More False Teachers ‘R Us

Just a quick Saturday morning fisk of the latest inanities of the “Reverend” Chuck Currie (the unrepentent liar and class act who thought Wanda Sykes’ bit for Obama was hysterical and who claims, without evidence, that some Christian aid groups only help heterosexuals).

Liberty University, the “school” founded by the late Jerry Falwell, has banned a student run Democratic Party club because:

“The Democratic Party platform is contrary to the mission of Liberty University and to Christian doctrine (supports abortion, federal funding of abortion, advocates repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, promotes the “LGBT” agenda, hate crimes, which include sexual orientation and gender identity, socialism, etc.)”

Let’s review the record:

  • Democrats support economic policies that lift people out of poverty and create a more level playing field.  Republicans support economic policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor (those Jesus would have called “the least of these”) and middle class.

No, Democrats support socialism and job and wealth destroying policies.  Some of them have good intentions but know nothing about history, economics or basic human nature. 

Democrats support unrestricted destruction of the “least of these,” the unborn.

Democrats ignore the incredible success of the United States and capitalism, which has done more to lift people out of poverty than any other -ism.

Democrats ignore that conservatives give more of their own time, money and blood, while people like Currie advocate taking other people’s money at the point of a gun to fund their counterproductive ideas.

  • Democrats are working toward the goal of universal health care.  Republicans opposed even expanding health care for children.

Regarding “expanding health care for children,” Republicans know a Trojan Horse when they see one. 

Univeral health care is an awful idea and is being sold with lies.

  • Democrats back civil rights for all Americans.  Republicans oppose equality in many cases.

That is code for “Republicans don’t want to confer Civil Rights based on perverted sexual preferences.”  Yep.  Skin color is morally neutral, sexual preferences are not.

  • Democrats are trying to stop global climate change.  Republicans, while taking money from polluters, often argue there is no climate change occuring.

Republicans aren’t suckers.  Democrats, while taking money from extreme Liberals, often argue that they have evidence for man-made global warming and that their “fixes” won’t destroy jobs.  They are wrong.

  • Democrats are against torture.  Republicans embrace it.

Republicans oppose crushing and dismembering innocent human beings (warning: graphic link).  Democrats embrace it.  It is their #1 God-mocking issue.

Some Republicans don’t have an issue with waterboarding three known terrorist leaders to save countless lives. 

I wonder if Chuck would prefer to be waterboarded or to have his skull crushed and limbs ripped off without anesthetic?

God is not a Republican…or a Democrat, says Jim Wallis, and he is right.  But Liberty University itself seems pretty far removed from anything that resembles the teachings of Jesus.   

Wallis is one of the biggest fakes going.  He uses his “God is not a Republican . . . or a Democrat” sound bite ad nauseam then proceeds to explain why God supports all of Wallis’ Democratic policies. 

Chuck disagrees with Jesus on virtually everything (his divinity, his exclusivity, his views on the Bible, his views on marriage, his views on other religions, his views on murder, etc.) so it is laughable that he would criticize anyone for not being in sync with Jesus.  If you want to know what Jesus thinks it is a safe bet to take the opposite position of liberal theologians like Chuck.

And where are the shrill calls from the ACLU et al regarding Wallis’ imposition of a theocracy?  Oh, right, they only fight religious views they disagree with — or do they just intuitively realize that the Lefties are really worshiping themselves and not God?

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  1. Still, what does kicking the Democrat’s club out of Liberty University say about first amendment rights?

    Perhaps one could make the case that the first amendment applies to individual rights, and that would no doubt have merit, but I’m not so sure I agree with Liberty’s decision to kick them out, whatever their offense, as long as it stops short of planning the violent overthrow of the US Government, or for that matter, Liberty University.

    They have the right to come together to discuss their opinions, even if their opinions are wrong, don’t they?

    For the record, I advocate the overthrow of the Obama government, but not violently.

    Unless it necessarily comes to that, of course.


    1. Liberty is not the government, so I don’t see how the 1st Amendment applies. They can discuss their opinions without getting official sanctioning from the school. What if a hypothetical lesbian university didn’t want to sponsor a club of ex-gays?


  2. Sorry, Neil, the above comment was off-topic, even if it is slightly connected to the subject. “Reverend” (and I use the term loosely) Curry, nevertheless, is an apostate. That much is certain.


  3. Good point, Neil. Still, Liberty University banning any Democratic party associated club sets themselves up for all kinds of attacks from Liberals nationwide. I don’t think it’s worth it.


  4. Neil,

    My cousin’s inlaws (say that five ties fast) are UCC. I attended the baptism of their granddaughter and was in hives over the “Welcoming and Affirming” sign on the bulletin. For those of you who don’t know, “welcoming and affirming” is phony Christian speak for “we’re the final authority instead of the Bible so we declare homosexual perversion to be just peachy with Jesus and won’t throw you out if you unrepentantly practice it.”

