Great witness by many of the Texas Longhorn football players, and not just post-game comments, either.  These guys set a great example year-round.  Now if they’d just lose the burnt orange school color I’d be a convert.

Nice pro football weekend.  If the Steelers aren’t in it then I don’t watch much, but I am always glad to see the Cowboys lose.  I’d be happy with any of the remaining teams winning.  Minnesota @ New Orleans should be action-packed. 

As I’ve noted before, the parallels between scientific misbehavior with evolution / Intelligent Design and the Global Warming scandal are very similar.

Ever notice how people try to dismiss conservative views by labeling them as extremist?  But if 72% of Americans oppose public funding of abortions, how does that put opponents of the health care plan in the “extreme” category? 

How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure for the Glory of Christ and His Global Cause — important message from John Piper about a key issue in the church.  It isn’t just about how to avoid sexual failure (though that is a great message also), but how to persevere and still serve Christ despite failures.  Hat tip: Mathew

I can understand why people are afraid or feel ill-equipped to share their faith — even though I would challenge them to work to overcome those barriers by prayer and study.  But what I can’t tolerate are the fake or wildly ignorant Christians who take pride in not sharing the Gospel, as if that is some sort of virtue.  They think Christianity is right — or at least right enough – for them, but they don’t want to share it with anyone else.

Sadomasochist testified for “gay marriage” just four days after sadistic sex- and drug-laden killing — I think the MSM forgot to report on this one.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. So you won’t mind if I gloat a little bit about the (soon to be ex#1) Horns loss last night in Manhattan? What you call a mascot, we call a steak dinner.


      1. No, none of the above. Just enjoyed Texas going down to K State last night. I’m probably a little to annoyed at the whole Big 12 thing.


  2. So nice to see the Cowboys bite it after first seeing the Pack to the same. Normally, I’m not a Viking backer, and it really pains me to resemble one even slightly. But I am intrigued by the 40yr old QB story. Not endearing after is multiple retirements, nor was MJ, but I do kinda want to see him go the distance. And the Cowboys suck.

    So, regarding other, less important issues, that second to last item, regarding the “Christians” who feel they’re doing the right thing by NOT spreading the word. One such person I have in mind feels as if that’s God’s job, as if God would not use us to make His message known. Seems to me the Great Commission is just such a request. Shows a great lack of conviction in my mind.


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