Are pickup trucks racist?

Before Scott Brown’s election, Howard Fineman (Newsweek) and Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) speculated that pickup trucks are code for racism.  Yeah, because the people of Massachusetts have always been closet racists and just voted for Obama and countless extreme Liberals these past decades out of white guilt.  All they needed to see was a couple campaign ads with pickups and voila’, out came their inner Jim Crow!

FINEMAN: Maybe not in Massachusetts, but maybe in some places, there are codes, there are images, ah, you know, there are pickup trucks, uh, you could say there was a racial aspect to it one way or another.

OLBERMANN: What were the Scott Brown ads, though?  Every one of the Scott Brown ads had him in a pickup truck.

FINEMAN: That’s why I mentioned pickup trucks.  I mean, my mind goes back to Fred Thompson down in Tennessee.

Hot Air asked some obvious questions:

Pickup trucks are now racist?  I’m curious; do the people who make trucks also qualify as racists?  How about the truck manufacturers that advertise on NBC and MS-NBC?  I wonder if they like the implication that pickup trucks and the people who buy them are really latent haters and bigots.    Maybe someone should let them know about it, huh?

But here’s the most amazing thing to me: Fineman, Olbermann and virtually all these Liberals are pro-legalized abortion, which destroys black children at a rate three times that of whites.

Meditate on that.  Those that are the first to cry RAAAAACISM almost always support unrestricted abortions, which are genocidal to the black community. 

No, pickup trucks aren’t racist.   But abortion rates in the U.S. are. 

Are pro-choicers racist?  Perhaps not, but which would be more evidence for racism: Pickup trucks or supporting a process that kills blacks at a rate 3x that of whites?

Which sounds more like a code phrase for racism: “I drive a pickup truck” or “We support unrestricted abortions because we don’t want children to be poor.”  (Uh, and what color are most of those children, proportionately speaking?) 

Never let pro-choicers (or anyone else, for that matter) call Conservatives racist.  Remind them that Planned Parenthood kills more black human beings in a day than the KKK ever did.  If supporting a process that kills blacks at a rate 3x that of whites isn’t racist, what is?

0 thoughts on “Are pickup trucks racist?”

  1. Pickup trucks are racist? I guess I’ve been a racist for about 20 years and didn’t know it.

    Does a gun rack help or hurt my cause?

    (P.S. I don’t really have a gun rack, but that’s the stereotype mostly associated with us Southerners).


  2. Had an interesting Facebook discussion with my friends about this. The questions we still have, that maybe y’all can help us out with, are as follows:

    *Is the pickup truck itself racist, or only if it has a gun rack on the back?
    *Is my Scandinavian car racist because it was made by Nordics, or does it get a pass because it’s coloured?
    *I’ve been hit by cars twice, both of which were white Toyota Corollas. Asian-on-Caucasian crime?

    Finally… what if the pickup truck (like Scott Brown’s) is black?!?


  3. I don’t know, but before Monday afternoon, I plan to drive my black pickup truck out onto a lake covered with white snow. Does that mean anything.


    1. That’s pretty bad, Craig. Better hope Keith doesn’t learn about that or you’ll make his “worst person in the world” list (or whatever he likes to call people).


    2. Funny comment about the black truck treading on white snow!!!!

      Have you ever heard Chris Rock’s rendition of why billiards is racist? (I think it was him, anyway). Goes something like, “A white ball knocking other balls off the green felt (the earth)…and the white ball wins when he hits the black guy off last.” It is a hilarious bit!


  4. And what, black guys don’t own pickup trucks? Sheesh!!

    Ya know, I used to think Olbermann was funny way back when he was on SportsCenter. But anymore, he just sounds like he has gone around Lunatic Bend, flown from the top of Moonbat Mountain, and plunged down into the deepest part of Raving Manic Ravine. Oy!

    I wonder what he has to say about all the Mexicans (legal and otherwise) who come here and start up landscaping businesses. What, does he think they haul their lawn mowers and weed-eaters around in the back of a Toyota Prius?


  5. What I have seemed to notice over time is that people of a liberal bent seem to remove morality from things that typically have morality associated with them, and assign them to things that typically don’t. For instance, religious preferences, sexual lifestyle, etc… have no morality assigned to them, whereas what vehicle you drive, where you shop, and apparently if you drive a truck, now have moral connotations. Weird.


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