Let’s see: Harry Reid says opposing the health care bill it is akin to promoting slavery, yet his party favors public funding of abortions for the poor?  Hey Harry, black human beings are already destroyed at a rate three times that of whites.  Isn’t that high enough for you, and isn’t that the real racism?

Why does the RNC just oppose government funded abortions in their purity test?  I realize that the issue in the health care bill is front and center, but let’s not forget that all abortions kill an innocent human being. 

Christian man fired after gay rights group contacts his employer to complain — Your freedoms are eroding at a rapid rate, people. 

More on Kevin Jennings, the most ironically titled Czar of them all.  What a sick freak. 

He is Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.

He is a supporter of men who openly and vocally support pedophilia.

. . .

Kevin Jennings, however, is not just a gay man, but a man who believes in the full gay rights agenda, where men and boys can have sexual relationships free of prudish moral people frowning.

Jennings has championed NAMBLA’s [the North American Man Boy Love Association] causes and lauded a pedophilia advocate.

He even wrote the forward to a book called “Queering Elementary Education.” That’s right, Jennings wrote the forward to a book that, in its own description advocates the aggressive homosexual agenda among elementary school students. From the book: “queering education happens when we look at schooling upside down and view childhood from the inside out.” No irony is intended apparently in that description.

Americans of moral decency should be stunned to know the President of the United States would put in charge of “safe schools,” a man who encourages predatory relationships between young boys and grown men.

Barack Obama has done exactly that. Has he no shame?

And here are some of the tips from GLSEN, which Jennings led for many years.  This group is one of the most vile and perverse I’ve come across, because they target children. 

Also read the Washington Posts’s Obama’s Buggery Czar — Jennings’ group made sex between children and adults look normal.

People who support organizations like Planned Parenthood  or GLSEN are spectacularly evil and/or ignorant. 

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  1. I remember the science fiction writer Robert einlein creating his future history in the seventies. It showed what he called “The Crazy Years”. Like much of his work, he correctly foresaw the future. Crazy years indeed.


  2. Neil, on a lighter note (and a complete digression), isn’t it time to revive a certain horrific version of O Holy Night…?

    Back to the point at hand, the terrific blog New Paltz Journal has probably become my favorite one-person political blog, making up for its occasional low frequency with absolutely brutal insight and great links: last week Malone linked to an article on Jennings, examining some of the books of which he approves.

    I really don’t think there’s a bottom with Obama and his allies, a point where, underneath all the political radicalism, there is some common ground about which we can all agree.

    It’s radicalism all the way down: a corrosive, poisonous evil that has its aims on quite literally our every freedom AND our every traditional institution.

    What’s worse is that — to use the apparent terminology of Robert Conquest, as pointed out by John O’Sullivan — is that they’re Moabites rather than Philistines, “false friends… as opposed to… open enemies.”

    In his very next blog entry, Malone highlighted an NRO article by Andrew McCarthy. In the artcile McCarthy summarizes David Horowitz’s explanation of Obama and his associates:

    Alinksyites are fifth-column radicals. They have, in substance, the same goals as open revolutionaries: overthrowing the existing free-market republic and replacing it with a radical’s utopia. That’s why Obama could befriend such unrepentant former terrorists as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and take inspiration from Jeremiah Wright, a black-liberation theologist. But Alinskyites are more sophisticated, patient, and practical. They bore in, hollowing out the system from within, appropriating the appearance and argot of mainstream society. Their single, animating ambition is to overthrow the capitalist social order, which they claim to see as racist, corrupt, exploitative, imperialist, etc. Apart from that goal, everything else — from the public option to Afghanistan — is negotiable: They reserve the right to take any position on any matter, to say anything at any time, based on the ebb and flow of popular opinion. That keeps them politically viable while they radically transform society. Transform it into what, they haven’t worked out in great detail — except that it will be perfect, communal, equal, and just.”

    Some who carry water for these radical, totalitarian collectivists — who are themselves not a million miles from that evil ideology, or from the deceptive habits that hide that fact — would object to the strong language we use to oppose the Jacobins, but the language is accurate, precise, and germane.

    These people are so thoroughly radical in their views of even the bedrock institutions of civilization — in their attack of the idea of objective truth, in their literally Orwellian use of language to obscure rather than clarify, and in what must only be described as hatred for the sanctity of the family — that they cease merely to be radicals.

    They’re not just radicals.

    They’re literal nihilists.

    It would be easier to fight them if they were more open and frankly dramatic about it, but we must fight them nevertheless: ignore the reasonable appearance, and the graffiti comparing Obama to Christopher Nolan’s Joker is PRECISELY right.


  3. Really, what’s wrong with us? This jennings guy sounds like a great piece of work…

    All journalists should be ashamed to not report this…


    1. All journalists should be ashamed to not report this…

      Good point, Edgar. The journalists either think the Jennings and GLSEN ideals and behavior are acceptable, or they are so sold out on Obama that they don’t dare criticize him. Either way, they are sick moral freaks.


  4. Re. Kevin Jennings

    Following the previous discussions on objective morality, it would be interesting to hear from those who support President Obama, and how they reconcile the appointment of Jennings, and the subsequent snubbing of the outcry heard past the amazingly silent megaphone of the liberal media. I have heard on many occasions from these guys that they are moral, and I honestly believe that to be true to the best of their ability. My argument has always been that without an objective basis for that morality, then there is no objective basis to oppose Jennings, or to hold this administration accountable for appointing such a man. There has to be a war going on in the heads of those who are attempting to reconcile their disgust for some of the things Jennings has said and approved of, and their approval of the man who appointed him.


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