A great response to the Mormon claim that Christianity must be false because it has so many sects (Short version: The LDS religion has many  divisions as well).  Also keep in mind that Mormonism is less than 200 years old and largely localized in the U.S., so they’ve had a lot of divisions, relatively speaking. 

Free advice: Be sure to enunciate when speaking of Mormon sects, Christian sects or any other sects.  I was speaking too quickly in Sunday School once when talking about Hindu sects and got some strange looks.

Climate Science: The Devil’s In the Details (Which Apparently No Longer Exist) — I am not making this up.  Hat tip: LCB

Raw data? Oh, I’m sure it’s here somewhere. Maybe I left it in my other backpack … yeah, that’s the ticket, my other backpack …

And of course, from the same folks that bring you the tautology of Darwinian evolution, global cooling is evidence of global warming.  And it is definitely man-made, and the only solution is to give much more power to the government, forever.

Obama’s dog didn’t bark — As I’ve pointed out separately, if the ObamaCare bill doesn’t cover abortions — and he insists that it doesn’t — why aren’t the pro-aborts “barking?”  They are huge supporters of the bill, but if it didn’t include abortion they’d be howling against it, and under no circumstances would they support it. 

If the pro-aborts like Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards were silent on the bill it would be obvious enough that it includes abortion, but they are aggressively lobbying for it.

Now, someone try to convince me that Obama & Co. don’t plan to use the bill to cover abortions, and that they aren’t lying about it.  Go ahead.  Convince me.

Hat tip: Randy, the web site that surely seeks to be bipartisan and unite us all, considers many of us here, including me, to be right wing domestic terrorists.  These people are beyond hyperbole.  And they think we’re nuts for being concerned about the President writing curriculum for all the public schools?!

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Thanks for the hat tip. It certainly seemed like a story right up your alley.

    Talking about Hindu sects in Sunday School. I hope it was a couples class. Had to be very interesting. Once I was teaching on the Song of Solomon in a class with some couples and some singles. One of the single guys got up in the middle and said “I’m not supposed to be reading stuff like this.”


  2. It’s hard to believe that the Climate Resource Unit is trying to claim scientific validity in their efforts to make things up. It’s obvious they are lying, and should be given another ounce of notice or credibility. Sad.

    But what is it that Romans 1 says about the unrighteous? When they don’t believe in God, they will suppress any truth, even that which doesn’t speak directly to a God.
    PS I know the Bible does not speak to Global Warming. But it does speak to Global Warming scientists.


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