I don’t get too worked up about the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays issue.  I do get irritated if Best Buy makes reference to a Muslim holiday but deliberately ignores Christmas.  If someone wants they can say “Happy HOLY Days.”  Or if someone greets you with Happy Holidays you can reply, “Yes, thanks, I do enjoy the holy day celebrating Christ’s birth.”  (I’m kidding — I don’t think being belligerent about it does much to advance the kingdom).

I have a Muslim employee.  I wish him happy holidays, and he wrote “Merry Christmas” on a present he gave me.  He knows who I worship.  I’d rather save up all my goodwill with him for our next talk about Jesus.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Tied to Lewd Readings for 7th Graders — a thorough summary on a very perverse man who is the opposite of safe for kids.  Go ask your friends if they’ve heard of Kevin Jennings.  Then ask them to read this and more about him and to wonder why the MSNBC, CNN and their local paper are ignoring him and the perverse GLSEN organizations infiltrating our schools?

And of course the GLSEN group does little for safety and lots for indoctrination.  Jennings wrote Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling, of which the title alone is enough to disqualify him from his current position.  Consider this from one of their events:

Using images from popular children’s media, we will transform these into a subversive coloring book, writing stories for the characters we always wanted to rebel against.  Because so much of children’s media does not include Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, and Feminist characters and ideas, we will deliberately work to contradict this. Don’t miss the chance to make friends, cut-n-paste with a real live glue stick, and change the direction of children’s media. No artistic experience necessary.

Pew survey shows that evangelical Christian Republicans are the most rational — well, duh.  Seriously, Liberals and/or non-believers are twice as likely to believe in fortune tellers.  And this polls show how those who attend church regularly are much less likely to believe in astrology and reincarnation than those who aren’t as committed. 

Mentors and accountability partners are very important in the life of a Christian — Do you have someone helping and guiding you and holding you accountable?  If not, get someone.

Teacher’s unions working to block accountability — Hey, maybe if they worked on being better teachers instead of fighting the obvious.

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  1. Given that Christmas is not a prescribed holy day, I like to leave that argument alone. God has given us 52 holy days for the year. Those are the days we are to celebrate the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ.

    I do enjoy Christmas, but it’s not something we should go to battle for.



    1. Timothy, I agree with you. (You aren’t a fellow Church of Christ member by chance, are you?) You are right though, there is no command, via direct command, example or necessary inference, in the Bible for commemorating Jesus’ birth. Only that we are to remember his death, through the Lord’s supper, every first day of the week (Acts 20:7).

      However, at the minimum, He is the reason for the season and as such I like to keep his name involved. I find the term Xmas to be extremely offensive. Also, while we have no authority to celebrate his birth as a collective body, I can use the season for personal reflection related to Christ and his birth.


      1. Actually the X is an abbreviation of the Greek word Χριστος which means Christ. So you really shouldn’t be offended by it’s use.


  2. I agree w/ you about the MC vs. HH debate – yup; it’s a federal holiday; end of story. Who gives a rat’s patootie what they’re wishing me in Wal-mart as they take my money. They don’t really mean it, anyway – they just want to make the line move faster.

    We have to pick our battles. Abortion = battle worth fighting. Happy Holidays = not.


  3. I’d prefer to advance the kingdom in what ever battle presents itself to me, big or small. It’s all in the manner in which it is fought. I will respond to a “Happy Holidays” with a cheerful “Merry Christmas”. I try not to pass up an opportunity to evangelize in my own humble and clumsy way, standing up for that which I feel is right, which would include reminding all the reason for the season. It seems to me that a constant reminder of God’s existence and a bold proclamation of our belief in Him is what this culture so desperately needs. Letting the deniers and separationists do all the talking over the last forty years was a terrible idea.


  4. I try not to get too bent out of shape over the “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays” thing, but it really rubs me the wrong way when I see an entity (a business, a TV show, government agency, whatever…) obviously and tortuously go out of their way to avoid any reference to the C word.

    A few examples:

    A few years ago Lowe’s Hardware was advertising “Holiday Trees”. Really? Holiday trees?

    Last year an episode of “Little People, Big World” had the Roloffs inviting their extended family over for Christmas. And it was obvious that they had been told not to actually say “Christmas”. Every time one of the family members started to say the dread word, you could see them mentally check themselves, then spit out “holiday”. One time the mother actually said “Christmas”, then quickly corrected herself.

    Another “amusing” example I noticed while thumbing through the SkyMall catalog while flying to the in-laws for Thanksgiving. One of the items was a yard display of Santa looking at the manger. The caption was something to the effect of “This inspiring piece has Santa looking at the true reason for the season”. This was one of several items that was obviously referring to the religious aspect of the holiday, but they couldn’t bring themselves to actually mention Christ or Jesus on *any* of the descriptions.

    While I agree that we should pick our battles, it’s hard not to notice the lengths some go to in order to be PC.


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