Naivete can be so costly

You might think that Obama fans would have learned not to trust his promises.  He promised cooperation but is more radically Left than any President has been or hopefully will be.  Afghanistan was the “good war,” but he is doing everything he can to lose it (by doing nothing).  And on and on.

So why do people believe the health care fictions?

Even without the lies behind sneaking taxpayer-funded abortion to the health care ill it is still an awful idea.  People argue by anecdote with problems in the current system.  Conservatives agree and offer solutions that are ignored, such as tort reform and increased competition.  But people still want to turn control of this over to the Federal government knowing that it will be almost impossible to ever get it back.

I’m just pointing out what should be obvious: Eliminating insurance and giving all the power to the government is a bad idea and it is not a logical conclusion from the premise that insurance companies have flaws.  Using that logic, they should concede that since Medicare is already experiencing $60 BILLION in fraud that giving even more to the government is just begging for more fraud.

Or they should concede that stories of bad care with socialized medicine would make us stay with private carriers.

Perhaps the solution is a little more complicated than just turning over control to the Federal government and hoping for the best.

Some argue that health care is too important to leave to the private sector.  But what about food?  That is even more important.  By that logic the government would take over food production and more.

Questions for those wanting government to completely control health care:

  • Do you find government agencies to be more customer oriented than other businesses? 
  • Do you find their employees to be more qualified than those in the private sector? 
  • Do you get better service from monopolies or from businesses who must compete?
  • Do you get better service from contractors if you pre-pay or if they get paid when the work is done?

0 thoughts on “Naivete can be so costly”

  1. This is about control.
    Big brother type of control over our lives.

    First it was the y2k “crisis”
    then the energy “crisis”
    then the Environmental “Crisis”
    then the financial “crisis”
    then the health “crisis”

    More “Crisis” to come, I am sure. Stay tuned.

    They create a crisis to scare and panic us into submission, it’s not rocket science.


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