Home Depot sponsors kids’ booths at gay pride parades. Seriously.

I am not making this up. 

According to the Nashville Gay Pride website, Home Depot gave over $5,000 to be a major sponsor of its 2009 Gay Pride Festival in June. But simply financing the event wasn’t enough for the big box chain.

Home Depot also signed on as a vendor, conducting kid’s craft workshops for children via a special booth set up just for them.

To this end, Home Depot is basically encouraging the attendance of children at events which openly expose them to transvestites, cross-dressers, and homosexual activities.

Unfortunately, Home Depot’s participation in the Nashville Pride Festival doesn’t stand alone. It has also sponsored kid’s booths at other gay events in Atlanta, Kansas City, Durham, Portland, and San Diego.

Gay pride events have a long track record for offensive public displays of homosexual conduct. Obviously, Home Depot is OK with the idea of exposing children to an unhealthy and risky environment. So much so, it is willing to participate in it.

We bought a bunch of stuff for our new house tonight.  I’m really glad we went to Lowe’s and not Home Depot.  Home Depot is closer to our new place but I’ll be glad to drive a little farther to get to Lowe’s.

Read more here at the One Million Dads site.  You can send emails to the leaders at companies like Home Depot.  They have drafts like this that you can edit or send as is.

Dear Chairman Blake:

Your company’s financial support of gay pride parades is disappointing to me.

However, Home Depot’s decision to also include children’s activities at these events is irresponsible, at best.

Gay pride events are known for their frequent and offensive public displays of homosexual conduct. By offering craft workshops specifically designed for children, Home Depot is encouraging their attendance.

Thus, they will likely be exposed to unhealthy and risky environments.

I’m imploring you to put the safety and well-being of children first by not sponsoring or participating in homosexual events.

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    1. Hi Fox,

      I see you are back with fact-free personal attacks. If you’d like to defend why children should attend gay pride parades, which often contain public nudity, S&M, etc. then defend that. But spare me the ad hom.


      1. When was the last time you attended pride? have you ever been in person one or one or are you just taking what you have read and heard but not witnessed? Pride events that have nudity in the form of bared breast are ususally accompanied by signs asking that no minors be present. There are gay men and women with families that include children.. They shouldn’t have to leave their children home and find a babysitter. Think about it does anyone you know find a sitter for the fourth of july? Didn’t think so. There are parts of the parades that are family themed and are advertised before hand. Please don’t speak on matter you honestly have no knowledege about?


      2. Pride events that have nudity in the form of bared breast are ususally accompanied by signs asking that no minors be present.

        You’ve got to be kidding me. Is your comment some kind of satire about the perversions of these events?

        No, I don’t attend these events. I’ve read about them from reliable sources including critiques from the gay parents participating in them and I’ve seen pictures. I have all the knowledge I need.


      3. What’s wrong with bare breasts…? You Americans are so freakin’ weird. We don’t give a shit in Europe. Please stop forcing your damn “moral values” down our throats over the Internet. Keep them to your bigoted prayer circles.


      4. Hmmm . . . Please explain how posting this on my blog is “forcing” my “damn moral values down your throats over the Internet.”

        Then explain why you commenting on my blog in this way isn’t a much more appropriate example of you forcing your moral values on me over the Internet.

        So women can go bear breasted anywhere in Europe? How about school teachers? If not, why are they so prudish?

        P.S. to all: Home Depot update here — http://afa.net/Detail.aspx?id=2147498688


  1. Neil, Home Depot is obviously trying to provide a masculine outlet for any straight child bored and outraged by the parade his Dads brought him to.

    They’re on your side! 🙂


    1. Hi Richard,

      That is a very charitable hypothetical and I suppose it could be possible. Yet why keep the children occupied and deny them the joy of watching the loving, committed relationships that all the participants promoted?

      Another alternative for Home Depot would have been to not sponsor the parade at all.


