Blank checks to unelected officials = bad idea

There are many causes for concern buried in the health care bill, but one of the greatest is the vague and broad powers given to unelected officials, such as the ability to prevent tort reform.  As evidenced in Texas, tort reform is one of the best ways to improve the health care situation.  But not only does the Democrats’ plan not include it, it explicity discourages it.  Are Liberals not concerned that tort lawyers have such power over health care in America? 

A few items from ObamaCare: To Be Determined…

  • Rationing: “The Secretary shall make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or establishing waiting lists.”
  • Micromanaging hospitals: e.g., “The Secretary shall not permit an increase in the number of operating rooms, procedure rooms, or beds of a hospital under clause (i)…”

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