One of Obama’s worst ideas

And he’s had lots of bad ideas.

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is a controversial bill that was passed by the House in 2007 and stalled in Senate 2008.  It was reintroduced to Legislature as of March 2009.  Obama has committed to passing it.

It is an awful bill that will do great damage to our economy.

Current Law (NLRA)  

  • If 30% support union, NLRB grants a “Secret Ballot Election”
  • Union certified if majority vote is YES.
  • Companies must “bargain” in good faith but are not required to reach an agreement.

Proposed Law (EFCA)

  • Card Check – If over 50% of cards affirm union support then the NLRB certifies the union without an election.
  • If no contract is reached within 120 days, a binding arbitration guaranteed contract for 2 years is put in place without a vote.

Eliminating secret ballots could lead to union intimidation, unfair representation, etc.  Union organizers can follow people out in public, get in their faces, pressure them to sign cards, etc. 

Unfair binding arbitration will have all sorts of consequences.  Once you get a union it is almost impossible to get rid of it.  They cost jobs.  The U.S. automakers made lots of bad decisions over the years, but the unions were the biggest catalyst in their failures.  You simply can’t compete when your costs are that much higher than your competitors.

EFCA is profoundly un-American and bad idea.

0 thoughts on “One of Obama’s worst ideas”

  1. Absolutely agree. But some think that without it there is management intimidation. I think that’s a pretty lame argument if the voting happens in private. This is nothing more than payback for union support last November.


  2. More political paybacks for getting elected. Unions were a catalyst in his getting elected so now he is giving them the payoff promised.

    Just like in the auto industry bailout/”bankruptcy”, the UAW got a disproportionate percentage of ownership in Chrysler, and will get the same in GM. The fact that he is so unabashed in his political paybacks is disturbing.

    And notice how he is closing Republican owned GM and Chrysler dealerships at an alarming rate, while more liberal, Democratic owned dealerships are allowed to remain open. The guy is as sleazy as the day is long.


  3. This bill should be called “the thug rights bill”; apropos for Chicago’s thug politics and thug politicians. Today’s unions are analogous to the old thug business rules where one must pay the thug down the street for “protection” in order to operate his business. Who’d ever thought that the US Gov. would ever want in on that action?


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