Item #37 in the “What if President Bush had done this?” category . . .

 . . . and another reason to abolish the National Endowment of the Arts. 

Go read White House amends rules after “inappropriate” NEA conference call.

When the story of the conference call conducted by the National Endowment of the Arts first broke, the White House attempted to ignore it.  After Big Hollywood published the audio of White House officials presenting “specific asks” for grant recipients to plug Barack Obama’s domestic agenda, the media began pushing for more answers.  Jake Tapper reports today that the story has forced the Obama administration to do the obligatory issuance of “new guidelines” to avoid a repeat.

. . .

The White House continues to insist that the allegations of politicization are “false and misleading,” but the call clearly attempted to push grant recipients into hitting the favorite themes of the Obama administration’s domestic agenda.  Anyone who listened to that call knew exactly what Sergant and Buffy Wicks wanted from the artist community — propaganda.  The demand for “specific asks” made it sound as though grant funding would depend or at least get influenced by that participation.

When will the blind faith that Obama supporters have cease?

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