    2. So, what youre saying, Adam, is that in your eyes it is acceptable for a homosexual person to bring their child to a place where that child will be subjected to sexual behavior? Youre cool with this? Look, dude, its time to cut the crap and get real on this. If a STRAIGHT couple allowed their young child to view sex acts, or better yet, if that straight couple intentionally brought that child to a place where they would witness such acts, REGARDLESS OF GENDER ISSUES, those parents would be potentially ARRESTED for it. So why should it be different for a child with a homosexual parent? We have morals and laws in place to protect children from sexual situations FOR A REASON, Adam……Two heterosexual parents who commit sex acts in front of children will be labeled “perverts” and looked down upon by society….nevermind the fact that they would be breaking laws. But homosexual people should be praised in your eyes, I guess, for subjecting their kids to such things?

      With all due respect, youre an idiot.


    1. It’s not just a “gay” activity anymore, at least in my city. The pride parade here is now the pride festival, and it’s more about “pride” than “gay”. It’s by far the biggest parade in the city, and one of the biggest events of the summer. Frankly, it’s one of the most kid friendly events of the year, with colorful floats and fun music. I, for one, don’t think the site of leather chaps (even butt-less) will damage my son.

      As far as companies participating, we have most major retailers, almost all the political parties from every level of government, the police and fire department, and 4 local Christian churches have floats in the parade. The company I work for is one of the main sponsors, and we’ve had ZERO criticism for this.

      The pride parades are about being who you are, not about being gay. OK, it’s a little bit about being gay, since one of the parade participant awards is “most gay”.


      1. One of the most kid friendly events? Don’t be a tool. It is all part of their agenda. Sheesh, can you all really not see that? Butt-less chaps ok for little kids to see? Wow.


      2. Buttless chaps FOR MEN are never o.k., didn’t Prince prove that back in the early 90’s?

        ANd I’m sorry, I wouldn’t want my sons looking at a woman in buttless chaps, even if I wouldn’t mind, it is not appropiate for children and not appropiate for a retailer who wants family business to sponser.


      3. It is all part of their agenda.

        I’m in favour of their “agenda”. To be accepted and to be given the same rights ax the rest of us. Is letting a kid see a bit of skin going to harm him? Do you keep your children away from beaches too?


      4. To be accepted and to be given the same rights ax the rest of us.

        Question begging. They don’t have the right to “same sex marriage” any more than they have the right to square circles. Yes, I’m repeating myself, but so are you.

        Is letting a kid see a bit of skin going to harm him?

        Wow. I hope you don’t give your kid unlimited access to the Internet.


      5. Wow. I hope you don’t give your kid unlimited access to the Internet.

        Of course not, but I let him go to swimming pools and the beach. What about cheerleaders at football games? What about those skimpy little speedos the olympic divers wear. I think you might have a double standard about this.

        Does it really bug you that much to have to share the word marriage?


      6. Re. “sharing” the word marriage – I find that to be a disingenuous word game and a pathetic ad hom that I won’t “share.”

        Comparing gay pride events to Olympic diving speaks for itself.


      7. So it’s not about the skin is it? It’s that you don’t want your kids to see that there are gay people, and they can be happy that way.


      8. No, more word games on your part. Leather pants with no seat do not equal swim suits. Sad to see you are reverting to your bigotry.


      9. What’s the difference between those (which, to be clear, I’ve never seen anywhere, even a gay pride parade) and a woman in a bikini at the beach?

        And if you want to make sure I don’t post here anymore, call me a bigot again.


      10. Then stop making bigoted statements. I am glad to have you comment here — most of the time. But you have this alter ego that lapses into stereotypes about motives. It is extremely unproductive. If you can’t think of anything fact based to say, then don’t make those comments. Life is too short to keep de-bunking those over and over.


      11. You claim I am stereotyping your motives when you post a link to someone claiming to know the motives of gay people? Do you have any idea how many gay people I know? Some of them are extremely politically active, and one is even in public office. They don’t want anything but acceptance. Call me a liar of you want, but I know what these people are after, and it isn’t what you claim.


