Great commentary on Santa Claus theology — i.e., Liberal theology

But on the basis of Santa Claus theology, sins create no problem, and atonement becomes needless; God’s active favor extends no less to those who disregard his commands than to those who keep them.  The idea that God’s attitude to me is affected by whether or not do what He says has no place in the thought of the man on the street, and any attempt to show the need for fear in God’s presence, for trembling at His word, gets written off as impossibly old-fashioned–’Victorian,’ ‘Puritan,’ and ’sub-Christian.’

Yet the Santa Claus theology carries within itself the seeds of its own collapse, for it cannot cope with the fact of evil.

Obama to Iran: Stop laughing, we’re serious! — This is what happens when you elect people like Obama.

As another deadline approaches for Iran to demonstrate its willingness to abandon the nuclear weapons it so clearly desires, both sides have reacted in a predictable manner.  The US reminded Iran that this time we are really, really, really super-serious about it, while Iran scoffs at the threat.  In fact, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran has grown “10 times stronger” on Barack Obama’s watch.

Ben Nelson, the Senator who was bribed into voting for taxpayer-funded abortions, displays more of that integrity when switching his vote on that type of bribe once he realized the Democrats had enough votes to win without him.  Classy.

I think that James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles should be the People of the Year winners for outing ACORN.  The mainstream media did their best to ignore it and missed countless opportunities to do some real journalism and investigate ACORN themselves. 

‘Nonmonogamy’ Advocate Dan Savage Uses Adopted Child to Promote Homosexual ‘Marriage’ — that is, when he isn’t busy with a three-way S&M-fest

White House Says “Have A Wonderful Socialist Transvestite Christmas” — I am not making this up: The White House “Christmas” tree had ornaments with a drag queen, Chairman Mao and Obama on Mt. Rushmore.  I’d like to think that those who voted for Obama would deeply regret it, but I’ve found that they tend to be as uninformed about what he has done since the election as they were about what he did before the election.

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  1. “Yes, but Santa Claus theology is so much more fun than all that sin stuff!”

    I can hear it already. Or another response: “who needs all this theology stuff, can’t we just love Jesus?”

    When all we have to do is focus on our new stuff for Christmas, then we can fool ourselves into thinking everything is OK, and there is no need for redemption. Evil is our wake up call. No matter how many gifts I get now, there is still something else that needs to be dealt with.


  2. This was a great line on that savage article:

    who watches the kid when you guys are having one of your “tightly controlled” three-way sex romps?

    Where is the outrage????


  3. The Santa Claus theology bit is similar to a recent discussion at my place where OT descriptions of God destroying entire towns and everyone in them are troublesome for the “progressive” Christian who finds it impossible for God to “be so mean” (my paraphrase). A loving God just couldn’t do such things as destroy towns or send an Angel of Death to Egypt. Of course, from what then, do we need salvation, if not from God’s mighty wrath? Why repent if He’s just like Santa Claus?


    1. Yes, that guy is a classic Dalmatian Theologian, sitting in judgment of God and his word. Jesus, who is God, had no issues with any of the OT, yet Dan does. Guess whose side I’m on? Jesus talked about the destruction of whole towns and didn’t flinch. In fact, he said that some towns would have it worse than Sodom.


  4. Regarding the Dan Savage piece, no doubt some will say that he is not typical of the homosexual community, that he is not representative of the average homosexual. (Yawn) He is merely representative of the most twisted of this unfortunately abnormal segment of society. May God preserve and protect Savage’s unfortunate child.


    1. Regarding the Dan Savage piece, no doubt some will say that he is not typical of the homosexual community, that he is not representative of the average homosexual.



    2. “no doubt some will say that he is not typical of the homosexual community, that he is not representative of the average homosexual”

      The girth of latitude commonly given to the automatically virtuous by way of sexual preference and party affiliation is seemingly without limit.


  5. The White House appears to be flaunting the blind eye of the media and the people’s ignorance and apathy; and perhaps rightly so. If the in-your-face-Christmas-tree ornaments don’t convince us of this, then the Christmas cookies should.

    Is this really what Americans, even liberal Americans, want from their president?


  6. Great point on how uninformed much of our nation has become. As you pointed out, they elected Obama based on how he looked, not the character of his person, nor the integrity of his actions.

    They made the bed. Unfortunately we all have to lie in it.


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