Nutcracker 2009

The shows went really well.  The artistic director said it was the best production in memory.  Everyone was great to work with and seemed to have a good time.  I got to watch my youngest dance from the audience as well after the party scene was complete, which is always fun.  Over the holidays we’ll see the oldest in her first Nutcracker with a professional company.

One more year and I’ll retire!  Now if I could just get this music out of my head . . .

0 thoughts on “Nutcracker 2009”

  1. Thanks! It is a good ballet to see because it is so fast moving. There are lots of short dances. I must admit I wouldn’t have season tickets to the Houston Ballet if it weren’t for my daughters’ interest in watching it. I never get tired of watching them dance with their company, but otherwise ballet would not be my first entertainment choice. It can be the world’s most expensive nap at times.


  2. Hey Neil, is that sharp-looking guy you in the Tux walking with that pretty girl in the red dress? And was that you dancing? I’m seeing your name in Broadway lights!!!!


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