      12. Is that really the agenda?

        Yeah, it is. Find a gay guy and ask him. They can be found at your local supermarket, gas station, mall, movie theatre, schools, and your church. And gay bars. And Pottery Barn.


      13. Cute quips and charts do nothing to mask the truth of the homosexual agenda.

        In fact, they demonstrate that the person making those claims is either ill-informed or disingenuously advancing the agenda.


      14. You’ll pardon me while I guffaw at your second link. AFTAH is one of the most hateful anti-gay blogs I have ever encountered. Don’t, for one second, presume to tell me that AFTAH doesn’t have its own agenda in mind, or that it even remotely cares about the “truth” about homosexuality.

        The same goes for Mr. Barber’s piece, which I see you’ve also linked to. Putting it mildly, the man is grossly misinformed.

        The sites you linked to are exactly why the “gay agenda” exists: to serve as a countermeasure to the erroneous and hateful claims being made by people like Mr. Barber.


      15. Fox, of course you don’t like them.

        But saying they are hateful without demonstrating it proves nothing.

        Saying they don’t care about the truth without demonstrating it proves nothing.

        Saying Barber is grossly misinformed without demonstrating it proves nothing.

        You had more content in your silly link than you did in this comment.


      16. Sorry Neil, gotta call you out on that one. You linked to those hateful bigots, so you defend them.

        You don’t think they have an agenda? They want gay people back in the closet, out of site, or miraculously converted to heterosexuals. Do you have any idea how many young men and women have killed themselves rather than live in a world with that kind of hate?


      17. You haven’t demonstrated why they are hateful or bigots.

        The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.


      18. I’m not sure there is anything I could say that would help you to understand why they are hateful.

        Let’s say I built a website that showcased every single thing I could find about Christians who have committed crimes, and clergy member who have raped children, and systematic beatings of aboriginal children at the hands of ministers and church officials, and promoted my site for the sole purpose of making people believe that the Christian lifestyle is one of sin, and that Christians are harming our youth. Would you not consider that a little bit hateful and bigoted?


      19. Is it all about facts to you? I’m sure they are very careful to make sure that the things they put on their site are factual, but I could also put up a site that is factual, yet focusses very specifically on a certain type of behavior by a certain group of people. Like molestation of children by clergy. I could make sure that I only presented facts that support my claim, and ignore all the well meaning clergy out there. This is hate when it is targeted at a specific portion of the population, and in this case, it is done specifically to smear them.

        Neil, people die because of this. How can you not be concerned that this kind of bigotry is enough to make a young person chose to die rather then face the community as a gay person.


      20. There are countless anti-Christian sites out there. I haven’t been even remotely tempted to kill myself.

        You make a horrible, childish non sequitor:

        – Some gays kill themselves.

        – Some Christian sites criticize things like this — http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/09b/youth_pride/index.html and point out how Mr. Boston Leather might not be the ideal chaperone for a state-sponsored transgender prom — http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/09b/youth_pride/tranny_prom/adults/MrLeatheCardr/index.html

        – Therefore, Christians who criticize the homosexual agenda are responsible for people committing suicide.

        I don’t use the “S” word here very often, but that is spectacularly stupid.


      21. Speaking of Mass Resistance, I’d like to know why Avast! keeps giving me virus alerts whenever I pay them a visit.


      22. – Therefore, Christians who criticize the homosexual agenda are responsible for people committing suicide.

        Uh, yeah, actually, that’s pretty close to the mark.


      23. Sure, Fox. Then AA and MADD are responsible when drunks get beat up.

        And of course, those who criticize people who criticize the homosexual agenda are responsible for their suicides.

        You folks have wallowed in indulgent, nonsensical thinking so long that you can’t even get the simplest things right.


      24. So you think Christianity does for the homosexual what AA does for the alcoholic? Ha ha ha! That’s adorable.


      25. My point is simple: You are trying to condemn those who criticize homosexual behavior. That is akin to criticizing AA and MADD for opposing alcoholism.


