Thorough response about the lies regarding the makers of the ACORN videos — Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe are American heroes.  This is historic, folks.  A couple young folks with a small amount of money do a little work and expose a spectacularly corrupt and inept organization championed by the President.  Will they get the Pulitzer prizes and movies that they deserve?  Doubtful.

It also shines a light on the atrocious NPR comments that the ACORN employees did such despicable things because of their low-income background.  They shouldn’t slander poor people like that.  Looks like their elitism slipped out.

Oh, by the way, President Obama thinks you are stupid.  Gosh, he didn’t know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of Federal money!  Seriously, Obama supporters, don’t you find that just a little insulting?

Quote of the week — paraphrase of a quote I heard on the radio (can’t recall the name of who said it, but I think it is pretty old).  It is a keeper:

People who deny moral absolutes should be tortured until they agree that it is a moral absolute that you shouldn’t torture people for denying moral absolutes. 

Remember that for the next time a postmodern tries to get out of a debate by claiming there are no moral absolutes.

‘Honor killing’ could await Rifqa in Sri Lanka —

When Caner informed his devout Muslim father in 1982 that he had become a born-again Christian, his father disowned him. Caner believes that was “an act of mercy” because his father could have carried out an “honor killing” authorized by the Koran.

In the years following Caner’s decision to accept Jesus Christ, his three brothers, his mother, and grandmother all converted to Christianity. According to Caner, those salvation experiences were only possible “because anonymous saints spoke up” and preached the gospel.

Caner wrapped up his address by issuing an emotional challenge to fellow Christians: “Preach, teach, and reach — or shut up and get out of our way.”

Hey theologically Liberal readers: The last line is for you. 

Why do people go to Hell?

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  1. Used to hear more of Ergun Caner several years ago. I read his book, “Unveiling Islam” and he says pretty much everything Robert Spencer says, but with the disctinction of actually coming from a Muslim background. He’s a bit of a trip, though. He totally speaks like an American and he looks like a biker. But he’s a great apologist for the Christian faith.


  2. People who deny moral absolutes should be tortured until they agree that it is a moral absolute that you shouldn’t torture people for denying moral absolutes

    I have to say it’s pretty funny to me that some of the only people that seem to advocate torture in the modern era are the ones who also state that they are the only people who are qualified to say that torture is immoral.


    1. Yes, that is ironic, though I don’t know many who advocate torture. I think the flip side is much more ironic, where those complaining about waterboarding being such torture are typical pro-legalized abortion and much more likely to be po-mo’s.


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