It’s a party every Saturday!

The title of the post is the nickname for the Nutcracker rehearsals each Saturday when the “party scene” is rehearsed.  The actual performances are Friday, December 4 – Sunday, December 6.

This year I get to play Dr. Stahlbaum, the host of the party, for two of the shows and a regular “party dad” for two other shows.  I always like to learn something new.  The party guys are wearing tuxes this year instead of old-timey duds, so that will be a fun change. 

My youngest has a bunch of good roles, including the Dewdrop Fairy (my favorite).  My wife is helping make a lot of the costumes.  My oldest is performing in the Nutcracker at the professional company where she is a trainee.  We’re excited to go see that one as well. 

It is your best holiday entertainment value – $18 for adults, $12 for students and seniors.  Nice theater, good show and no having to to drive downtown!  Guys, impress your wives/girlfriends and take them to see some fine arts.  It is a big hit with kids because it is colorful, fast moving and has many short scenes. 

Go here to order tickets for the Houston Repertoire Ballet production of the Nutcracker. 

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