Planned Parenthood vs. Planned Parenthood


Marc T. Newman, Ph.D., President of, gave a terrific presentation at the CareNet Pregnancy Center Fall Fundraiser this week. 

One of the most intriguing things he mentioned was a Planned Parenthood advertisement published in 1964 to promote birth control (click the link or go to the end of this post).  Read the whole thing, then consider this from the Q&A section:

Is it [birth control] an abortion?

Definitely not.  An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.  It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it.  Birth control merely postpones the meaning of life.

There you have it!  Straight from the experts at Planned Parenthood.  Read that again and try not to drown in the irony. 

So Planned Parenthood used to teach that abortion kills a baby and poses medical risks to the mother.  As Dr.  Newman asked, what did Planned Parenthood learn since the early 1960’s that caused them to change their stance on what abortion really does?  carenet-walk-05-55.jpg

Could it be the sonograms and 4-D ultrasounds?  No, those do more than anything to promote the pro-life view.  Technology is the enemy of pro-legalized-abortionists and it always will be.  They might have gotten away with the “blob of tissue” argument in the 60’s, but not today.  The scientific fact is that life begins at conception.

Could it be the studies showing the impact of abortion on women?  No.  Despite major political pressure, more studies continue to show the adverse impact abortion has on women – both physically and emotionally.

Or could it be the megabucks they make from abortions that caused them to change their minds?!  money.jpg

Folks, always remember that when it comes to abortion, Planned Parenthood had it right the first time:

An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.

Be sure to quote them on that whenever you can, especially when talking to Christian(?!) pastors who support Planned Parenthood.

More on Planned Parenthood here and here — just your basic well documented serial felonies of covering up statutory rape.  Your tax dollars at work.PPPlanYourFamily63

19 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood vs. Planned Parenthood”

  1. Oh… I heart irony. Well, not so much irony as “the lying scumbags at planned Parenthood being exposed by their own materials when someone didn’t do a file dump correctly.”

    I can just picture Patty Ireland seething, flinging open her cellphone, and shrieking, “Bring me whoever’s in charge of our PR campaign so I can shoot them! How DARE they let this be in circulation?!”

    BTW–do you think PP is largely driven by money, or is there actual good it does? David


    1. BTW–do you think PP is largely driven by money, or is there actual good it does?

      That’s one of them-there-rhetorical questions, right?

      I’d say it is driven by money and evil at its core, though some of its workers / volunteers are just deceived.


      1. LOL!
        No, that was actually serious. I have friends who think Planned Parenthood is doing good things, or who are otherwise misinformed, or think that “it can’t be as bad as the Right makes it out to be.” So I decided to actually ask. Though the answer was what I pretty much always assumed.

        I loved your impersonation of Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel, BTW. (Kidding!)



      2. I love Cletus and Brandine! If we had it to do over again we would have named our dogs after them.


      3. Oh…I do too. “Well, the baby’s already out. Cut the umbrellical cord.”

        It’s so hysterical to me that you like the Simpsons. Seems incongruous for a prolife, conservative evangelical who loves Randy Alcorn. Now, why does that sound so familiar? Oh…because I’m exactly like that. 🙂
        Back to the subject at hand.


  2. I remember a time when I thought the idea of planned parenthood was a good thing. After all, unplanned parenthood can be (not always) a big impact on a couple. Wouldn’t it be better to plan when children enter your lives?

    Oh how naive! Now that I have three almost grown, two step-children, and 4 grandchildren (#5 expected today Lord willing) I understand that no amount of planning can ever prepare you for the wonders, the joy and yes, even the sorrows, that accompany children.

    It all comes down to our wanting to be in control and not fully relying on His plan.


  3. Dr. Newman spoke at the Spring dinner a few years ago at the crisis pregnancy center that my wife and I support (Choices Resource Center, Oak Ridge, TN) and he was brilliant. That was the first time I had heard of that particular quote.

    It’s funny, a while back I was in a discussion at another blog with a girl who actually tried to defend her pro-death position in the face of this quote, even going so far as to defend this comment and claim that it didn’t mean they believed they were ending a life. Er, something.


  4. The long and the short of it is, they like the money, and like to murder babies for some ill-perceived greater good. So the facts will never work with the PP types. It does help with those who are not so entrenched into the mindset. I remember my cousin presenting me all the scientific facts before I became a believer, and just those alone, caused me to shift my position from pro-death to pro-life. Amazing what those darn scientific facts can do. 🙂


  5. You can’t have it both ways Neil.

    Planned Parenthood really didn’t begin performing abortions until the government pulled their funding. I’ve been in the clinics, and watched how the literature changed as the government abandoned them more every year.

    It has always been a haven for people who don’t have medical insurance and have too much income to qualify for Medicaid. The first few years I visited there was no literature on abortion. They lobbied for ADOPTION so much, I thought they were baby brokers!Then you started seeing one slot for a brochure. Later you would see a flyer on the bulliten board announcing procedures for getting a referral for an abortion.

    Planned Parenthood sold out for money, plain and simple. Traded family programs for single mother classes. YES, Planned Parenthood used to offer marriage counseling for young couples who had decided to keep their babies, or grief and guidence counseling for ‘couples’ who had decided to give up their babies.

    Liberal vs. Conservative

    Who won in this situation?


    1. Hi Mizclark,

      I didn’t follow that at all. Even if we assume that your claim about the gov’t pulling PP’s funding is correct then that provided 0.0% justification for them to perform abortions. I’m sure you’ll agree that just because an entity loses funding that going into the baby destruction business isn’t the solution.

      And of course, PP always insists that the abortion and birth control divisions are distinct, so in theory even they would disagree with your view.

      Who won? Well, we know who lost.


  6. “It’s so hysterical to me that you like the Simpsons. Seems incongruous for a prolife, conservative evangelical who loves Randy Alcorn.”

    Check out “The Gospel According to The SIimpsons” by Mark I. Pinsky.

    A United Methodist Pastor has written a study guide for it and I used it in my Sunday School class.


    1. The Simpsons epsidoes were relatively even-handed politically (even if their writers were not) until the early/mid-2000s when their ratings started to tank. Then they started to assault the right nearly every episode.


  7. I’m afraid that if I post this pamphlet, my liberal friends will automatically assume it’s a fraud. Do you have links to sources that can affirm its authenticity? Keep up the good work! I saw your excellent comments on another blog and followed your link here.


    1. Hi – thanks for visiting and commenting! Unfortunately I don’t have that, but I have had anyone question its authenticity. I think that questioning it would be a concession speech on their part anyway, because it obviously isn’t faked. All the best to you!


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