Race and gender

Harry Reid’s comments about President Obama’s skin color and speech revealed much. It shows who is really post-racial.

I wouldn’t have voted for someone with Obama’s views regardless of skin color. I would vote for someone of any skin color, including someone darker than Obama, if he or she held the right views. In other words, even though McCain wasn’t great, if he and Obama had switched views I would have voted for Obama.

Do some vote based on skin color? Sure, but it is, ironically enough, a minority – just like some wouldn’t vote for Palin because she’s a woman.

But the media forgot to point out that regardless of what you thought of Palin’s views, the support for her annihilated the canard that conservatives as a group are sexist. The Left hated her because she destroyed the “conservatives are anti-women” meme, plus the fact that she didn’t have her son destroyed just because he had Down Syndrome or because she had too many kids already.

The same goes for skin color. Conservatives are more likely to focus on ideas, not race or gender.

The speech pattern comment was irrelevant. Anyone who speaks in a profoundly inarticulate way won’t get elected regardless of skin color. (And spare me the President Bush jokes unless you are willing to concede how badly Obama stumbles without a TelePrompTer.)

Reid really tipped his hand about his core beliefs. And how hypocritical that Conservatives who make racially insensitive remarks are destroyed but Liberals who do so are pre-forgiven. Shouldn’t the stakes for the Politically Correct crowd be at least as high if not higher? Wasn’t Reid guilty of hate speech?

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  1. Wow. I didn’t really think that you had voted for Obama, not that I thought you were racist or anything but just some of your views. As for me, I regret voting for him. I just feel yucky.


      1. Neil, btw, Obama tends to say “ahhh” alot and it is just uncomfortable to listen to the man sometimes. I remember going to the Williams-Brice Stadium in South Carolina and seeing Obama, The O and MIchelle on stage at the same time (I was a volunteer). Everybody were in awe of the man but jeez it was just hard to listen to him.


  2. “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man”–Matthew 15:18

    Now, I haven’t used the word ‘negro’ in many, many years (I used to use it a whole lot. You don’t want to know any more than that). I have no intention of using that word. It isn’t even in my vocabulary. Yet, in a conversation, it came right out of the mouth of Harry Reid with relative ease. And if we are to believe the words of Christ, this is what is in the man’s heart. After all, if he doesn’t think that way, why would he say it?


  3. I really don’t think Dingy Harry meant anything bad by the statement. What’s really galling, however, is that neither did Trent Lott and he was pillaried and stepped down as a result. The race-baiters of the left gave him no benefit of doubt, yet they say nothing to Reid. THAT’S where the real issue is. The same old double standard of the left.


  4. Fortunatly, we may see a glimmer of hope next Tuesday in, of all places, Mass.

    Boston has a significant african american population, and Reid may have just cost a certain democratic senate candidate the ‘negro’ vote, light and dark skinned.


  5. “The Left hated her because she destroyed the “conservatives are anti-women” meme, plus the fact that she didn’t have her son destroyed just because he had Down Syndrome or because she had too many kids already.”

    Neil, that isn’t true. Even my daughter’s staunch republican mother-in-law didn’t care for her, was afraid McCain could die in office, leaving her president – and so – voted for Obama. The reasons folks didn’t care for Palin had nothing to do with women or down syndrome children. It had to do with whether they thought she had the experience or even knowledge to be vice-president.

    Reid should resign.


    1. Marty, that may be true for Republicans that didn’t care for her. My Republican mother-in-law had the same skewed views about her, not enough experience, etc. (we’ll just conveniently ignore the fact that the guy who holds the big office now had just as little, if not less, experience)

      But a casual perusal of liberal blogs and news shows most definitely confirm what Neil stated.


      1. Tom, it was true for anyone, Republican, Independent, or Democrat, who didn’t care for Palin. I have no idea what blogs and news sources you are talking about, so why don’t you suggest a few so I can go check them out? I watch MSNBC every night and catch Democracy Now online regularly…never heard it there, plus I read quite a few “liberal” blogs…never saw it there. I’d like proof. I’m not taking your word for it.


    1. Enough said? Don’t like my news source?

      Then prove they said what you said they said and perhaps I’ll reconsider watching them.


  6. I know of some on the right who didn’t think Palin was a good choice for McCain, even though his numbers went up after he called upon her. Never heard a good reason why.

    I don’t buy what a lefty says about why they do anything, and I don’t buy why they thought she wasn’t worth a vote. That is, I DO believe the lefty’s don’t like that she not a “liberated” woman.

    As to experience, indeed she definitely brought more exec experience to the table than either Obama or Biden, and likely more than McCain, though he had a bit of it while still in the military.

    But more than that, there really ain’t no such thing as having “experience” to be president. Who does but one who has been president already? It’s not like one can say they’ve been president of another super power before. So the experience line was crap. And as far as intelligence, Barry hasn’t proven he’s the brilliant one he’s been advertised as being, so Palin would likely not have done worse.


  7. “That is, I DO believe the lefty’s don’t like that she not a “liberated” woman.”

    You don’t think she is “liberated”? Mayor of a city, governor of a state. Doesn’t sound like she’s the obedient little wifey pooh whose calling is to stay home and bake cookies.


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