Another global warming lie: Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen.   But just because these guys have been caught in amazing, fantastically expensive lies that they personally profited from doesn’t mean you can’t trust them, right?

Question: Would every Liberal-controlled school system be better if a hurricane hit it?  Answer: Probably.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan, one of the Chicagoans brought to Washington for “The Golden Age of Hope and Change” (aka, “The Unmitigated Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions”), said recently that “the best thing to ever happen to the school system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina”.

He’s right.

New Orleans public schools were terrible before Katrina.  Post-disaster, they were rebuilt from the ground up, along a charter school model that’s already showing great progress.

I’m actually glad to see NOW — the National Organization of (un-aborted) Women — protesting Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Commercial, as it will draw more attention to it. 

So, the point is that people who think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned lose their right to free speech? Does this principle apply to all Supreme Court decisions? If so, I guess we’d better get started on the Obama impeachment hearings, after the embarrassing disrespect he showed the Supreme Court during the State of the Union address.

. . .

It’s nostalgic to read a press release from NOW again. The organization was last seen sinking into the bubbling tar of the Clinton impeachment saga, babbling incomprehensibly about how sexual harassment really isn’t such a big deal when pro-abortion Democrat presidents do it.

. . .

The Tebows are not planning to use their Super Bowl minutes for a sermon, or to impose their views on anyone. They only want their chance to testify that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not an equation that balances out to zero.

Homophobia is the “irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.”  It applies to a remarkably small number of people, none of whom I have ever met.  It is a petty, childish putdown used by those who try to silence others who dare to criticize anything about homosexual behavior.  These people can’t argue an issue on its merits so they resort to personal attacks.

Sadly, the attacks are often effective.   Immoral and illogical, but effective.  What many people do suffer from is the rational fear that they will be called a homophobe.  Because of that, they don’t dare to share the truth of God’s word or to oppose things like teaching 5 year olds how “normal” homosexual behavior is.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I think I may be a poliphobe (fear of politicians, not policeman).

    If I don’t get some help soon I will probably be incurable. Please vote against the incumbents in the next election, I know it will help my condition and I am afraid poliphobia may be spreading.


  2. re NOW:

    We are told constantly that abortion proponents want their to be less abortions. With that in mind I’m wondering why NOW and their ilk are not funding adds like this… that is unless they’re not being completely honest.


  3. The goal of the Focus on the Family ad is not to empower women. It’s to create a climate in which Roe v. Wade can be overturned.

    In a functioning democracy, why should that be so scary to them?

    This NOW lot need to get over themselves. It’s an advert, for crying out loud. And bound to be more interesting than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.


  4. Well, at least the ad ties in to football because of Tebow’s status (killing the argument that it makes no sense to air it).

    Hard to imagine how a pro-abortionist could make a similar link from their perspective…showing how “terminating” a baby could possibly lead to the same result. I’m sure they’d try though.

    If pro-abortionists were really “pro-choice” they would be celebrating such a successful choice right along with us. I must have slept through the meeting where it was determined that choosing to have your baby and joying in his success is infringing on other’s rights.


  5. Great round up as usual.

    I think the global warming group are starting to lose a lot of credibility. It’s last on a list for most Americans.

    The school doesn’t surprise me. We should do the same for D.C., start over.


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