(Unhinged) Birds of a feather

Many advocates for legalized abortion, oxymoronic “same sex marriage,” New Atheism / macro-evolution, global warming  and any non-Liberal speech in general (i.e., the war on Fox) have something in common: They fear open debate and want to shut up their opponents.  They will tell you with a straight face that freedom of speech only applies to certain views.  They will do almost anything to avoid serious discussions on the facts and logic of opposing views.

They hypocritically make up a new definition for tolerance then ignore that version as well.  Real tolerance is respect for people but not necessarily ideas.  The postmodern folks sort of switched that to not necessarily respecting people but pretending all ideas should be respected.  As the video below shows, these people don’t believe in respect for people or other ideas.

Today we focus on the pro-legalized abortionists.  Pro-life students at McGill University in Canada overcame great odds and an attempted ban just to get a speaker approved.  But that wasn’t the end of it.  As noted at Thoughts Out Loud:

After jumping through all obstacles with Canadian McGill University officials and the campus Student Union, event organisers were able to schedule, advertise to students and hold on campus a presentation addressing the issue of abortion. However, the event shortly went pear-shaped when, no sooner had the host introduced the guest speaker, and barely had the speaker an opportunity to complete his opening sentence, that a group of rowdy pro-abort protesters disrupted the presentation.

Go to the one minute mark of this video to see the face of the new “tolerance.”  Watch as much as you can stomach of college students who think that the pro-life position is so awful that it can’t even be presented in public.   They are so pathetic that I was embarrassed for them — and they are my ideological enemies!

Unbelievable.  Screaming, shouting, singing children’s songs and more all because they couldn’t stand that others might hear the pro-life view.  Remember, no one was forcing these “adults” to listen to anything.  How open minded of them.

It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception.  If these folks think it is morally neutral or a moral good to be able to crush and dismember that life before birth, I wouldn’t try to prevent them from defending that view in the public square.  Why are they so afraid of pro-lifers sharing our reasoning?  Why do they think that presenting our views to a willing audience is worse than this?

This won’t be getting better anytime soon.  These extremists want people with conservative values to fear them and to just shut up.  Not here.

0 thoughts on “(Unhinged) Birds of a feather”

    1. Actually, I didn’t think it was a real word but used it anyway. It just seems to fit in this case. But the good folks at Dictionary.com think it is real.


  1. How very mature of the future leaders of Canada. Have faith, God Almighty will have the last word. And I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they hear it.


  2. I find it incredibly ironic, intellectually dishonest, and extremely illogical that the women in the video posted in the comment section would chant, “Womens’ bodies, womens’ rights, we will not be terrorized.” (or something like that). They feel terrorized by truth, but who’s really being terrorized other than the butchered unborns? These protesters hold a very sad position, for if their parents chose to abort, they would have no voice with which to protest freedom of choice.


  3. It’d be nice to at least see some pro-abort groups denounce these types of aggressive, inappropriate and immature anti-free speech demonstrations.

    Anyone? Hullo …?

    (Like you, Neil, I too was embarrassed for them.)

    Or will things be as silent as when James Pouillon was gunned down for peacefully demonstrating his pro-life views?


    1. Agreed, Matthew. I see that you noticed the lack of coverage of James Pouillon’s murder as well. Why isn’t he the new sound bite for the violence of pro-legalized abortionists?


      1. My next-door neighbours are a Muslim family from Nigeria. Does this mean I’m in danger of being blown up?

        Bugger, just realised herself borrowed our scale a couple of days ago. Said it was for weighing luggage. Now I’m thinking maybe she’s making berms (said in best Inspector Clouseau accent).


      2. LOL

        I love when people submit anecdotal evidence as proof positive on one side of an issue or another.

        “The pond on my property didn’t freeze over the first time since we moved in, proving that global warming is real!”


      3. I agree LWA that that happens a lot, but his response didn’t even rise to the level of an antidote. He should have, of coarse, said that his Muslim neighbor denounced blowing people up. But that wouldn’t have been any good because, although it would have at least been an anecdotal response to a legitimate concern, it would not have painted me as a hate monger for disagreeing with his worldview. In so doing he unwittingly legitimizes Neil’s premise of “the birds of a feather”.


      4. He should have, of coarse, said that his Muslim neighbor denounced blowing people up.

        I’m curious as to whether you genuinely believe that to be a suitable conversation opener when meeting a new neighbour, or whether you’re just trying to be an a**hole. I don’t possess the conservative Christian talent of being able to take a short sentence someone writes and using it to describe their personality in detail. I’ve noticed that particular skill is prolific among the commenters here.


      1. Ditto. I denounce violence committed against anybody purely on the basis of their views. I denounce the suppression of free speech except in cases where it clearly carries a public risk.

        However you should remember that free speech includes the right to oppose anything you might say under your right to free speech.


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