Will someone please take Pat Robertson’s microphone away?  Thanks. 

Seriously, it would be for his own good.  One should be very, very careful in claiming to speak for God.  The safe way is to quote the Bible, in context.  God could judge any person and any country at any time for the evils that go on today, including the U.S. 

How secular leftists restrict free speech on college campuses — the thin-skinned PC police are out of control on college campuses.  In just a generation they went from bastions of free speech to shameless oppressors.  They are beyond parody.

California Is Moving On from ESCR (Embryonic Stem Cell Research) — how many billions of dollars and human beings were wasted?  As pro-lifers said all along, experimenting on human beings is immoral and the real promise was in adult stem cells.  We were right and are still right. 

U.K. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is wooing the vote of British homosexuals by stating  that his party (the third largest party in the U.K.) would legislate that all faith schools in the UK would be legally obliged to teach their students that homosexuality is normal and without any risk to physical or mental health.In an interview with the gay lifestyle magazine Attitude, Clegg outlined a number of proposals to advance ‘”gay rights” in the UK, including forcing all schools, including faith-based schools, to implement anti-homophobia bullying policies and to teach that homosexuality is “normal and harmless.”

Clegg said that faith schools must not become “asylums of insular religious identity.”

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. a pact with the Devil Hatians made two centuries ago

    Seriously? LOL — that is just way too funny…

    And to think he has a TV show and a big following is remarkable. Make me want to be in the religion business 🙂


  2. I’m not a huge fan of Robertson, but I have yet to hear him proclaim unequivocally that any disaster is absolutely due to anything. All I’ve heard him say is that HE thinks that MAYBE God is raining down punishment for one sin or other. That’s just me. I only looked at the linked piece and went no further, but it gave no direct quotes. Past comments by Robertson also failed to show that he’s speaking for God but only speculating. I have no problem with that. Better would be for people to deal with his real message which is that turning from God’s way CAN bring consequences one might not like. I’m just guessing, but even if he was speaking as if speaking for God, pinning him down on the issue would likely support my belief. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an old man who might say something apart from his intention and since he’s given his whole life to God, I’ll cut him some slack.

    For the second piece, what more can be said? Libs are the real fascists and always have been. They’ll limit your speech, burn your books and then, as the last piece in the roundup shows, will tell you what you HAVE to say, as if they have such a right.

    Finally, regarding ESCR, it’s another case of the left being anti-science to continue with a course that has already been shown to be fruitless.


  3. Anyone with a microphone professing to be a Christian should be very careful what he says, and I don’t think Pat Robertson exercises that care.

    The left has become great suppressors of free speech and also to the point of telling us what to say.

    Just because that one headline was for the UK, don’t think it won’t be here. Our pastor is already preparing for that eventuality.


  4. I completely reject Pat Robertson’s statement. We are called as Christians to feel compassion for those in need. Assigning possible blame with no proof is not compassion. He does not honor God or show God’s grace with such statements.


  5. I think Pat Robertson is probably right. Even if the explicit pact with the devil never actually took place (I’ve read conflicting sources), that country has been controlled by the satanic religion of Voodoo for a long time.


    1. Great question. Pat has his own show so we can’t blame the MSM for that. But they do tend to go to quotable types rather than those you mentioned, or a Greg Koukl, Ravi Zacharias, James White, etc. who could articulate the Christian worldview much better.


    2. When did the MSM media ever give a rats arse about “faith” or biblical truths? Robertson, like him or not, is an easy target. I can assure you Grudem, Groothuis etc..would fair no better. Look at the comments (close to 3000) on Pat’s comments – same old questions and accusations – God would never kill, destroy…only nature does that. Religion suxs and so does your make believe god etc…

      I don’t follow Pat or his shows – but I think his comments have done some good – folks will be asking or thinking that God is either real or not – seek Him or mock Him.


  6. On Robertson: While I agree it was an idiotic thing to say, let’s put this into context.

    A televangelist, whose sincerity to faith I question to begin with, makes a irresponsible statement about an earthquake torn nation, and it is all over the media. (An obvious effort to hurt Christianity.)

    Yet the sitting senate majority leader makes irresponsible racial statements about the black president, and it is relegated to the editorial page and everyone (on the left) begins the “we need to forgive him” rhetoric.

    No double standard to see here, move along……


  7. They made a pact with the Devil (at a crossroads with great guitar music playing, I hope), to oust the French? As a British citizen I must admit there’s something rather amusing in their choice of the Devil over the French.


  8. Pat Robertson has and will say things that are “stupid” – who hasn’t? … but no one can accuse him of not putting his money where his mouth is – including those in Haiti; usually without any “fan fare”.

    Make no mistake – God hates idolatry and as history (the Bible) has taught us, He will destroy such at His will, to keep His children from such false worship. I don’t think that is reading God’s mind, that is clear in God’s word. Maybe that was Pat’s point?


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