a stay within that parameter does not seem to me to be a problem.


      6. Whether you like it or not, the constitution does not elect the government – the people do. It’s the government’s job to get done what the people want done, while following the guidelines set out in the constitution. I don’t have a problem with executive orders that are in line with campaign promises or that have to do with non-polarising or imminent issues.


      7. Fox News is the ratings leader BECAUSE the MSM is in Obama’s pocket, or in the pocket of whatever lefty is in vogue.


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