Are Beth Moore’s claims of private revelation valid? — I know lots of folks who like her, but I find it creepy when people continually claim a direct hotline to God — i.e., “God told me ______” — unless they follow it with a Bible verse, in context.   That is a huge claim and the burden of proof is on whomever makes it.  Hat tip: TheoGeek

A thorough biblical analysis of women in ministry.

“Outraged atheists lose faith in Dawkins as he censors website”

This may be occasion for presenting Richard Dawkins with the Can Dish it Out But Cannot Take it award . . . Richard Dawkins has literally built the New Atheist movement upon vociferously pouring down abusive language based derision upon anyone who dares to disagree with him and now…the monster which he created, nurtured and let lose upon the word has come home to roost. Actually, it has come home to burn down the laboratory of its creator.

Dawkins promulgates the mere that I, a Jew, am to be likened to a Holocaust denier because I doubt that human beings are related to “bananas and turnips” and he takes offence at an admittedly uncalled for description of his visage. Please get over yourself professor.

UK Govt’ to Impose “Hate Registers” for British Children who Make Gay Comments — coming soon to a country near you.  As we’ve said for years, this is the logical conclusion of superfluous “hate speech” and civil rights for sexual preferences legislation.  As always, I’m anti-bullying, but we don’t need special clubs and “hate speech” laws for 10 year olds to prevent bullying.

The Mail notes the case of one boy who has already been placed on such a registry for calling another pupil a “gay boy.” The mother of ten year-old Peter Drury, of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was told that her son’s name would be placed on a register and permanent school record following a complaint about the comment by another student.

Pathetic race-baiting by the Huffington Post — a  friend posted that link on his Facebook account.  My responses:

Fact: The candidates you support oppose school choice, because they like union donations more than black children. That’s racism.

Fact: The candidates you support keep abortion legal and it kills blacks at a rate three times that of whites. See where Planned Parenthood puts their clinics. Investigate Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was a eugenicist that paid off black preachers to encourage them to have their members sterilized, among other things. She wanted to eliminate the undesirables. Abortions kill more blacks in a day over and above whites than the KKK ever dreamed of. That’s racism.

Fact: The candidates you support profit by keeping blacks poor and uneducated. That’s racism.

Fact: People like you use blacks as some sort of trump card so you can scream RAAAAACISM whenever you are losing the debates (which, apparently, is always). That’s racism.

Hey, have you visited Detroit lately? It is a petri dish of Liberal politics and education policies. Like other big cities, Democrats have had virtual monopolies for 50 years. How’s that working out for the black folks there?

Homework assignment: Watch MSNBC tonight — you know, the ones who scream RAAAAACIST all the time. Tell me how many black news people you see. I’ll wait here.

Compare Bush, who put many blacks in high level positions based on their merits, then compare that to Democrats.

Look at liberal companies like HP, who load up the “Diversity” groups with black executives but barely have any elsewhere.

. . .

Protesting wasteful gov’t spending and socialism is not racist. Playing the race card because your arguments suck is racist.

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  1. That’s quite a roundup, Neil!

    I have been invited to several “Beth Moore” speaking events in the past, but each time I was not able to attend. Good thing, perhaps?

    I haven’t studied up on her ministry so I cannot give a well-informed judgment about it right now. However, I will say one thing. Usually when God gives a revelation to one of His children, isn’t it usually meant for just that particular child of God? I mean, we can share it with others, but as far as I’m concerned, individual revelations are meant for individual people – aren’t they?

    However, in the case of the teacher, pastor, or preacher, I think that it is good (and a necessity!) to back up one’s beliefs (and/or “revelation”) with Scripture. That way, Christians can avoid being accused of heresy or apostasy.

    Atheism, gay “hate baiting,” and racism. Each article sounds like something that Satan has perpetuated in order to counter God’s love, knowledge, wisdom, and Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ…doesn’t it?

