Liberal Democrats have repeatedly failed minorities — Yep.  Liberals have had virtual monopolies on inner city politics and schools for over 50 years.  Detroit is their petri dish.  Anyone want to move there?  Great deals on real estate!

Gynecologists in Spain plan to choose jail before performing an abortion — Who do they think they are?  What makes them think they should have a choice about abortion?  Don’t worry, the removal of conscience clauses are coming soon to a country near you.

Multimillionaire Michael Moore says capitalism did nothing for him 

Consider this a complement to Hollywood going to bat for Polanski: In both cases, you’ve got “artists” so insulated by egotism, sycophancy, and self-righteousness that they simply can’t grasp that average people are looking on aghast at what they’re saying. No one with even a child’s sense of shame would defend a child-rapist or demonize a system he’s used to line his own pockets, and yet, somehow, here we are.

Blog post title of the week: Palin’s Book Makes Number One on Amazon; Left-Wingers Make Number Two in Their Jeans

Ann Coulter annihilates the canard that “America’s low ranking on international comparisons of infant mortality proves other countries’ socialist health care systems are better than ours.”

One factor contributing to the U.S.’s infant mortality rate is that blacks have intractably high infant mortality rates — irrespective of age, education, socioeconomic status and so on. No one knows why.

By excluding the little guys, these countries have simply redefined about one-third of what we call “infant deaths” in America as “miscarriages.”

Apart from the fact that we count — and try to save — all our babies, infant mortality is among the worst measures of a nation’s medical care because so much of it is tied to lifestyle choices, such as the choice to have children out of wedlock, as teenagers or while addicted to crack.

Also contributing to the higher mortality rate of U.S. newborns: Peter Singer lives here.

But I think it’s terrific that liberals are finally willing to start looking at outcomes to judge a system. I say we start right away with the public schools!

Funny stuff — Colbert vs. Richard Dawkins — It was mostly for humor, of course, but I enjoyed the ridiculousness of Dawkins’ answer about the existence of beauty.  He gave his question-begging “we evolved to be able to see it” answer but (deliberately?) ignored the fact that there is no more grounding for true beauty in a Darwinian model than there is for morality. 

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0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Hi Neil,
    I think it’s great the Ann Coulter is exposing the left’s method’s for qualifying foreign medical systems. Maybe we should examine foreign governments the same way. But that would be too easy.


  2. Regarding Democrats trying to help, I am reminded of this wonderful dialog from the movie Broadcast News:

    “Aaron Altman: I know you care about him. I’ve never seen you like this about anyone, so please don’t take it wrong when I tell you that I believe that Tom, while a very nice guy, is the Devil.
    Jane Craig: This isn’t friendship.
    Aaron Altman: What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he’s around? Nobody is going to be taken in if he has a long, red, pointy tail. No. I’m semi-serious here. He will look attractive and he will be nice and helpful and he will get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation and he will never do an evil thing… he will just bit by little bit lower standards where they are important. Just coax along flash over substance… Just a tiny bit.”

    Democrats are not the Devil. President Obama is not the devil. Let’s be real clear about that. However, Democrats continue to be the party of giving poeple what they want short term (entitlements and thus also creating dependency on government) to support them instead of what they need (opportunity to earn a living and be able to support themselves).

    Truly sad.


  3. There are very obvious reasons that the ability to see beauty has evolved. Has you ever looked at a peacock? You think that plumage is for sweeping the floor?

    That said, the interview was very funny. Did you notice Dawkin’s Crock-a-duck tie? Well … I liked it.


  4. Getting black folks to stop supporting democrats is like a mission impossible especially since the Democratic party is the party with the first black (BIRACIAL) president.


      1. THANX LWA!

        I was just about to call her out for puttin her chip in that dip! My family (both sides)has always been Republican so…I would like to know where they’re getting the numbers.

        I also think its funny Ann Colter always blames the black community for what’s wrong in America. Some black person do her wrong or something? I mean really! Now she’s picking on babies? The numbers were high before crack and single parenting so try again.

        irrespective of age, education, socioeconomic status and so on.

        Is she serious? I think lack of insurance to diagnose a preexisting condition or genetic disorder speaks louder than whether or not the child comes from a single parent home or if the parent(s) are poor.


      2. Help me understand how Ann is blaming the black community. I think she was explaining and lamenting the fact that we haven’t been able to reduce infant mortality in blacks. Are her facts in error?


      3. What I am saying is that historically black people have always voted in large blocs for one party. It is never really a split vote.


  5. One factor contributing to the U.S.’s infant mortality rate is that blacks have intractably high infant mortality rates — irrespective of age, education, socioeconomic status and so on. No one knows why.

    Blacks are responible for the infant mortality rate? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listen to enough of her comments to understand what she’s getting at, but once again where are the numbers coming from?

    She speaks about statistics as if they are linear and they aren’t! The mortality rates are high, but how do they compare with other groups and how often?

    Several factors are used in making a dermination not just one group of people. She never really gives the figures in which she bases her opinion and I’m just supposed to accept it because she said so.


  6. I have long said that the problem with our entertainment system is; it allows people to make lots of money without having any intelligence.

    It is nice of people like Michael Moore to prove my point.


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