Loving your enemies, false teacher style

Aside from the expected bile from the far Left about Rush Limbaugh’s recent medical issues, this was an interesting contrast: False teacher Chuck Currie pretended to care about Rush in his hatchet job titled Rush Limbaugh’s Release From Hospital Reminds Us To Love Our Enemies, while my favorite gay bloggers from Chicago wrote this piece where they displayed authentic concern: Rush Limbaugh, it is not your time. You have much more work to do, sir. Our thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery.

What was amusing is that false teacher Chuck insists that Rush is a homophobe. Don’t tell the guys at Hillbuzz! The real homophobe is Chuck, of course, who is so afraid of the PC-police that he would rather deny the God he claims to follow, the word of God, church history and more rather than state the obvious: Homosexual behavior is a sin.

Chuck also says that Rush is racist. Red State said it well about the fictional quotes trumpeted by the MSM to attack Rush a couple months back:

You know, it says something pathetic about the left that Rush Limbaugh has been on the air 3 hours a day, 49 weeks a year, for over 20 years and they have to resort to made up quotes to hurt him and his business endeavors.

I do find it ironic that Chuck seems to follow Rush a lot more closely than I do (I don’t listen to his show).

The most disgusting thing about Chuck is his faux love for Rush.

To say that Mr. Limbaugh is racist, sexist and homophobic is a fair assessment.

Par from the course from Mr. Fallacies-R-Us. Of course Chuck thinks it is a fair assessment. Chuck came up with it!

Chuck goes on:

I’m an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and not a mental health professional, but I have enough professional experience to question whether or not Mr. Limbaugh’s hatred toward others does not provide evidence of mental health problems. We already know that Mr. Limbaugh is a (recovering) drug addict. Could it be that his personal anger is contributing to his health and addiction problems?

How quaint to point to Rush’s addiction! I’m surprised Chuck didn’t make the gratuitous fat jokes people normally do with Rush. Hmmmm . . . maybe that is because Chuck has an issue with gluttony? (At least that’s what his pictures show. Hey, isn’t that an easy way to discredit someone?!)

I’m not worried about Mr. Limbaugh’s eternal soul, however. He’s creating his own hell on earth where his hate and anger appear to be consuming him. Leading a sinful life has consequences and perhaps Mr. Limbaugh’s ill health is a direct result of his own actions.

Great analysis, Chuck. Maybe we should speculate on why you are such a compulsive over-eater. Is it because of your hatred for God and his word? Wow, these personal attacks are really easy and fun!

There has been a longstanding theological debate about sin and judgment. Many believe that God punishes sin through eternal damnation. Some might argue that Mr. Limbaugh’s attempts to divide the American people across political, racial and religious lines constitute sin. I would agree with that.

You see, Rush is a divider and that is really bad, but Chuck is a uniter because he totally agrees with everyone who agrees with him (not a typo, just a deliberate visit from the Department of Redundancy Department). People like Chuck aren’t equipped to debate an issue on the merits, so they resort to all sorts of personal attacks and other fallacies, such as false claims of unity. I’m sure Rush would love it if we were united with his views.

But at least Chuck found something he can call a sin! In his world homosexual behavior is not a sin. Crushing and dismembering innocent human beings is not a sin. But advancing conservative political views sure is!

It gets better. Of course Rush is responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing as well. And Chuck couldn’t leave out the question-begging issue of civil-rights-for-sexual-preferences.

It would be easy for people impacted by Mr. Limbaugh’s hateful rhetoric – the ways in which he has inspired anti-government feelings that helped fuel the Oklahoma City bombing, for example, or the ways he has given cause to those who wish to restrict civil rights for gays, blacks and women – to respond to his own hate with more hate but perhaps we should simply pray for Mr. Limbaugh.

Yeah, you can really feel Chuck’s love. Then again, he is a proven unrepentant serial liar and libeller, so why would anyone be surprised?

I don’t think Chuck knows what agape love is. It is having someone’s true long term best interests at heart. Does Chuck really pray for Rush? I do pray for Chuck – that he will repent and believe and stop misleading others with his false teachings.

Go read the Hillbuzz link next and see what real compassion looks like. It is interesting when the professing non-Christians get it right but the fake professing Christian isn’t just a fake but a bad fake.

0 thoughts on “Loving your enemies, false teacher style”

  1. “(not a typo, just a deliberate visit from the Department of Redundancy Department)” That made me seriousy LOL.

    Seriously though, Currie is taking the same approach as Obama, “Let’s stop being partisian, let’s all agree with me and do what I say. Unity!”

    A great phrase has been making its rounds on Twitter:

    “The people hoping that Rush Limbaugh dies are the same ones who want to control your health care.”


  2. Unity means ALWAYS agreeing with the liberals. A conservative must never expect a liberal to come to his point of view. That seems like such a childish way, but what can I, a conservative possibly know?


  3. “Unity means ALWAYS agreeing with the liberals.”

    The liberals call this compromise, they say it is a good thing.

    Frankly, I am not so sure about that.


  4. I only know of Currie by your voluminous and full context reprints of his blatherings. Had I not read a copy of Newsweek this morning, I might go and read his stuff for myself. Two stone liars in one day would be too much.

    I used to listen to Rush daily and did so for several years. Though I don’t have the time to listen as often, I still consider him an excellent source for conservative opinion and a spot on analyst of liberal behaviors. His ability to predict what they will do given current data is remarkably accurate. For Currie to call him a homophobe or racist is proof in itself what a liar Currie is. He knows nothing of Limbaugh if he would speak about these obvious, blatant falsehoods. And if being called a divider results from direct and honest appraisals of current events, then Rush is dividing between those who love America and understand what makes her great and will make her great again, and those who’s heads are up their collective…well, those who don’t understand what makes America great or have a good clue about how to make her great again. I like those kinds of dividers.

    I’m very tired of this notion that to call an idea stupid and harmful means you’re a hater. I’m tired of this idea that one needs an alternative in order to recognize stupidity (though alternatives abound anyway). And ya know, God is the Great Divider. He’ll separate the wheat from the chaff. People like Rush simply recognize which is which. How sad that one who calls himself a minister of God is unable to do the same.


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