State-supported “Transgender Prom” for kids (“22 or younger”) in Boston City Hall: Your worst nightmare — this is a must read. Among other things, the official greeter identified himself as a “leather BDSM fetishist” (bondage discipline & sado-masochism).

But remember, there is no homosexual agenda.  Why do I have to keep telling you that?  This is all about us trying to run their lives, right?

The Rise of Child Abuse as a Result of Abortion — great read by Randy Alcorn.

In 1973, when abortion was first legalized, United States child abuse cases were estimated at 167,000 annu­ally. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 903,000 children were victims of abuse during 2001, a number more than five times greater.

The increase in child abuse is even more dramatic, since the 45 million American children killed by surgical abortions (and an unknown number by chemical abor­tions) aren’t counted as victims of child abuse. Yet abortion is the earliest child abuse, and no other is more deadly. The argument that aborting a child prevents child abuse is true only in the same sense that killing a wife prevents wife abuse. Dead people can no longer be abused… but preventing their abuse by killing them is convoluted logic.

Why have children been abused far more since abor­tion was legalized? Because abortion has changed the way we think about children.

You’ll have to pardon my schadenfreude when I read about false teachers shocked that they can’t trust Obama to do the opposite of what the Bible teaches and boo-hoo-ing that he isn’t supporting Civil Rights for sexual preferences like they thought he would.  Sadly, I’m sure Obama will please the fake Christians in the end. 

Great video highlighting the lies of Obama & Co. about single-payer health care.  Don’t be fooled, people.

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  1. I knew Obama was never really a fan of gays, but I trusted him to make the right decisions in regards to issues like marriage; not simply because he “seemed like that kind of guy,” but because he promised he would. He lied to the entire GLBT community and I am apalled.

    Good to know we have a president who equates homosexuality with incest, though. I don’t think Bush was even that radical.


  2. Satan is the author of confusion – and perpetuates evil. How he must be loving the confusion of clueless people who are morally defective concerning all of the topics you present here.

    A “trangendered prom” and the rabid, radical homosexual agenda are just some of the ultimate types of sexual confusion being hoisted upon our young people. The lie of abortion being a “choice” instead of the killing of a child in the womb is despicable. Truly sad….and evil.


  3. During the election (and since) I have found my conversations with many Obama supporters disturbing.

    I will bring up issue X, Y, or Z, in which Obama seems to have committed heresy against the liberal orthodoxy (homosexual issues, for example). The response is always, “Oh, well he doesn’t REALLY believe that. He REALLY believes the opposite of what he says, but he can’t politically support it. Once it becomes more popular, he’ll acknowledge his REAL position, which he has always held.”

    Unfortunately, these folks are usually so drunk on the kool-aid that they don’t see a problem when I point out, “So… let me gets this right… you support because precisely because you think he is lying?”

    Stop and consider that for a minute. Huge sections of the Obama base support him primarily because of his deceptions.

    When we point out (using evidence) that Obama is lying and deceiving the country, we are paranoid, racist, homophobic, etc for believing that he would ever do such a thing. When the left insists (sometimes even using the same evidence) the exact same thing (that he is lying and deceiving the country), they are lauded for their attention to political nuance, etc.

    Fortunately I’m able to laugh at the whole mess and remember that we have no earthly Kingdom to call home. At most I put up with this for 80 more years. Otherwise the lack of rational thinking would probably drive me an asylum.


    1. Yes, it is great to remember who is in control of all of this!

      Great insight about people supporting someone for lying. Great leaders tell you what they think without doing polls first.

      Obama reminds me of the anti-drug story about the snake who convinces the person to pick carry him then bites the guy — “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”


  4. Building off my above post… (and without trying to stir up a debate on who is or isn’t Christian, simply using the criteria of “those making an honest and genuine attempt at orthodox belief” for this post)

    One of the issues that has faced Roman Catholicism in particular, and all forms of Christianity that make an attempt at orthodox belief in general, is the struggle with reason and those that reject it. A hallmark of liberalism (both political and religious) is often an outright rejection of reason altogether.

    In Catholicism we not only have to deal with this on a doctrinal front (as is seen across the Christian world), but we have to deal with this on the liturgical front. It naturally follows that, if you have a reasonable God and reasonable rational beliefs, your form of worship and liturgy of that God ought to also be reasonable and rational.

    So it’s no accident that, as so much orthodox belief went out the window over the last several decades, so many liturgies degraded into pure emotion and craziness, rejecting altogether reason and rationality in their conduct. One of the things that those dedicated to orthodox belief (and thus reasonable forms of liturgy) quickly learned was an old lesson from the early church martyrs. There is no possible dialog with the forces of madness.

    Dialog requires two parties who are attempting to use reason in a similar fashion. When one party rejects reason altogether, no dialog can possible take place.

    In what have been dubbed the “liturgy wars”, it quickly became clear that unreasonable forms of worship very quickly stopped being focused on God at all, and very quickly became focused on the people doing the worshiping. Pope Benedict has even written about this phenomenon, where the community and the worshipers raise themselves up to being the object of worship, and build a religion that intentionally excludes God.

    One side held reason up, and sought to follow reasonable conduct and just liturgical laws. The other side rejected reason and rejected liturgical laws altogether, raising personal emotion and their own selves to the level of the highest law.

    So where am I going with all this?

    I sincerely worry that the same thing has happened to our body-politic, especially with the political left. When we reach the point that candidates are supported because they are liars, when excluding the truth is a selling point for a candidate, and eschewing reason is a mark of pride, we are rapidly approaching the point where a democracy can not hold itself together and a free people choose to cease being free. There was once a time when candidates were supported despite such things. Now they are support because of such things.

    There reaches a point where there simply is nothing to dialog about, and no medium to communicate through, because reason itself has been utterly rejected by one side. We’ve seen that happen across orthodox Christianity, and how it has resulted in the wholesale dissolving of many “oldline” Protestant denominations. We’ve seen it happen in Roman Catholicism, especially in America and Europe, where Churches are empty and the Gospel goes unpreached.

    What happens when such a mindset comes to an entire nation that has based its form of government around the rational dialog of two parties in a two party system? What happens when a large segment has rejected reason altogether and has even rejected any notion of law, goodness, right, or wrong that isn’t pure egoism and emotion being worshiped?


  5. God is the source of wisdom, reject God and the rest just follows logically.

    By the way, what is Obama’s exit strategy in Afghanistan, I have not heard it. Still I know he must have announced one or the press would be all over him, right?


  6. I am a black Christian in South Carolina who supported Obama. I thought I was being one but was truly deceived. All Obama’s position are basically against my fundamental beliefs (no gay marriage, anti-killing) but I chose my anthropological side instead of my Christian beliefs. However, this whole election shows people’s true hearts. This whole atmosphere reeks of an Anti-Christ spirit. It is obvious that Obama is a deceiver, there is no other way to describe him.


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