More Joe Isuzu messages on the health care bill.  Hey, if you push the start date out 4.5 years then the “10 year costs” look more reasonable.

Hat tip: Verum Serum

A false teacher moves on from God to the self help movement — Hey, that’s Doctor Juanita Bynum to you, buddy.

How Democrat policies cause corporations to outsource jobs overseas — When I was at HP / Compaq we sent tons of jobs overseas, largely due to the lower income tax rates. We could handle the wage differences because they were offset by logistics costs, but the tax benefits were too much to overcome.  This pro-union / pro-regulation / pro-tax administration will only make the job situation worse. 

Adam Lambert shows how it isn’t just about sex, it is about monogamous relationships.  Oh, wait, no he didn’t.  How classy of him to simulate oral sex on a show that kids watch, and how swell that ABC used his performance to promote the show.

Dr. Alveda King: Where are the pro-choicers in the case of forced abortion? — They have to try and hide things like this or it might make abortionists look bad.

Demographic Implosion Spurs Panicked South Korea to Enforce Abortion Ban — interesting.  I wonder if Europe will follow suit in time to avoid being completely overrun by Muslims?

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0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Great Roundup. You begin with an example of the typical lying done to sell disaster to the American people. Too bad so many chug that foul Kool-Aid.

    This ties in nicely with the third link to Wintery Knight (who links to me—Thanks WK) because it’s all part of the same Obama & Co stupidity that is harming so many Americans trying to find work, and those who would hire them.

    Adam Lambert? Worthless individual. Think of how much more he could have accomplished for himself had he presented himself as a normal human being and just used his God-given talent. But no, he wants to be a slug. In that he’s achieved great success. As far as male singers being “sexy”, women screamed over Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, the Beatles all of whom didn’t have to fake sex acts to do so. Lambert should trying being a man.

    The Dr. King bit shows the lie of the abortion agenda as much as does the gender selection question.

    And of course, the situation in S Korea shows another way in which pro-aborts harm society. The idea of limiting births, either by abstinence OR abortion puts nations in a position whereby they will at some point lose the ability to maintain their culture AND will have no one to care for the aged.


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