    Makes me nauseous to think men like Mr. (I refuse to call him reverend) Currie are shepherding–well, not a flock exactly, since that would assume that the church is actually Christian. But for the few Christians that are in the UCC as a whole (all two of them) it’s frightening to think men like this (and women, too: the “pastor” performing the baptism was a woman) are a) considered shepherds of the flock and b) taken seriously.
    In other non surprising news, a UCC minister recently published a book called “Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshipping Christ and Start Following Jesus.” That was the real title.

    Sometimes I wonder why I don’t wake up in the morning to America being enveloped in natural disasters that would make “The Day After Tomorrow” (the movie) look like a rain drizzle on Easter.

    Come, Lord Jesus!


    PS—Re Liberty U: Isn’t it inconsistent to applaud Liberty for denying the Dem club’s ability to meet yet demanding that liberal, secular universities honor the right of conservative and/or religious groups to meet, and then when they’re denied access, sue the schools? (If this is too off topic feel free to drop me a note on Facebook.) The whole affair just seems odd to me in that regard.


  5. I work with many people who are “pro-life” on the issue of abortion. Clearly, the issue is an emotional one but many in the “pro-choice” community have found common ground with others with differing viewpoints on this one issue. Children’s health care is one example. George W. Bush and his allies in Congress fought expansion of SCHIP because it required an increase in the cigarette tax. Everything came down to this simple question: do you values the lives and health of millions of children more or less than the profits of big tobacco. Bush sided with tobacco and millions of children suffered and some needlessly died. But advocates on all sides of the abortion issue advocated for the expansion of SCHIP because we believe it is the moral obligation of society to care for children. But there are people – like the author of this site – who unfortunately are only “pro-life” when the fetus is in the womb and are more than willing to allow children to suffer and even die and fell no responsibility. “Every day, 26,000 children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes such as undernutrition, diarrhea, unsafe water, or diseases easily prevented by vaccines. That’s 18 children every minute,” reports Bread for the World, the Christian anti-poverty organization. But you won’t read about that here or about the efforts – efforts I’m thankful to say that are supported by Neil’s own United Methodist Church – to alleviate such suffering by providing debt relief and global financial aid to nations in distress. You aren’t really “pro-life” if you ignore the needs of tens of millions of children across the globe. No, what you’re doing (and I’m not sure what the motivation is here) is seeking to use the Christian faith to divide people when Jesus taught reconciliation and said that justice for the poor – for the least of these – was of the utmost importance to God. We read in Isaiah 58.10 (a book that Jesus often quotes from and in fact uses words from as his inaugural sermon) that “…if you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.” With respect, let the light in. Abandon your effort to divide and seek out the love of God.


    1. Hi Chuck,

      That was an extended play straw man argument. Have you examined my 1040’s? Do you know how much I give to the poor? So how about if you spare me the “they don’t care about the poor” lies?

      Did Jesus ask us to give our own time and money or did He command us to take it at the point of a gun to give to others?

      You heartily endorse the legal destruction of 1,000,000+ human beings per year in the U.S. alone. You even insist that the Bible supports abortion! (Then again, you read the Bible and conclude that Jesus is not the only way to salvation).

      So spare me the false dichotomy that we are somehow anti-poor just because we disagree with your pro-abortion and naive, counterproductive, covetous political agenda.

      No, what you’re doing (and I’m not sure what the motivation is here) is seeking to use the Christian faith to divide people when Jesus taught reconciliation

      Oh, you’re all about reconciliation, aren’t you? Is that why you think Wanda Sykes was so funny you fell off your couch and accuse authentic Christian ministries of withholding food from gays?

      But there are people – like the author of this site – who unfortunately are only “pro-life” when the fetus is in the womb and are more than willing to allow children to suffer and even die and fell no responsibility.

      I address that lie in Pro-lifers don’t care about kids after they are born?

      The truth is that people like Chuck take the “better dead than poor” or even the “better aborted than me having to help take care of them” approach. It is a sickening, non-Christian worldview.

      But what would I expect from Chuck?

      2 Corinthians 11:13-15 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.


  6. 198 more children died due to poverty in the 11 minutes you took to respond to my post. As ususal, I’m thankful for the leadership shown by your own United Methodist Church on these issues. And I’m even more thankful that God brings together so many who disagree on the issue of abortion to work in common cause to fight poverty. It is sad you don’t support these efforts or value the democratic system of government whereby the people make decisons. No one with a gun is coming to your house. In our nation laws are made by the voters and their elected representatives. On Memorial Day, when we remember all those who have died for our nation, it is particularly sad that you would demean our nation – imperfect as it might be.


    1. There’s another series of non-sequitors, Chuck. How many people died while you were glorifying Wanda Sykes, accusing Christians of not feeding gay people and advancing your pro-abortion agenda?

      How many will die from your pro-abortion policies tomorrow? Only 3,500 or so.

      Where is one shred of evidence that I don’t help the poor? You have counterproductive and covetous policies to allegedly help the poor. Just because I disagree with those doesn’t mean I am anti-poor. But you know that, and in your typical deceptive style you demonize those who oppose you instead of arguing the merits of your case.

