One of my favorite blogs . . .

 . . . is Hillbuzz, written by a bunch of gay guys in Chicago.  You might be thinking my blog has been hijacked, but never fear.   Do I disagree with them on some matters about human sexuality and God?  Well, duh.  But we have a lot in common and it is good to read different perspectives, and these guys have a lot of important things to say.  And they are funny and much more charitable to Christianity than you’d expect.  I’d trust them way more than theological Liberals whose religion is just Lefty politics in disguise.

Oh, and they are being viciously attacked and threatened by extremists on the Left because they dare to criticize President Obama.  Please pray for their safety, as I do.

Consider this post and a few excerpts below.  Very insightful.

Question: Who will be left to help Haiti once all the Liberals get back to thinking about Oscar season?  

We’re just going to answer this question right now:  Christians.

Christians will be in Haiti helping rebuild that country, working in deplorable conditions, and, frankly, giving every last bit of themselves to rebuild Port-au-Prince and relieve as much suffering as possible.

George Clooney will take his beard back to Italy, or wherever he goes with it (or her, depending on how you want to define that), on his private jet, probably snacking on roast peacock and baby seal, all the while lambasting the rest of the masses for their carbon footprints and general thoughtlessness.

. . .

Liberals don’t build things.  They don’t get their hands dirty.  They just attack people, call them RAAACISTS! when they don’t agree with the Liberal talking points, and then get back into their limousines to ride twelve feet to the red carpet.

More and more we think about the difference between the way we are personally treated by the Left and the Right.  To be blunt, neither extreme likes gays all that much.  Liberals are smart enough to put on a good face about it in public, but behind closed doors they make their jokes, too, and can be far crueler than you could ever imagine.  The Right’s foolish because — and we honestly believe this — conservatives are less prejudiced, reactionary, and hateful than Liberals…but they just don’t know how to do good PR.  Maybe it’s because conservatives are largely quiet, on the whole, and tend to mind their own business…so the random zealots who condemn people like us to fire and brimstone and eternal suffering (what, like having to watch MSNBC?) get more airplay.

As we’ve said before, about the worst thing a Republican ever did to us was tell us they were going to pray for us “to get better”, so we would suddenly one day wake up and be all about Ann Hathaway, and not focused on how last-season her Oscar dress is.

. . .

Remind us why Liberals are so much better than Republicans again, for gays, or for anything else.  While you’re at it, please explain why Christians are so persecuted by the media, and so maligned day in and day out…and yet these people jump into the fray when people need help.

While Liberals wait in the limousine for the best lighting to step out, for their photo op, to tell the cameras how sad they are about things like Haiti.

And how it’s all Bush’s fault.

Wow, gotta love those guys.  Uh, in a totally manly, agape way, of course. Seriously, I’m glad they’ve had some positive interactions with authentic Christians.  I know the media and the Left are relentless with their pathetic-but-effective “homophobe” pejoratives, but the Christians I know (and I know a couple) interact with GLBT folks in the same way described above.

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  1. Hey Neil, look at this:

    From here:

    They write this:

    We’ve decided, actually, to make defeating Chuck Schumer one of our goals in 2010. That means we’ve now got three of our berths filled on what races we will be actively engaged in:

    (1) All-in to re-elect Michelle Bachmann so she can replace Pelosi as Speaker

    (2) Defeat Barbara Boxer, even if a paper bag or a Muppet ends up getting the nomination against her. Whoever is the Republican nominee is not Barbara “Call me Senator!” Boxer, and that’s good enough for us.

    (3) Repay Chuck Schumer for what he did to Hillary. Read Game Change and see why.

    Wow! I’m impressed.


  2. Somehow attacking George Clooney for his actions in Haiti seems like the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18. I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing and that’s enough said.

    Besides, my wife says I’m better looking than he is and I always believe my wife.


  3. Hi Neil,
    What a great find. Gays who actually admit the left is far harsher on them than the Christian right. After all, many of us recognize that even though they are gay, they are still created in the image of God, and worthy of being treated with dignity (even though their sex life abominates that image– which is why God condemns it).

    I can only imagine the hatred they must feel from those who think they should tow the line on the talking points.


  4. Wow, someone who gets “its Bush’s fault” does not solve trillion dollar deficits and our date with disaster, and that economic collapse hurts you regardless of what victim status you currently claim.

    As to “neither extreme likes gays that much” I am reminded of recently over hearing a co-worker carrying on about how much she hated gays. She finised her tirade off by saying that they are almost as bad as those born-again Christians. These guys get that too, it would appear. But then again which common ground is the homosexual to chooze? Wouldn’t want to be in that predicament.


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