More big lies from Planned Parenthood documented

Please read all of New undercover Planned Parenthood video from Lila Rose.  We already knew that in addition to their serial hiding of statutory rape and millions of dollar in profits from abortions that Planned Parenthood was evil.  Now more of their lies have been documented.

This isn’t about choice, it is about killing unborn human beings for profit.  It isn’t about choice, it is about manipulation.  They lie to women because they know that the more informed they are the less likely they are to pay PP to have their unborn children destroyed.  That doesn’t sound like real feminism to me.

“A fetus is what’s in the uterus right now. That is not a baby.” Dr. Polhaska, the abortion doctor, insists, “It’s not a baby at this stage or anything like that.” Polhaska also states that having an abortion will be “much safer than having a baby,” warning, “You know, women die having babies.”

A mix of lies and deadly equivocations.  Is it a baby?  Technically she is a fetus, but what kind?  Canine?  Bovine? Undetermined?  Of course not.  She is a human fetus — aka a human being.

I am not surprised that non-believers support organizations like Planned Parenthood, though thankfully many see their evil for what it is.  But I am disgusted at the ignorant and/or fake Christians who do so.

Lila Rose’s Rosa Acuna Project apparently has more videos to come. How much undercover investigation does Lila Rose have to do before people stop excusing the evil of Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood stands to benefit mightily if the health care bill is passed.  It is pure pro-abortion all the way, forcing pro-lifers to pay for the abortions.  I hope you are working to stop them.

Why do so many believe in fake conspiracies yet ignore the real global warming fraud?

Lisa Simpson: According to Junior Skeptic magazine the chances are 175 million to one of another form of life actually coming into contact with ours.

Homer: So?

Lisa: It’s just that the people who claim they’ve seen aliens are always pathetic low-lifes with boring jobs . . . oh, and you, Dad . . . heh heh.

An Podcast on logic mentioned how over 70% of people polled believe in some sort of JFK conspiracy, over 30% believe that 9/11 was an inside job and a large amount believe the government is covering up alien activity.

So why don’t people get excited over the very real conspiracy behind the man-made global warming fraud?  The media continues to ignore it.  The Houston Chronicle had an article buried that noted the controversy but focused on the “experts” who still claim that warming is real — you know, the folks whose livelihoods depend on perpetuating the myth.  The Chronicle didn’t bother to list the evidence. Another article didn’t even mention the controversy.

If you only get your news from the mainstream media you are being fooled daily.


Great points by Ann Coulter:

These e-mails aren’t a tempest in a teapot. They are evidence of pervasive fraud by a massively influential institution that has dominated news coverage of global warming.

CRU was regularly cited as the leading authority on “global climate analysis” — including by the very news outlets that are burying the current scandal, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. The CRU alone received more than $23 million in taxpayer funds for its work on global warming.

. . .

Most disturbingly, the CRU-affiliated “scientists” were caught red-handed conspiring to kill the careers and reputations of scientists who dissented from the religion of global warming. Indignant that scientific journals were publishing papers skeptical of global warming, the cult members plotted to get editors ousted and the publications discredited.

This sabotage of global warming dissenters may be more galling than their manipulation of the data. Until now, the global warming cult’s sole argument has been to demand that everyone shut up in response to the “scientific consensus” that human activity was causing global warming.