      If I don’t pay my taxes, the Feds come with guns to take my money or freedom.

      Another straw man about demeaning our nation. Pathetic.

      How about coming back with some facts, Chuck?

      How much of you own money do you donate to help the poor? How about some verses demonstrating why it is so noble to take other people’s money to fund your pet causes?

      How much has Obama donated of his own money to help the poor — % of giving and total $ ?


  7. Hi Chuck,

    Can you offer any evidence for the fact that I’m attacking our patriots or am like Timothy McVeigh? How does disagreeing with a false teacher about whether abortion kills an innocent human being and whether his economic views will help society translate into that?

    Also, remember when you lied on your blog and said the following?

    The only comments that I block are those that are racist, sexist or homophobic. I also ban some comments because of offensive language. Sorry to say that you’ve done all that and more and I just won’t allow those kinds of remarks on my site.

    Did you ever repent to God for that? I don’t need or expect an apology from you, but I figured that a “Reverend” would show some remorse over such a despicable thing.

    And do you remember when you doubled down and repeated your lie here — ?

    Did you repent of that one either?

    Can you explain why anyone should take anything you say seriously, especially your status as a “Reverend,” when you do such things in such an unrepentant fashion, and when you make idiotic claims likening me to Timothy McVeigh just because you can’t defend your views? I’m merely pointing out how you are using the gov’t to force your religious views on others. That is your prerogative, of course, but I think it is a lie to say that it was Jesus’ idea.


  8. You’ve suggested that armed “Feds” oppress you and suppress your freedoms by requiring that you pay taxes when in fact it is the voters and our elected representatives who make those decisions. Timothy McVeigh used the same anti-government rhetoric. You dishonor Americans who serve our nation in government (including law enforcement and the military) with your words. And you’ve done it on a day when we honor the sacrifices of such men and women.

    My criticisms of you have been fair and valid. But you’ve managed to surprise me with the distain you’ve shown for our democratic society. You despise your own denomination and your nation. Darkness envelops your thinking. Only you truly know God’s mind. Such thinking is dangerous.

    I’ve concluded my response to your post now. I would end by saying “Happy Memorial Day” but to do so on this site would further dishonor those who have given their lives to protect us from people like McVeigh.


    1. Chuck, you are such a liar. I said no such thing. I just pointed out your rank hypocrisy of pretending to be generous while all you are really doing is taking other people’s money at the point of a gun.

      Comparing that to Timothy McVeigh just shows how childish and desperate you are and how unable you are to defend your views.

      You failed to answer a few qeustions:

      – Have you repented of your lies about me? – How do you dare call yourself a “reverend” when you say such things? – How much do you give of your own money to help the poor? – How much of Obama’s own money does he give to help the poor?

      Don’t slink away like a coward, Chuck. Answer the questions.


  9. Here’s an update from Chuck on the Prop 8 news — . I’d do a whole post, but if all I ever did was fisk his bad theology and hypocrisy I’d never get to other topics!

    The “reverend” “repents” of the church’s teaching that homosexual behavior is sinful. He disagrees with Jesus on who God made marriage for (one man and one woman!). In Chuck’s upside down world, preaching the clear truths of scripture is a sin but saying that sins are not sins is good. Everybody got that?

    Once again:

    100% of the verses addressing homosexual behavior denounce it as sin in the clearest and strongest possible terms.

    100% of the verses referencing God’s ideal for marriage involve one man and one woman.

    100% of the verses referencing parenting involve moms and dads with unique roles (or at least a set of male and female parents guiding the children).

    0% of 31,173 Bible verses refer to homosexual behavior in a positive or even benign way or even hint at the acceptability of homosexual unions.

    Of course we should reach out to GLBT folks in love, but if we really have their long term best interests at heart we won’t encourage them to sin. Homophobes like Chuck fear the gay lobby so much that they abandon common sense, their Bible and their God to go along with what the world says.

    I’d be glad to debate the “reverend” on those topics any time. He’s the guy who thought that John 14:6 was the only verse addressing Jesus’ exclusivity, and he gave a whole sermon on why Jesus isn’t really the only way. Somehow he missed the other 99. Maybe they didn’t study the NT at his “seminary?”


  10. But Chuck “works with” many people who are pro-life…lol…this reminds me of the proverbial racist who has a black friend. Poor chuck not only defends the “rights” to kill innocent lives, he relishes it….I commented awhile back on his blog concerning Obama’s overturning of the Mexico City Policy…it was evident by his reply back that Chuck was elated that more funds would go to provide murder overseas.

    There is a terrific section in “Christless Christianity” concerning cetain “religous” leaders blending the concept of the gospel with the law, or altogether replacing the gospel with law….good read.

    “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord”


    1. Yes, Chuck is one who is definitely in the pro-abortion camp. In defiance of common sense, God and the Bible these “Christians” do all they can to increase abortions.


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