    How ironic to read that “outraged atheists” have been censored on Dawkins’ website! Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that they have been led to lose “faith” in Dawkins?

    Such craziness is increasing in our world today! Down is up, and up is down. Evil is labeled as “good,” and Good is labled as “evil.”

    Can you believe that Jeremiah Wright ( of God d**n America fame), Louis Farrakhan, (the Nation of Islam Jew and Christian hater) and Father Pflegar – (who is a radical leftist priest – exposed by Sean Hannity on Fox News) are all getting (more accurately GIVING THEMSELVES) “lifetime achievement awards”? Can you think of anything more ludicrous than that? Oh yeah the fact that thousands of people will attend! But still, one person’s actions tops all radicals- ObaMAO!


  2. Hey, Neil! I hadn’t been around for awhile and then I was just lurking but I decided to come out of the shadows for one of your stories here. 😉

    I recently attended a women’s retreat where we did Beth Moore’s Loving Well seminar. It was the first experience I had ever had with any of her materials. I totally get what you’re saying and tend to be skeptical of things like that as well. With that being said though, I really did feel like I learned a lot during our retreat. It can be so hard to know if someone is being deceptive when they are teaching – sometimes, thankfully, it’s blatantly obvious but sometimes it IS very subtle.

    I think everyone should always be seeking God’s direction and discernment when receiving ANY teaching from any person – whether it be a speaker such as Beth Moore or a local pastor. After all, we are all human, all sinners, and all saved by grace alone. We all make mistakes and do things that we might not realize at the time are incorrect. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, I don’t know enough about Beth Moore or have enough experience with her materials to say one way or the other but I will say that God has always blessed me with a spirit of discernment in regards to people and from my one experience it seemed as if her heart truly belongs to God. I know many do things in God’s name in order to get rich or lead people down the path they want for them rather than the path God would choose but it doesn’t appear to me that she is one of those people. Of course, as I said, this is from very limited knowledge of her and I’ve never spoken to her in person – I think that can make a huge difference too. 🙂

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. (or 200 cents since this wasn’t short! haha!) 🙂


    1. Hi MLBH — thanks for stopping by and sharing that. I was glad to see you are back to blogging again. I always enjoyed your posts. That is one of the nice things about a blog reader — when someone comes back from hiatus it just shows up.


  3. I’ve never listened to Beth Moore except maybe some of her short material. I know several people who like her a lot and thinks she has a great women’s ministry. They have never said anything about her hearing God speak and these people would have freaked out if she said anything un-Biblical. Maybe they just haven’t heard her say that.

    I typically am skeptical when someone says they hear the voice of God. But, it’s highly possible and, if the person is close to God, it’s also probably. However, what they hear should always be weighed against the scripture. If there hearings don’t match the scripture, they are obviously false. I think that’s what the flow-chart is trying to say.

    What’s disturbing is the website seems to disparage Beth Moore without explaining why. Maybe I missed something.


  4. Hi Randy/guys,

    I didn’t get into a full-length post about all the problems with Beth Moore’s theology, because it would have taken tens of thousands of words to do a fair job – not counting the excerpts from her books and videos that would have to be quoted.

    The issues are in three main categories: 1) her claims of private revelation and endorsement of charismatic theology (which has made its way into virtually every book and study she has produced since 2003), 2) poor hermeneutics (she takes Scripture out of context and eisogetes her own meaning into it – which most of her listeners do’t have the discernment to catch; and 3) her materials are rife with pop-psychology, which is incompatible with biblical Christianity. If you read the links on the site I linked to, the pastor got into quite a bit of depth regarding the claims of extra-biblical revelation. He did not touch the “Believing God” study, however, which was well into Word of Faith territory.

    In addition, she has raised controversy for issues such as her endorsement of contemplative spirituality, quotes New Age-y gurus extensively, and teaches men in her Sunday School class.