      26. It’s intolerant of me to not accept your intolerance?

        I am the one that is saying that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation should have the same rights to marriage, as well as all the rights enjoyed by married couples. You are saying that they should not have those rights.

        Are you being intolerant when you criticize the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia? There is no difference here.


      27. Ryan, this is where your credibility vanishes. As I’ve mentioned many times, you pretend not to know that you are trying to change the definition of marriage. You pretend it is already changed and that we’re the ones who brought up this topic.

        Question begging = logical fallacy.

        Repeated question begging after being corrected a dozen times = loss of trust.


      28. Logical fallacy, begging the question.

        The issue at question is the existence of the right. You then proceed to presume the right.

        At no point in human history has this supposed right existed except in the last two decades in countries that are in the process of self-destruction.

        You often sight the “collective wisdom” of humans as being a source of rights. The collective wisdom of goes against your position. History goes against your position. Significant logical arguments go against your position. And, you have yet to demonstrate the existence of the right that you presume exists.

        I’m 100% willing to change my position on this matter, provided the existence of the right can be demonstrated. In order to demonstrate that right you’re likely going to have to throw out natural law legal theory all together, on which rights and law in America are based.


      29. It’s intolerant of me to not accept your intolerance?

        That fails twice. Once because you haven’t demonstrated intolerance on my part. I get along great with gays. Just because I don’t buy into oxymorons or think gay pride parades are swell places for kids doesn’t make me intolerant.

        Two, you are being hypocritical. If intolerance is bad, as you claim it is, you shouldn’t be intolerant yourself.


      30. @Ryan:

        I wasn’t aking about the agenda of a gay “person”, I am asking what the political agenda is for certain organizations that say they represent gay people.


      31. I frankly don’t care about those organizations, and don’t even know about them. I care about the gay people who are friends and family of mine, and I care about how they feel they are treated by society.


      32. O.K. Ryan, I am a DJ from Chicago, genre of choice: House Music. So I can pretty much guarantee I know more, hung out with more and hang out with more gays then most Christians do (knowingly at least).

        I believe that gays like everyone else should be treated with dignaty and respect.

        That being said, Getting rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell” sure, Civil Unions for legal purposes, no problem. SO what is the deal with being a stickler for the word “marriage” aside from pissing off the evangelical right?


      33. Actually I’d say that a bit more than half of my gay friends couldn’t care less if it was called marriage or not, but there are some people for whom the word is important. As far as pissing off the evangelicals, I’ll grant you, that may be part of it for a few of them, but given the fact that they are constantly called “abnormal abominations” by many Christians, I can understand some backlash. Some just want to be married and raise a family just like their parents, and anybody should be able understand that, if not agree with it.


      34. Some just want to be married and raise a family just like their parents, and anybody should be able understand that, if not agree with it.

        LOL re. “just like their parents.”

        They are welcome to have relationships. No one is stopping that, despite all the implications to the contrary.


      35. Please. Taking it stealth in no way diminishes what it is really all about. I will refrain from saying anything more except to say there is no way I would take my son to such an event. Ever.


      36. I can think of a lot of ways to describe pride parades, but “stealth” is probably at the bottom of the list, right above “heterosexual” and “earth tones”.


  2. Neil:

    I am sure there were other events that perhaps the brown folks wanted the kids occupied (by other events some with alcohal or more mature themes, even most heterosexuals like ourselves would want the kids busy for that).

    Why should HomeDepot not sponser such events? Gays buy wood too (no pun intended lol)


  3. I work at The Home Depot. I’d like to help you get a more global grip on the agenda. “Do the right thing” , “Help your community” and “Diversity” are key concepts in the corporate values. We are one one the largest employers of persons with physical disabilities. We hire & support employment of veterens. We have the Kaboom program that builds playgrounds for children across the US, Canada & Mexico. We have free workshops for children in every store. We support African American groups, Asian groups, Latino groups and, yes, Gay groups. We even hire folks that have a tatoo or two. We have workshops for men and ladies. We actively seek qualified associates from these groups. Why would we do such a horrible thing? Because we support ALL of our customers and ALL of our associates. And ALL people. Why would that upset you? Go feed a hungry person. We do.


