Good post by Pastor Timothy on the King James Version-only controversy.  I like Greg Koukl’s line about always recommending the KVJ to everyone who is over 350 years old.  I have no objections to anyone using the KJV, but it isn’t for me. I like the ESV and the NIV but I’m not a snob about them. 

This is just sad — he uses a teleprompter for a room this small?!

Republicans do have a plan for health care reform. They need to add tort reform to the list.  Defensive medicine and malpractice insurance are huge drains on productivity and costs.

If Obama and the Democrats really want to “fight” Wall Street greed, they could have just not bailed them out multiple times beginning with the Clinton years.  Oh, and they could do something about Freddie and Fannie.  There is no way the financial crisis would have happened without the ineptitude and greed of those organizations. 

Tragic: Single mother of four (five, actually) dies from “safe and legal” abortion — Apparently front alley abortions can be dangerous, too.  Oh, and the unborn child is also dead.

Oops — Behar Accidentally Outs Gays, Says Monogamy Is ‘Too Much Trouble’ — Is she homophobic?  Isn’t that the term we use for anyone who criticizes anything about the gay lobby?

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      1. Yep that’s why I use it. I really like the HCSB also especially when it comes bundled with the Apologetics Study Bible. I’ve been enjoying having my laptop with me and using Logos so that I can look at the parallel versions, but I haven’t figured out how to do that in Church yet. Although it’s probably less disruptive then me looking up parallel versions on my phone. They probably think Im texting someone 🙂


      2. heh that’s what I was afraid of.. what would you think about someone with a laptop in church? Seems a bit more obvious that they have the Bible on it? Or still.. not a great idea until it’s more common?


  1. My problem with the NIV is it is Calvinistic in its approach. It also waters down some passages of scripture. And let’s not even get into the whole “Mark 16 shouldn’t be there” issue.

    I prefer KJV, but I was raised on it and can quote major portions of scripture in it. I really like the ASV as I feel it is the most accurate translation in existence. NKJV is great for people that don’t like the KJV for the old language, which would alleviate the concerns of the “over 350 years old” argument 🙂


  2. Sad story on the mother of 4 dying from an abortion. I was just discussing abortion with someone this week. The pro-abortion crowd push the idea that abortions are safe, routing and have no lasting effects today. Fact is that this is the same technology that was used in the 70s. It is no safer today, can still result in infertility, and let’s not even get into the emotional and mental scars it causes.

    The MSM will never report this though. It is contrary to their agenda.


  3. I rarely comment these days, but the KJV topic has forced me out of my internet seclusion for a bit. 🙂

    Having known a few of these advocates myself, I can say that in my experience, they are the most stubborn and argumentative Christians I’ve met…and this is coming from a fairly stubborn and argumentative Christian!;)

    What I’ve also found is that they are much more vigilant in making their case to other Christians for KJV only, than they are in making a case for Christ to the unsaved. Just imagine if that energy were re-channeled.

    What’s worse (again, based only on my personal experiences…I try not to paint in broad strokes) is they often argue this case publicly with such anger and venom that it easily turns non-believers away.

    That’s where my frustration lies. I just wish there was more energy in sharing the gospel than there was trying to prove which version of it reigns supreme.


    1. I agree with the spirit of your post. However, I’ve found just as many Christians on the other end of the spectrum too. That argue more vehemently against the KJV and for their preferred version than they preach the gospel.

      I hope that isn’t taken as a “I know you are but what am I” response, but I don’t think this is limited to KJV pushers. Try taking the NIV away from an avid NIV user! 🙂


      1. Yeah, I get you. To clarify, I feel that way about ANY Christian more concerned with adding their own conditions to the Gospel rather than aiming to share it.

        And to clarify further, I’m not talking about healthy debate/discussion on the accuracy or differences in the various translations. I’m talking about making it central to your doctrine to the point where it’s bordering (if not crossing said border) on idolatry.

        On a side note, I find it a tad ironic that Christian-Scientists (not to be confused with Scientologists…or actual Christians, for that matter) are amongst the KJV-only crowd.

        Aside from my first thought of “why does the version matter if you ignore the bulk of it anyway?” There’s also the little fact that they don’t believe in Hell…so you would think they’d pick a translation that would better accommodate that omission!

        Sorry, I know that strayed from the point, but I tend to function in a mostly stream of consciousness fashion at this hour!:)


  4. I’ve really never understood the whole “KJV only” thing.

    I like to think I have a good grasp of many non-Catholic matters, but this is just something I don’t “get” no matter how hard I try.

    As the link says, it seems to end up being a sort of “Double Inspiration.”

    In my experience those that hold to a “KJV only” position tend to be, uh, not very Catholic-Friendly. Which is a terrible irony, since the position of “KJV only” is essentially a claim to some form of infallible teaching authority.


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