So what have Republicans really done for the pro-life cause?

Short answer: A lot. 

Some complain that electing Republicans hasn’t done much for the protection of unborn human beings. I agree that some politicians run as pro-lifers then do little or nothing about it. But I think a lot of progress happened, such as Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court. It has been a long, slow process with many gains. We were almost there until too many pro-lifers believed the hope-and-change message and ignored his well documented pro-abortion views. We’ll probably have Sotomayar for decades instead of a justice who would have upheld the Constitution.

But there is much, much more that they have accomplished. As Roxanne from Haemet noted (I combined a couple of her comments):

Not in chronological order:
1. The Partial-Birth Abortion ban.

2. Antonin Scalia

3. Clarence Thomas

4. John Roberts

5. Sam Alito

6. The Hyde Amendment

7. The “Mexico City” rule, which prevents federal funding/overseas aid that goes to any agency that also performs abortions.

8. Laws that make it illegal to take minors across state lines for the purposes of obtaining an abortion.

9.  The Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which passed Congress by a vote of 98-0. (Barack voted against an identical bill in Illinois.)10. Foetal homicide laws (yay!)

11. Informed consent laws.

Compare to what happens when Dems are in control, in no particular chronological order:

1. An attempt to pass the “Freedom of Choice Act,” which would outlaw every single restriction on abortion ever put into place.

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stevens, Breyer, Sotomayor….

3. Repeal of the Mexico City policy

4. An attempt to mandate abortion coverage via taxpayer dollars.

Just saying… things would be a lot worse if not for what conservatives have been doing.

I would add “repeal of parental consent” requirements to the Democrats’ list.

Those are a lot of very specific and important gains made solely because pro-lifers were elected.  While Scott Brown is not thoroughly pro-life, his election may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives by stopping taxpayer funding of abortions.

Abortion ends the lives of over 3,000 human beings per day in the U.S.  It is the greatest moral issue of our time and worth fighting for.

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  1. Hi Neil–I’m back! 🙂

    Thank you for the list–now I have some resources to use when my…ahem progressive…family members ask nme “so what exactly does your stupid Republican party do to stop abortion?”

    Oh, and my baptism is the 28th of February. 🙂 Stay tuned for photos.


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