More sounds of silence

I was eager to see the pro-abortion bloggers rail against this murderer, but it hasn’t happened: Pro-abortion shooter murders two pro-lifers, pro-abortion groups silent « Wintery Knight Blog.  They boo-hoo’d over the death of their hero George Tiller, but are strangely silent on this one (except for the commenters who are rejoicing that a pro-lifer was murdered).  Doesn’t this lone gunman represent all the pro-choicers?  Didn’t their hateful rhetoric lead to this murder? 


These good “Christian” folks are too busy lamenting the “wackjob” citizens with only “hate and fear” to offer who had the nerve to exercise their First Amendment rights, unlike the universally peaceful Liberals making bomb threats

It is amusing watching the childish name calling by Liberals who will do and say almost anything to avoid talking about the content of the issues.

I’m really encouraged to see Obama uniting the country — though in ways he never dreamed of.  I didn’t even realize there was a big rally going on this weekend (contrary to what the Stereotype Land folks believe I don’t listen to Rush or watch Beck, though I have nothing against their shows).  Yet look how many attended.  The numbers are all over the place, but it was certainly a massive turnout.

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  1. I have to report this tomorrow in my social movement class if I can fit this end. THere were 3 kids that said on the 2nd day of school, when asked by our teacher what is your least-liked movement, it was the pro-life. This is obvious double-standard.


    1. My dad called me Saturday morning to ask if I had seen any news coverage. We don’t watch TV, so I told him my only info was coming from Twitter. He had no idea how many and couldn’t even begin to estimate the numbers from the ground, but he did have to wait through three trains to get a spot and the Metro was standing room only!


  2. I blogged on this subject last week the day the story broke. The media’s treatment of this story reminded me so much of the Unabomber. Remember how the MSM talked about the Unabomber? That he was an anti-technologist?

    That was bologna. He was an environmentalist. However, calling him that would hurt teh MSM’s agenda on environmentalism so they invented a new term.

    The MSM is a joke.


    1. They are a joke and utterly hypocritical. Makes me sick. This is why I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other major news channel. I just don’t trust them. I go to the internet for my sources.


    1. Absolutely amazing. This is just too obvious: Imagine a group that President Bush had such ties to and that had supported him so aggressively for President, had the voter fraud issues, etc. Then try and picture the media silence. It is impossible.


      1. Glenn Beck kept playing a speech Obama gave prior to the election to Acorn members where he promised them they would be in “partnership with him to set the administration’s agenda”.

        Bush would have been tarred and feathered.


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