    I have several articles in .pdf from Personal Freedom Outreach documenting the myriad aberrations in her teaching – e-mail me at if you’d like a copy. Glenn Chatfield has quite a few reviews on her stuff over at Watchman’s Bagpipes (don’t miss the comment threads – women invest so much emotionally into Moore that they can’t view her teaching objectively), and Lighthouse Trails Research has quite a bit on her ministry as well. There are so many issues that to cover all of them here would take all night – but any of those sites has several articles apiece.


    1. I think what Randy said above is key – it needs to be weighed against Scripture. That being said, Marie, I read through some of the material that Neil had linked to and I totally see what you’re getting at.

      I really do agree that part of the big problem, and this is the case with ANY big name like that, is that people get so sucked in by the personality that they just absorb anything that they say and forget to weigh it against Scripture. That’s one of the reasons that I hadn’t used any of her materials before or been to any of her seminars – I’m always hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, with a popular author/speaker. It’s just too easy to be deceived by someone with the great personality that everyone loves.


  5. A practice we Catholics have found rather helpful in discerning persons claiming private revelation is this:

    Reserve formal judgment until after they’ve died. It might seem a bit crass, but then you’re not in the position of endorsing/believing something they’ve claimed, only for them to go a bit crazy down the road.

    Hey, better than getting burned, right?


  6. Hi Neil,
    I love your summary of true racism. I finally looked at the link you provided and it was quite disappointing. My first thought: “gee, there is no bias here. Just good solid reporting.”

    BTW, I had to add your comments to my post on Dan Rather saying Obama couldn’t sell watermelons even if he had the help of state troopers. Of course, that’s not racism…



    1. Thanks, Pastor! I think Rather was just trying to do his folksy schtick and misspoke. Maybe it is his latent racism but I’d tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      But to Sharpton/Jackson/the MSM/etc. I do not give the benefit of the doubt. If a conservative said that we’d hear about it for months, there would be boycotts, protests, etc. Oh, the humanity!


  7. Re: Beth Moore: Valid? No. Creepy? Yes. (I’ve watched a number of her…preaching…videos on YouTube and have often thought, “You have a headset microphone, honey. STOP SCREAMING!”)

    But then, the woman hags around with Priscilla Shirer, who (though quite orthodox and insightful in other things) has written several books detailing how to hear from God—“He Speaks to Me” and “Discerning the Voice of God.”

    While I don’t deny that Christ is sovereign and can do as He pleases, I am quite wary of those who profess revelation from Him apart from the Word—including myself. If I get a weird sensation or a mental impression, the last thing I’m going to assume is that it’s God trying to talk to me.

    My take is that I am open to it happening but extremely cautious at the same time.


    1. Great points, David. I need to do a series on decision making and the will of God. It is one of my favorite lessons.

      Sent from my iPhone


  8. Hey Neil! I don’t know if you remember me. I used to have a blog a few years back called “my bloggerings”. Anyway, I used to comment here alot and then dropped off the face of the UNIVERSE. Anyway I’m back with a completely different blog. I mostly blog about my Christian walk and try to stay away from politics only because it makes my blood boil. I’ll just read your blog and get mad..LOL. Anyway, you know my church had a class with Beth Moore and I thought I was being judgmental. It was a video series and I saw a little snippet of it and I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t stand her. She looked like she was really into herself. She reminded me of all those faith based preachers like Olsteen who had a lot of money and told you where to send it. Plus every time I go into the bookstore and see her books they are ridiculously priced. I’m thinking “how is this a ministry if you are making so much money off of me??” John Piper has books and they are free to read online and if you want a hard copy but don’t have the money, he’ll send you it for free through Desiring God ministries. Also, they aren’t expensive…like $9! Her book are like $20 a pop. Ok, I’ll quit ranting. I just don’t like her….anyway, I subscribed to your blog again!! Glad to see you again.


    1. Hi MB – yes I remember you and I’m glad you’re back. Looking forward to checking out your new blog. Thanks for your perspective on Beth Moore.


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