    1. Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. That is commendable that Home Depot does those other things. Good for you and them.

      My specific objection is over them supporting gay pride events and involving children. I think that is morally reprehensible.

      Who says we don’t feed hungry people, and how would that be relevant to the morality of supporting the involvement of children at gay pride events?


    2. Glenn, good for you for standing up for your company. Home Depot has made the right choice here, and those of us that are tolerant of homosexuals will reward them for it.


      1. Straw man. Who said I’m not tolerant? I just object to pushing it on kids, and you have to use fallacious word games to avoid the issue.


      2. I say you’re not tolerant. You don’t accept homosexuals as equals, in that you think their sexual feeling are abnormal, and yours are not. That is intolerant in my opinion, but I’ll listen to your arguments about why it is not.

        So now Home Depot is “pushing homosexuality on kids” just because they set up a booth at a community event? Do you think anything was happening in those booths, other than some kids building a birdhouse?

        My Home Depot sells Christmas trees too – great ones – I got mine there last year. Are they pushing Christianity too?


      3. So your feelings trump his feelings?

        Isn’t this just more might makes right?

        As for the Christmas Trees, if you aren’t familiar with the massive wholesale removal of the word from everything related to Christmas sales (they are now Holiday Trees, for the Festive Season, etc), because it is viewed by many companies that any involvement with Christmas would be a form of promoting Christianity and ergo offensive.

        All I ask is the same standard apply equally to Christians. Double standards are pretty *drumroll* intolerant.


      4. I worked at a major retailer that removed the word Christmas from a product that included the word Christmas, and was the biggest selling product of the season. We all were pissed off at that decision, and continued to refer to the product as “Chrstmas xxxx”. It was not atheists that companied about the product name, it was the Jewish community, and I know this because I read the mail we got about it. Letter after letter – not one from any other group.

        I love Christmas – it’s my favourite time of year, and i my completely atheist family, we all call it Christmas, and will continue to do so. We honor many Christmas traditions because it is part of our heritage. My mother has a nativity scene, and taught me the story of Jesus’s birth as a kid, and she has never believed in God.


      5. Ryan,

        You may find this video helpful:

        Accusations of “intolerance” aren’t taken very seriously by those of us who are attempting to think critically about this and other matters, because accusations of intolerance are really just a liberal’s way of saying “I don’t have an argument, so you should shut up.”

        It’s a personal attack designed to shift the topic so that the person using logic and reason is forced to defend themself against a nebulous charge of “intolerance”… whatever that actually means.


      6. Klavan also has a fine video here on Democracy in America:

        There is a reason de tocqueville is no longer found in high schools and colleges anymore. Why? Because shut up, that’s why.


      7. Ryan, I’m sorry you feel attacked. I think the respectful thing to do is to take your views seriously enough to respond to them.

        I do accept homosexuals as equally valuable human beings. My words and behavior towards them reflect that. I think virtually all heterosexuals, including myself, have feelings / thoughts on sexuality that don’t always glorify God either. Does that mean I don’t accept them (or myself) as equals either?

        The classic view of tolerance is to tolerate people but not necessarily ideas. Our culture has it more than backwards. It doesn’t tolerate ideas or people it doesn’t agree with.

        Regarding your Christmas tree illustration, it seems that the following would be more apples to apples:

        – Home Depot donates $5,000 to a flamboyantly evangelical, orthodox church committed to advancing their agenda of sharing the truth of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and saving power with the world.

        – The church also is fully committed to the real definition of marriage, because it corresponds to the Bible and to natural law. The church thinks it is a bad idea to expose school children to the normalization of homosexuality.

        – Home Depot runs booths inside the church for children.

