Pole dancing and the Family Circus. Seriously.

From the “I’m really, really not making this up” category, I offer two pole dancing related items (What, only two?).

First, a Family Circus cartoon that poked fun at pole dancing.  Let’s just say that Bill Keane must have been having an off day.

family circus pole dancing

Side note: Family Circus is a mini-running joke in our house.   We’re pretty picky about comics and let’s just say that it does not meet our standards.  My youngest daughter bought a Family Circus book for my last birthday as a joke, but my 80 year old dad started reading it and was laughing out loud.  Watching him enjoy it was far funnier than the comics themselves, so I had them give it to him for his birthday.

Second, in case you missed the news, you can get a Pole Dancer Doll for Girls.  The lowest common denominator just gets lower.  Quote of the day:

God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

P.S. On a marginally related note, while researching for this post I found a series of Pearls Before Swine comics that poked fun at Family Circus.  Good stuff.

0 thoughts on “Pole dancing and the Family Circus. Seriously.”

  1. This cartoon isn’t even about pole dancing. It is about large breasts and blond hair hindering the father’s ability to secure a business deal. It seems our buxom blond has utilized her assets to persuade the man to lower his asking price for this extraordinarily unattractive lamp. Props to this animated madam for showing ladies across the world how to work what the good lord gave em.


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