“Christian” Leftist don’t try to change the religious views of anyone except . . .

. . . Bible-believing Christians.

A recent commenter made this point:

Progressive denominations have stopped trying to proselytize with their missionaries YEARS ago. Look at Global Ministries (UCC/Disciples of Christ). They make no efforts to convert people.

She was right.  Liberal Christians pridefully and willfully withhold the Gospel from those who desperately need it because they have made up a universal truth that you shouldn’t try to change the religious views of others.  They have no support from the Bible for that position, of course, and have to once again believe the opposite of what the Bible says to hold that view.  But notice how convenient it is.  They don’t have to do the hard, costly and often risky work of evangelism, and they get to act superior to Bible-believing Christians.

As bad as that is, notice their hypocrisy regarding whose religious views they do try to change: Those of real Christians!  Liberal Christians won’t share the truth of Jesus with others but will go to great lengths to change the religious views of real Christians. Think about how many Liberal Christians have come here trying to change my religious views.  But if trying to change someone’s religious views is wrong . . .

Here’s a composite conversation (Hat tip: Greg Koukl):

Liberal Christian: You shouldn’t try to change people’s religious views.

Christian: Uh, then why are you trying to change my religious views?

LC: Huh?

C: You are trying to change my religious views right now.  My religious views include the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.), among other passages, so I think we should share the Gospel wherever we can.  But you are trying to change my religious views so that I won’t want to share the Gospel with others.

The only good news is that their ranks will continue to shrink.  Oh, they’ll attract some people who want to feel churchy but have no interest in renewing their minds.  But most people will realize that they can save a lot of time and money by just staying home.  Why get up and go to church on Sunday morning just to hear the same things that the world tells you the rest of the week?

Just one more reason that Liberal Christianity is such a fraud.

0 thoughts on ““Christian” Leftist don’t try to change the religious views of anyone except . . .”

  1. Even if we take the most liberal approach to the Bible Text, Matthew 28:19-20 has to go all the way back to Jesus. I mean – what crazy monk would make this stuff up in the 1st Century under such hatred from other Jewish believers and pluralist roman society.

    To say that the Bible does not ask Christians to evengalize is not to know how to read plain english, or greek, or latin, or any other language…


  2. Great post!! I am anxious to see how Joanne will respond. I think a follow-up to this is to show how atheism has no rational ground for morality, so that we can actually go on the attack. This is why the evidences from cosmology are so important.

    The trouble with these liberal “Christians” is that they think religion is about personal preference, choose what you like. Peoplar can certainly choose how to act, but the facts about whether God is real and what he thinks are set by reality. And these facts are knowable, at least in part.


  3. Our church is currently having a sermon series on Wesley’s “Three Simple Rules”.

    The 1st rule is “Do No Harm”. Some people are trying to use this rule to argue that we should not try to change the religious view of others, as this could lead to conflict and thus harm..

    I maintain that is we don’t correct others views when necessary we are doing harm.

    I hope we can find a way to work through this without doing harm.


    1. Our pastor did a series on the three simple rules last year.

      The folks in your church thinking that sharing the Gospel does harm are beyond parody. They claim that the ultimate good, the ultimate Good News, is harm?! Wesley would go nuts over that.

      If they knew just a little about Wesley they’d realize that he devoted his life to the “harm” of sharing the Gospel.

      Wow. Just wow.


    1. Good for you, Justin. In the interest of time and space I’m more blunt here than I would be in person. Some of these people are correctable once you gently point out how illogical and inconsistent their views are. They have just been immersed in this bad, non-Christian thinking so long that they think it is real Christianity.

      Others are just rebellious false teachers and are uncorrectable. Give them the benefit of the doubt and politely point out a few of these things. If they take them seriously and reconsider their views that is good. If they are stuck in rebellion mode then you’ll know you have a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  4. Neil,

    Don’t you know that grace takes care of it all for us? Sheesh! We don’t have to lift a finger! Grace does it all for us. I don’t quite know how, but I’m told it’s all about grace. Grace will lead everyone to the perfect understanding all by itself with no further influence by evangelizing or study of outmoded and imperfect ancient tomes. It’s grace, man. Grace, grace grace.

    OK. I’m done with the mockery and sarcasm. Carry on.


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