        That seems to be a more apt comparison, though I don’t see how it would make your point. What would the gay lobby think about Home Depot then?


      8. I really don’t think it’s the responsibility of gay people to prove their eligibility to partake in traditionally heterosexual rights. I think it’s up to the rest of us prove that they are not, or let them in.

        Women should not have had to prove that they were good enough to vote. Blacks should not have had to prove that they were good enough to be considered “people”.


      9. So you call for totally changing a right, then refuse to provide support for the reasoning for doing so based on the premise that the burden of prood is on those who are asking “Why should this be changed?”

        I’m happy to accept the argument “A Constitutional Ammendment is needed to destroy the building block of society, the traditional family.”

        That’s what brought about an end to slavery and what brought women’s suffrage. And that takes ratification from 3/4ths the states.

        Homosexual individuals are free to engage in marriage, just like everyone else is, between a man and a woman. You are calling for a redefinition of marriage, and that places the burden of proof on you.


      10. Gender is genetic and morally neutral, sexual behavior is not.

        Skin color is genetic and morally neutral, sexual behavior is not.

        I know that is right out of the (allegedly nonexistent) playbook to lump us in with misogynists and bigots, but conflating those with homosexual behavior and jumping to the conclusion that sexual preferences confer civil rights status is more than a stretch, and to say that the burden of proof is on us to demonstrate otherwise (as easy as that just was) seems unreasonable to me.


      11. this has got to be the most retarded statement yet….and that’s saying a lot.

        “Christmas trees”??? So now, having a Christmas tree makes someone a Christian? That doesnt make someone a christian any more than sitting in your garage all night will make you a car. I wasnt aware that Santa Claus made a cameo appearance in the Bible…..thanks for the information. Now, if you would really like to actually discuss the issue at hand, be sure to let us know. Using these absolutely laughable analogies only serves to make you look less intelligent.

        And to Glenn, who talks up a storm about tolerance for “ALL PEOPLE”, perhaps you can take a moment for our kind readers here to discuss your beloved Home Depot’s treatment of former employee Trevor Keezor? You know, the one that Home Depot fired because he wore a pin on his apron that said “One nation, Under God, Indivisible” to support his brother, who is a soldier that went to Iraq for two tours of combat? Home depot fired this guy. He wore this pin for over a year, and only when he began reading his Bible on hid break times, did they suddenly have a problem with his pin and demand that he removed it. He refused. They fired him, and your spokesman said “Only company-supplied pins or badges can be worn on our aprons”. Compare this to the aprons of people working, for example, in the Seattle Area Home Depots–in 2009, Home Depot allowed these employees to wear aprons with pins, badges, and even writing on the aprons themselves, supporting the 2009 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival….? GLENN—PLEASE–tell me you see the massive contradiction there. Home Depot allowed their employees to wear these things on company aprons because it was a cause that Home Depot openly supported. But they slammed the door on an EXACT QUOTE from our Pledge of Allegiance?

        TOLERANCE, OF ALL PEOPLE, everyone….there’s Home Depot’s example of tolerance. it’s really funny, being that I am a veteran, to hear you say that HD supports veterans groups, yet they FIRED a guy like this. You want to make a mission statement and tell us what you stand for? Fine–but next time, how about you actually stand for it?


  4. This is getting tiresome. I really don’t know what else to say here. It’s really discouraging to argue something, and just have your argument methods attacked over and over again. You guys are completely avoiding the issue, and focusing on the fact that you don’t think I have a basis for an opinion on anything, due to my atheism. Pat yourselves on the back.


    1. It’s not because of your atheism, it’s because of this:

      1) You assert we should change marriage
      2) You then argue from the position that marriage has been changed and is what should happen.
      3) But you never give evidence or explain why marriage should be changed.

      You are making an argument with no foundation. When people point this out you then reference them as intolerant, which amounts to saying “Shut up.” But you still don’t prove your point or provide evidence or a logical argument.


