Confronting false teachings with truth and love

Oh no. He’s refuting my sermon points before I even speak.  Jesus, there’s either going to be radical transformation today, or I’m going to be chased to my carI shouldn’t have worn flip-flops.

Read this for a great example of how and why to preach the truth in love.   Someone from the congregation in Pretoria, South Africa, gave a prosperity gospel message that contradicted what James was going to preach about.  Ignoring it would have been easy.

Blessings to him for confronting the false prosperity Gospel in such a productive way.  What he did was right even if the first speaker hadn’t been convicted of his errors. 

Vigilance of sound doctrine is vital. Look how many false teachings in the church Paul had to correct just 20 years after the resurrection.  It is even more important today, as false teachers have had 2,000 years of work to build on for their latest un-biblical ideas. 

Some people mock the importance of sound doctrine, but it couldn’t be more Biblical.  Even the Sermon on the Mount was an extended-play correction of false teachings, even though most theological liberals don’t realize it.

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