What do Obama & Co. want more than healthcare for the uninsured?

More abortions.  Seriously.

Meditate on this: If Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest hadn’t insisted on taxpayer funded abortions – despite their repeated lies in saying that wasn’t part of their plan – the health care bill would have sailed through Congress long ago.  Their desire to increase abortions resulted in them not only missing out on that but in killing socialized healthcare for many years. 

If they hadn’t insisted on taxpayer funded abortions they could have have passed the rest of the health care bill and saved hundreds of millions in dollars in bribes to Louisana, Nebraska and other states.  But that wouldn’t have increased abortions, so they would rather have no bill at all.

None of the health care amendments would have reduced the current level of abortions.  They just sought to ensure that it wouldn’t have provided for taxpayer-funded abortions, which the vast majority of Americans oppose.  Even if abortions are legal it doesn’t mean we should be forced to pay poorer people to have their unborn children destroyed.

Fact: These leaders wanted to increase abortions more than they want to help the uninsured.   They would rather destroy the potentially poor than help the real poor (as misguided and counterproductive as their plans are).

Isn’t it a bizarre but positive thing that their irrational passion for more abortions not only kept them from gaining that but kept the rest of the health care debacle from being passed? 

P.S. Repeat after me — abortion is not health care.  Health care is when you help human beings live.

10 thoughts on “What do Obama & Co. want more than healthcare for the uninsured?”

  1. P.S. Repeat after me — abortion is not health care. Health care is when you help human beings live.

    While I agree with you 100%, some people seem to include euthanasia as health care. I they think abortion is just stopping peoples health problems early.

    I had not thought about this before, I wonder if the liberals are that committed to abortions or just not smart enough to make the connections.


  2. You may be right about them missing the connection but it seems clear to me. If they just drop the taxpayer funding of abortions then they don’t need to bribe Ben Nelson and others. The deal passes. But 3,000+ deaths per day isn’t enough for them. We need to “reduce more poverty” by eliminating the people who might be poor — even though the poor in this country are richer than 80+% of the rest of the world.


  3. “…abortion is not health care. Health care is when you help human beings live.”

    Well said.

    However,I believe the whole premise behind this is not to improve access to healthcare. It is not to improve overall healthcare benefits. It is to channel and control healthcare spending into areas based upon the priorities of this administration.

    I keep hearing the question asked by some of the media if the country has become ungovernable. That is a subtle way to explain away the misteps this administration has made. I think the proper question is has this administration overreached itself trying to absorb sector after sector of the economy in order to bring them under direct government control.

    I agree that abortion is the higher priority than healthcare access or effectiveness. Government run single payer healthcare is just a means to an end to enforce that all healthcare dollars are spent on what this administration considers the top priorities. Abortion is the top priority.


  4. Except in the very, very instance where if an abortion is not performed, both mother and child will die [in which case I support it, because losing two people is worse than losing one] abortion is not healthcare [as was even recognized by pagans, in the now suppressed original version of the Hippocratic oath] it is someone deciding that another innocent person is not human and doesn’t deserve to live, just like the Nazis decided Jews weren’t human. Maybe tomorrow they’ll decide you are human. Think about it.
    Yes it is very sad that certain people decided that the “right” to kill people was more important than trying to save people.


  5. Obama wants more abortions?…Really??

    A few years ago Clinton was taking credit for the greatest decline in this country’s crime rate. An alternative theory was proposed. The decrease in crime coresponded to the enactment of Roe vs Wade with a 18 year time lapse.

    Conclusion: Less unwanted babies born, less juvinial delinquents, less criminals. Not a very comforting thought.

    Solution: Work backwards. Make EVERY baby born special and wanted.

    Problems: Inumerable…but not insurmountable. Much easier to make it illegal and move on. But even if it was made illegal – there would still be countless illegal abortions. As crazy as it seems, the solution is still to work backwards.


    1. John, it’s not a zero-sum game. There’s no reason we can’t do both – make every child a wanted child, *and* criminalize the murder of unborn children – in an effort to reduce the number of abortions.


    2. Yes, he really wants more abortions. He thinks poor people should be able to kill their unborn children, too, so he wants to force taxpayers to fund this. That sounds like he wants more abortions to me.

      I ditto the other comments about making babies wanted. That requires a simple change of heart and mind. Simple, but not easy, because our culture is so selfish. If an innocent human being is created then it is considered a viable solution to kill her. Making abortions illegal would make people think more about it first.


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