Election stuff — hopefully the Republicans learned some good lessons!

There were lots of important lessons from election night.  Despite the spin of Democrats and Obama pretending not to care about the results, they stumped heavily for losing candidates.  Obama could not get them re-elected.  That should tell the Blue-dog Democrats not to cave in when standing up for life and against the health care bill.  Obama can’t save them from losing their next elections.  The magic is gone.

In New York, the Hoffman story is powerful — even though he lost a close race.  But will the Republicans learn?  They wasted ~ $1m on a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who endorsed the Democrat after she dropped out.  Remember Arlen Specter?  In one of Bush’s biggest mistakes he campaigned for Specter’s re-election, only to have Specter switch parties when it was convenient for him.  We all knew he was a RINO to begin with. 

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party outsider, annihilated the liberal Republican — despite the fact that the RINO was propped up with huge quantities of GOP cash. Then, after the turncoat Republican dropped out, Hoffman delivered a strong showing against the Blue Dog Democrat, who enjoyed the full support of the White House.

. . .

Conservatives know they need the GOP, and the GOP is surely beginning to understand how much it needs conservatives. So there can be no more million-dollar campaigns for ACORN-backed, tax-and-spend, secret-ballot-bashing turncoat RINOs who are to the left of Obama on social issues.
Liberty is the only alternative to tyranny, and conservatives will always fight for liberty. That fact needs to sink in with the GOP…pronto.

Republicans need to vote on principles and get real, live conservatives in office.  They can win! 

Be sure to read Michelle Malkin’s analysis

Update from a pro-life perspective:

What do Dede Scozzafava, Creigh Deeds and Gov. Jon Corzine have in common? All were endorsed by abortion mammoth Planned Parenthood. All 3 candidates were virulent supporters of abortion rights and opponents of human personhood…. 

The humiliating loss by Scozzafava was a particularly hard blow for PP as she was clearly the “poster child” of PP political candidates. The long-time PP supporter, board member, and Sanger Award winner had such a poor showing she was forced to resign from the campaign the week before the election

Maine voters latest to turn down gay marriage — nice to see that even Liberal states know an oxymoron when they see one.  Real marriage won despite being outspent two-to-one.  Be sure to book mark Mass Resistance to keep up on the unethical antics of the pro-gay lobby and the Liberal freaks who think that there is nothing wrong with homework assignments requiring 11 yr. olds to draw an ejaculating penis.

Remember that the losers’ “lies and fear” rhetoric is just that: Rhetoric.  No one is denying the right for gays to have relationships.  It is simply a matter of noting that the word “marriage” does not apply to same-sex unions.

Also see The Love Affair is Over: In 2008 Independents Proved They Weren’t Racist by Voting Obama. In 2009, Independents Vote GOP to Prove They Aren’t Socialist.

0 thoughts on “Election stuff — hopefully the Republicans learned some good lessons!”

  1. Hi Neil,
    I’m glad the magic for O is gone, hopefully, the support for him and his policies will suffer a quick death as well.

    I linked you on FB. Great post, as always.


  2. Maine voters latest to turn down gay marriage – nice to see that even Liberal states know an oxymoron when they see one.

    Marriage has a couple of definitions. One of them is, simply “a union.” There is no contradiction.


    1. Bzzzzt. “A union” would apply to you and any other animal, vegetable or mineral. And, as always, unions of homosexuals do not, by nature or design, produce the next generation. And they can never, under any circumstances, provide a mother and a father to a child — the obvious ideal even in an atheistic worldview. So the gov’t has no need to regulate those unions just because sex is involved.


      1. And, as always, unions of homosexuals do not, by nature or design, produce the next generation. And they can never, under any circumstances, provide a mother and a father to a child

        This is not a counterpoint.

        So the gov’t has no need to regulate those unions just because sex is involved.

        So with gays it’s just about sex but with straights it isn’t? Double standard alert.


      2. No double standard. You need to demonstrate why the gov’t should get involved in these relationships. Other than the radically obvious meaning of the word in question — used for thousands of years in countless cultures — there are the obvious parenting angles. So even if the definition itself wasn’t a heaping mound of FAIL for the gay lobby, they still have no case.

        Should the gov’t regulate friendships? Of course not. So why regulate gay relationships? Seems to me you would want the gov’t to stay out of your business. We know the truth, of course: The movement wants to silence the church and indoctrinate youth, and oxymoronic same sex marriage is part of that. It has fooled many people, but not me.


      3. Yes, Fox. With gays it’s all about sex, and I am not afraid to point that out as so many Liberals are. If you know many homosexuals, you would know this, unless you are living in denial.

        I know many homosexuals and Lesbians. Every single one of them is absolutely obsessed with sex. I have talked to them. I have questioned them. They truly don’t understand the difference between sex and love. To homosexuals, they are one and the same.

        I know you will claim you don’t agree. But we both know I am right.


      4. Are you the same Mark who once tried to tell me that gays only want to be able to adopt children so they can use them as sex slaves? Because if you are, then yeah, you should probably stop talking right now.


  3. It may not send a message to Obama, who would deny it has any impact, but I’m sure this will wake up some of those sleeping Republicans who think the only way to win is be a “moderate” Republican.

    Hoffman’s very respectable showing in New York should cause them to sit up and take notice. Conservatives are what the Republicans want. Not so-called Moderates.


  4. Pelosi says she won yesterday in NY. I’ll give her that. She won one vote. But would also say that so did the Republican party. There is now one less tax and spend liberal in congress with an R by his name at which accusations of Republican deficit spending can be hurled from those who love deficit spending. The Republican party actually won before the election by ousting the imposter and taking a stand against the imposter Republican leadership attempting to co-opt the party. A win for Hoffman would have been nice, but realistically, bloody battles in “primaries”, which is what was really happening in NY, almost never bode well for Republican candidates.


  5. Gay marriage has failed every time it has been put up for a vote. Most people agree with President Obama and do not support gay marriage. Since the other clear message of this election is there is anger against incumbents, I do not expect a lot of support by politicians for gay marriage in the near future.

    This election cycle showed voters care about the present and not the past. Running against the policies of George Bush or a vote for my opponent is a vote to bring back the failed policies of george Bush will not work. Voters want to hear what a candidate will do about the economy and jobs.

    It used to be any citizen could look at our elected officials including congress and the President and say “You work for me”. Today, ask GM and Chrysler employees if that is the case. Ask other TARP recipients if that is the case. I believe the message of this election cycle is the public is not comfortable with the government bailouts. The are realizing there is no accountability for how OUR money is being spent. What does a job created or saved really mean to measure success of the bailout? People can easily tell this is a jobless recovery. There is a growing realization that by letting government take over sector after sector of our economy there is nobody who can hold government accountable. If the government controls my paycheck, my employement, my health how can I stand up and oppose that government?

    The problem is BOTH parties are addicted to larger government. Replicans will only win if they commit to reducing the size of government. I am not looking for Republicans to spend tax dollars more wisely. I want them to spend LESS. Hopefully they will get that message.


    1. If the government controls my paycheck, my employement, my health how can I stand up and oppose that government?

      Excellent points, and especially that one. The sad thing is that the Liberals know it is true, which is why they want to control all those things!


  6. Man, those racist southern conservatives in Maine and California sure are on the decline.

    Remember, if you don’t support sodomy you’re on the wrong side of history, or something like that.


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