    2. I hesitate a bit to add this, but:

      Ryan, if it gets to the point where you can’t make a coherent logical argument for your position, and can only cite your emotions as proof, perhaps it is time you consider that your position is incorrect?


  5. As i read the dialogue responses to Home Depot’s financial involvement to support a homosexual agenda, I am saddened to see one 1) that we have yet one more public display of a moral decay in America and 2) that no one has really addressed the core issue. Sin. God prohibits sexual activity between the same sex and prohibits sexual activity out side of marraige between a husband and wife. He states that sin results in seperation from from God. The ultimate result of sin is eternal seperation from God. There is good news…God sent his only Son Jesus who died on the cross to remove all sin from mankind that they may seperate themselves from sinful behavior and be greeted into life eternal with the Father in Heaven. My prayer is that all who are involved in any sinful behavior like i had been before, come to the absolute truth and power of the cross and be set free to receive the abundant life availible to us all both now and forever. Sin seeks to justify it’s position with an insideous web of ” i was born this way or it must be okay since so many are involved” . Sin lies to the soul and blocks the truth with a “be right” agenda. Wide is the path to destruction and narrow the way to heaven. No pleasure enjoyed in this lifetime is worth eternal seperation from the Father. God’s grace is sufficient to restore any sinful soul to a life of abundance.


  6. I don’t get it….I agree that Home Depot should not promote homosexuality to our children, but what’s with the very suggestive video commercial on your site? Think about it.


  7. Hello,
    I know this post is very old by now, but since its still accessible in a google search I’ll participate.
    There is very little that can be done to sway a person’s fundamental belief structure in a blog. It doesn’t usually matter what statistics or personal experiences you provide, people will skim or focus on what they closely relate to.
    What I propose instead is for you to attend a gay pride event, leaving the kids at home if you wish. Go with an open mind and try to find out something new. See if there is a gay youth there who faces oppression at school or at home; is it related to other children being ignorant of his/her struggle. See if there really are vulgar displays across the entire event or even at all. See if someone is present who was denied hospital visitation for their partner because they are not family and try to understand why they want to be married.
    Some discoveries can only be made by talking to people on a personal level. If you can talk to someone without first stating your opinions on their life, you can get to know them and eventually have a meaningful discussion.
    This blog discussion started with personal viewpoints of an entire class of humans based on stereotypes and an event that was not attended by the author. You will get very personal and emotional responses by addressing an audience this way because its a verbal assault on someone else’s fundamental beliefs.
    Demanding links and facts from everyone else is not productive. Simply check out the numerous resource centers online and in each major city yourself.


    1. What I propose instead is for you to attend a gay pride event, leaving the kids at home if you wish. Go with an open mind and try to find out something new.

      I don’t have to experience perversion to know it is perversion.

      See if there is a gay youth there who faces oppression at school or at home; is it related to other children being ignorant of his/her struggle.

      That is a false dichotomy. They may be “gay” because of their oppression. They need help, not encouragement to participate in a emotionally, spiritually and physically deadly lifestyle. That is like sending alcoholics to a bar.

      See if there really are vulgar displays across the entire event or even at all.

      I’ve seen enough pictures and heard complaints from less radical gays themselves to know about that.

      See if someone is present who was denied hospital visitation for their partner because they are not family and try to understand why they want to be married.

      They can’t be married. It isn’t a union of a man and a woman. Don’t lie to them and pretend it is the same thing.

      I support them getting hospital visitations, so we have that common ground. But you don’t need fake “same-sex marriage” or these parades with kids at them to do that.

      Some discoveries can only be made by talking to people on a personal level. If you can talk to someone without first stating your opinions on their life, you can get to know them and eventually have a meaningful discussion.

      You are falsely assuming that I don’t know gays. I know plenty, along with those who struggle with same-sex attraction and know it is wrong. We get along great.

      This blog discussion started with personal viewpoints of an entire class of humans based on stereotypes and an event that was not attended by the author.

      Again, I know what goes on there and how perverse it is to take kids.


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