Germany leads us in stem cell solutions — not because of embryonic stem cell research and cloning, but because they banned those completely and focused on adult stem cells — the research methodology that is ethical and successful.  I realize that not destroying unborn human beings for medical research gets in the way of pro-abortion rhetoric, but can’t we just spend our money on techniques that, you know, work?

60 Minutes may be in the doghouse with Fox soon if they keep pointing out unpleasent facts about how much fraud there is in the current government run health programs.  Hey, they can’t manage what they’ve got, so let’s give them five times as much!  

Stan has a well written piece on the oft-debated question of whether Christians can lose their salvation.

Scott Klusendorf, formerly of Stand To Reason, is a first class pro-life apologist.  Go check out his site, even if just for the main page where he demonstrates how there is just one issue on which the whole abortion debate turns: What is the unborn?

Librarians banning ex-gay books — I’m married to a librarian who does not appreciate the inconsistency of library organizations who pretend to be all about access to information while banning books that don’t prop up their worldview.  The American Library Assocation had an issue dedicated to pro-gay cause a year or so ago. 

Visit most public school libraries and you’ll find an array of books that address the subject of homosexuality. Many include sexually explicit content, and some even include graphic images. But if you’re looking for a book that refers to the possibility that homosexuality can be “reversed,” a Chicago-based group says your best bet is the banned books list.

Welcome to the world of fake tolerance.  Ironically, librarians are usually quite proud about offering formerly banned books.  Free speech is now all about saying whatever you like, as long as you agree with Liberal dogma.

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0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that there were bans on ex-gay books in the library. I always thought the library was the one place where you can find any book with no discrimination. Boy was I naive.

    BTW Neil, my poli sci teacher slipped and said pro-life people are also anti-choice. Man she just can’t help her liberal mouth. But I would think that she will be for people’s choice to be pro-life, right……………


    1. I like to respond, “Why yes, I am anti-choice to crush and dismember innocent human beings. And you?” Though that might not be a good strategy with your prof.


      1. Its raw truth and she probably couldn’t handle it. But its all so clever and highlights the reason why most people are against abortion.


  2. Don;t you just love liberal tolerance? You know, the kind sane people call “suppressing facts that don’t agree with us”? At my old high school there was a three volume encyclopedia on the history of homosexuality, and another book dedicated to serial killers, complete with graphic descriptions of their crimes. To be fair, there was also a book on the gay marriage debate, which had passages written by conservatives. The liberalism/muzzled Christians/bias wasn’t as strong as in other places, and for that I’m thankful. It just irks me that it was there at all. But above all I thank God I’m going to a Christian college!


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