My #1 productivity tool

no tvI get a fair amount of “Where do you find the time to ____?” comments from people.

Here’s where I get the time: I don’t watch much TV.   I watch 30 min. per day or less, and usually only 10-15 minutes.

That doesn’t make me better or more spiritual or anything else.  I can certainly waste many hours on line, which is just as bad.  But it does explain where I “find” time to do more important things: Bible study, prayer, service, exercise, family time, etc.

OK, I watch some TV, but I am deliberate about what I watch and when I watch it.  I don’t just sit down to watch whatever is on.  I’m glad to see that my daughters picked up on the habits of my wife and me.  They have their favorite shows but are surgical in their viewing habits and don’t waste endless time watching TV.

The average person watches four hours of TV per day.  Four hours per day!  That’s 28 hours per week.  So when I hear that I have no sympathy for people claiming to want to do more things for their faith (again, Bible reading, service, prayer) or their health if they can’t find a way to just cut back 10% of their TV watching.

If people could just skip one half hour show three times a week and go for a walk it would do wonders for their health and well being.  In fact, that would do more to improve the average health of the nation than any politically driven reforms by either party.

Sorry for the sermon, but if people would take an eternal perspective and realize just how much they are missing out on participating in God’s kingdom it would do great things for their lives.  I’m not saying you have to watch zero TV, or even a certain amount.  Just decide to control it and not let it control you.  Not only can it waste your time, but the shows and commercials are almost universally designed to make you covetous and lustful. 

Map out what is truly important to you then estimate where you spend your time, then be intentional about getting the two in sync.

0 thoughts on “My #1 productivity tool”

  1. Funny, I’m the same way. TV doesn’t even interest me – but I do spend a lot of time online. Most of it has a purpose (research; writing), but not all of it. But you’re right; if you eliminate that one habitual time-waster, productivity goes through the roof.


  2. @Neil:

    ” I watch 30 min. per day or less, and usually only 10-15 minutes.”

    O.K… can you wathc Law and Order CI, the Cleaner, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains AND Monk in 15 minutes? No human can survive without watching those shows, are you a communist man? lol


  3. We like Psych, Monk, The Office, The Simpsons (duh) and a little House, though I don’t watch them all each week. I don’t watch TV news, Fox or otherwise.

    Years ago I cut way back on watching sports and haven’t missed it. I realized I didn’t enjoy it that much and it took up tons of time. I’ll watch some if the Lakers or Steelers are deep in the playoffs.

    I was finally talked into TIVO last year to replace the VCRs and that is nice to skip commercials and watch when you want to.


  4. I dont want much TV either!!! No TV at all on weekdays, except if there’s some ground breaking news happening. I only watch TV on weekend nights if it’s a good movie, ’cause I love watching movies with my brother. But I do spend a lot of time online. Though I dont think I am wasting my time this way, ’cause I spend a lot of time reading Christian blogs these days and educating myself on stuff, which is so much fun. I’ve learnt a lot in the past few months!!!


  5. Since it’s been years since we’ve thought anything was worthwhile on TV, we use our TV mostly to watch movies and other DVDs (we’re about to start watching the “Truth Project.”). We usually watch a movie a week while relaxing, although sometimes it takes a few days for one movie (currently watching “The Happiest Millionaire – 3 days and not quite halfway through it!)

    I saw an episode of Monk while on break at work and just loved it. So we now own all 7 seasons. Watching about two a week over the past year took awhile, but Monk has some really good morals and great messages. It’s hard to believe Hollywood did something like that.

    Anyway, you’d be surprised how much time you have to do so many other things when you aren’t in front of a tube all day long!


    1. Funny you mentioned that — we’re just sitting down to watch a Monk. Sorry to see it is the last season. Hopefully the series ender will have him become a Christian so he can forgive and let go 😉 .


  6. I rarely watch TV, but I am badly addicted to reading.

    Pretty much Christian fiction and non-fiction.
    I also like reading old books, my Mom’s house is full of them.


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