Be sure to check out the new blog by Duane and Mathew, The Aristophrenium.  I’m not sure what the title means, as not only didn’t recognize the word but wondered if I really meant to search for “iris diaphragm.”  Uh, yeah, that’s what I meant to type . . .

Seriously, these guys are great and their blog is off to a good start.

I’m pretty sure some pigs flew today.  Even the NY Times realized that the opposition to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad by NOW, NARAL and other pro-abortion organizations is misguided.

Back to reality: Dem. Senators Spent Weekend with Bank, Energy, Tobacco Lobbyists — That can’t be right.  I thought only Republicans did that sort of thing.

Many of Obama’s religioius supporters are jumping ship — they seem to have figured out that they were being used.  But many were fakes, anyway, as they were just politicians masquerading as Christians. 

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  1. Hey Neil – thanks for the hat tip. We really appreciate it.

    I must point out that it is not just myself and Duane – David Smart is also contributing to the site (which was his initially … we’ve kind of migrated over there) and is an awesome writer in his own right.


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