Wow, an email from the White House!

Just got this today from Nancy-Anne DeParle at the White House (whoever she is) with the title of Help the Vice President debunk this myth. That was odd because the only corresponence I’ve had with the White House was to point out flaws of the ObamaCare program.  But I’m a loyal citizen and love to debunk myths.  So let’s give it a read:

 Dear Friend,

Our latest Reality Check video features Vice President Joe Biden addressing the biggest whopper of all: that our health insurance system works just fine and Americans don’t care about reform. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So we’re trying something new. You can help the Vice President debunk this myth by uploading your own video on why reform matters to you. This is an opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds and situations to make the case for reform in your own words.

Watch the Vice President’s video and then respond with your own:

A Reality Check from the Vice President

Need some help? We also have a new online quiz to help set the record straight about health insurance reform. Find out what’s in reform for somebody like you by answering a few questions.

What does reform mean if you already have insurance? What if you don’t? What does it mean if you’re young? If you’re a senior? If you have children?

Take the quiz and then share it — simple tools like this are a great way to cut through the noise and get the facts about reform:

Thank you,

Nancy-Ann DeParle
Director, White House Office of Health Reform

P.S. No matter your age, where you work, whether you have insurance or not, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll get out of health insurance reform. But don’t just take my word for it — take the quiz:

Again, according to Nancy-Ann, this is the myth:

our health insurance system works just fine and Americans don’t care about reform.

Here’s my debunking: That is a myth because it is a logical fallacy known as a strawman argument — i.e., no significant group of people is advancing that position.  None come to mind.  There, it is debunked, and I didn’t even need a video or to use government resources to do so.

Here’s more debunking: I care plenty about reform.  Here’s a post from mid-2007.  I just don’t think that an unprecedented power grab by the Federal Government is going to be an effective reform.  I would love to see reform regarding tort laws, insurance sales, tax benefits to consumers and more!  Can we talk about that?

0 thoughts on “Wow, an email from the White House!”

  1. Why is our federal government spending so much money and time trying to prove to us that we dont like something? If this is the case, just pass the bill and we will thank you later for saving our current system.


    1. Bret,

      Just shut up and give them unlimited power over life and death.

      You’re not a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic misogynistic KKK member, are you? No? Then shut up and give them unlimited power.

      Remember, if you don’t give them unlimited power you will be called names.


  2. There are some saying something close to that. I just attended a health care forum in Salt Lake City and Senator Orrin Hatch said the system was good, just in need of a few tweaks. There are also polls out that suggest Americans are happy with what they have.


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