Germany Jails Eight Christian Fathers for Removing Children from Sex-Ed Class — the logical consequence of a nanny state.  Who are you to have any say about the perversions the government is pushing on your children? 

And if you don’t think that this is a swell reading list then you must be the one with the problem.

Hey Atheists, Leave Those Kids Alone (and parents such as myself, while you are at it), part 2 — excellent analysis of the hypocrisy of atheist groups who insist that you shouldn’t teach your children your own religion yet indoctrinate their own kids 24×7.  I respect their rights to express their logical fallacy-fest to their kids, but they get hot and bothered that we’d share the truth with ours.

Not Evil Just Wrong” — turns out that this anti-AGW hysteria site was mistaken.  The AGW movement is wrong AND evil, as shown by the massive fraud perpetrated by the scientists and the complicity of politicians and media working to ignore it and/or cover it up.

The Princess and the Frog is the most devastating assault on the Race Industry in our lifetime — interesting take on another movie I won’t see.  Glad to see these themes slipped past the race industry. 

Al Gore lies again — the AGW emails were not all 10 years old and were in context.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. We are now seeing one child per family being suggested as a logical step to help protect the planet. When you are saving the planet, no sacrifice is too big! You can justify (to yourself) destroying unborn babies, old people, cities, and even countries if that is what it takes to save the planet. Scary.


  2. Yes, the whole climate thing is the new way to force the failed model of socialim on the world. Sadly, it appears to be working, and at a rapid rate. Evil leaders, an ignorant and gullible electorate, a complicit media and unethical scientists make a dangerous mix.


  3. I sniffed out what was afoot in the new Disney movie with the first preview I saw of it. I told my wife we would be avoiding that one and she wasn’t pleased. I will be glad to share your link with her so she can see her husband isn’t such a crackpot after all!


    1. I may not have been clear in my comment about the movie. It actually sounds like a good flick, given that the main character emphasizes hard work and dedication to succeed. I was just noting that I don’t see many movies and my kids are past the Disney stuff anyway.


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