If I were an Olympic ice skating judge there would be automatic 10 point deductions for pink tassels and 25 point deductions for clown costumes.  Or perhaps disqualifications.  Seriously, people.  That’s just wrong.

A Reformed Evanjellybean Reconsiders Lent — by Marie

That insane pilot sounds kind of like a tea partier, huh? — Only if you ignore his closing comments and the other Bush-bashing, as the Washington Post did:

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Doesn’t sound tea-partier-ish to me.

19 points that undermine the claims of global warming alarmists — only 19?

Iran is a nuclear power, just as predicated by President Bush in 2007.  Olbermann et al mocked him and supported Iran’s leader.  I’m sure they’ll be apologizing any time now . . .

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  1. Thanks, Neil, for linking to my latest brain-droppings! So far haven’t had to duck any flying tomatoes from my fellow fundies, which is always nice. 🙂

    You know, the communist manifesto is actually a bastardization from Acts 2:44-45, and their second manifesto is like unto it: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” (2 Thess. 3:10). This was deliberate and was done in order to make the people believe that communism was really a benevolent system based on the Bible.

    In the late 1940’s, after the Warsaw Pact, part of the propaganda included these biblical references and statements such as “the Bible says if you have two shirts, you should give one to the one who has none. We say the same thing.” This method was much more effective at destroying the true Church than locking them and hauling attendants off to prison.

    Actually, this was one of the themes I discuss in an article I wrote for Christianity Today – it’ll be published next fall. I’m extremely sensitive now to socialist thought when it is cloaked in biblical language for that reason (which certainly isnt to say that social justice isn’t part of God’s heart, or that we shouldn’t do all we can for those in need). Communism sounds more “taboo” than socialism, but in essence they are one and the same evil, godless ideology. One of Satan’s biggest victories (if we may speak in terms of him scoring relative “victories”) was in convincing the masses that Christ and Marx are two branches on the same tree.


    1. It is amazing that people can’t see the distinction between Biblical Christianity and Socialism / Communism: Giving because you want to versus having things taken by the government.


  2. Oh – I love figure skating, but I didn’t watch last night; I was too upset about a rejection letter from a publisher. My six-year-old son asked me the other morning, “Why does Johnny Weir dress and talk like a girl?”


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about the rejection letter. I imagine that never gets easier. I’m glad you have the courage to keep putting yourself out there and that you speak the truth with boldness and love.


  3. “If I were an Olympic ice skating judge there would be automatic 10 point deductions for pink tassels and 25 point deductions for clown costumes. Or perhaps disqualifications. Seriously, people. That’s just wrong.”

    Unless of course it is female figure skating! Maybe he should be competing against the ladies. 🙂


  4. Overall I liked Marie’s article on Lent.

    I think she keys in on some excellent points, especially towards the end when she focuses on friendship with God (a major theme of Benedict XVI’s). In general the provisions of lent are intended to be viewed in a similar fashion as the provisions of marriage.

    It’s not that you’re being punished and forced to not have sex with anyone else, it’s that you joyfully embrace a lifetime of relations only with your spouse. The difference between self-denial and actively embracing a positive Christian virtue can often be razor thin.

    The concept of lent-only-as-denial is part of (unfortunatly) a more child-like faith that has spread in our world today (something we see across all denominations today). As a person embraces the faith of an adult, we start to understand that lent also entails an active embrace of a more Christian-like lifestyle. Living more Christ-like lives doesn’t just mean removing things, it also means adding different things.


    1. Thanks, LCB. That’s very much what I think, too – to grow on to maturity in Christ. Discipline is not a bad thing; it’s a part of growth.

      I think that the whole reason we Evangelicals are thinking more about Lent and taking advantage of the “season”, and the principles behind it, is that the other extreme has become so prolific in the Western Church today (utter lack of discipline, holiness, reverence, etc.) Ever see the site “A Little Leaven”? The nonsense that goes on in some “churches” in the name of Christ is a travesty. No, we don’t “have to” adhere to a set time or season, but reverence and repentance…holiness and humility (just knowing who we are in light of Who God is) has very much gone by the wayside.

      Since I wrote that article, I’ve noticed at least half a dozen other, similar articles written about Lent by other Evangelicals.


  5. On a slightly different note, I find it really interesting that Lent has spread pretty far outside Catholic and High Church circles in recent years. In no doubt this is partly due to the number of fallen-away Catholics.

    But, I would be really interested in hearing various perspectives on Lent’s spread.


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