What About Jesus And Holy Scripture Scares Chuck Currie?

In What About Jesus And Holy Scripture Scares Glenn Beck?, Chuck Currie criticizes Beck for seeing through the fake “social justice” mantra of the theological Left.  Of course people want justice, but people like Chuck assume that any inequality of outcome is representative of injustice and requires government solutions.

Beck is a Mormon so I don’t consider him a Christian and wouldn’t seek theological advice from him.  But to his credit, behaves more like a Christian than someone like Currie.

The real question is what about Jesus and Holy Scripture scares Chuck Currie?  After all, he should know not to lie and libel but he does it anyway, repeatedly and unapologetically.  He has a lot of nerve preaching to anyone about anything until he cleans up that act.

Chuck quoted Micah 6:8:

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

If Chuck cared about justice he wouldn’t be pro-legalized abortion.  Another 3,000 innocent human beings died today because “Christians” like Chuck fight for the right to abortion on demand.  That is the greatest injustice of all.  There is nothing just, kind or humble about abortion.

2 thoughts on “What About Jesus And Holy Scripture Scares Chuck Currie?”

  1. Sorry, Christian means follower of Christ. Whatever you might think of the church that Glenn attends, he has gotten on bended knee, accepted Christ and reversed the damage that his sins have caused to others. Now he lives a life in Christ that he is willing to share on his radio and tv shows, evangelizing His sovereignty. I can think of nothing else that would be required to be a follower of Christ.


    1. HI mfvinci,

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting and for your work to try and get Chuck Currie to think clearly.

      I do disagree with your point here, though. Simply put, if I follow person A and you follow person B, then it wouldn’t be fair to say that we follow the same person just because the titles of A and B are the same. That is my point here. I don’t follow Beck closely, but given his enemies (e.g., false teacher Chuck Currie), I’m inclined to think that Beck may have some good points.

      But the issue here is whether the Christ of Christianity is the same as the Christ of Mormonism. The answer is crucial, as eternity hangs in the balance (not to mention what we do in this life).

      I encourage you to read this piece where a Mormon — who admittedly doesn’t speak for the whole religion — conceded that we indeed worship different Christs and that he thinks mine is the wrong one — http://4simpsons.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/are-mormons-really-christians-part-ii/ . I submit that his views are more in line with historic Mormonism than yours.

      At the risk of a guilt-by-association charge, I’d also encourage you to think carefully if you find yourself agreeing with Chuck Currie (http://chuckcurrie.blogs.com/chuck_currie/2010/06/preaching-pride-sunday-at-first-congregational-united-church-of-christ.html) on any theological issue that is debated at all. He is almost always on the wrong side of the issue, and he’d be the first to say that Mormonism is as good as Christianity — and Islam, and Buddhism, etc.

      Peace, Neil


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