Stop me if you’ve heard this before . . .

Planned Parenthood was caught on video for the sixth time for committing the felony of covering up sexual abuse.

It should have only taken one or perhaps two of these videos to generate Congressional action and a full-scale media investigation.  But no one on the Left seems to care!  I have never seen one Planned Parenthood proponent speak out against these serial felonies.

The alleged 14 year old was quickly and clearly encouraged to lie to cover up a relationship with a 31 year old.  This isn’t some rogue volunteer.  She had a clear script to work from and reflexively and unflinchingly gave her advice. 

What is so amazing is how brazen Planned Parenthood is on this topic.  They obviously aren’t even trying to stop it.  They were caught on audio doing the same thing years ago, yet here we are.

Watch it all.

Hat tip: Self Evident Truths

0 thoughts on “Stop me if you’ve heard this before . . .”

  1. I could just SCREAM.

    But I wont, I will pray that God will have mercy of these who walk among us with smiling faces and bloody hands.

    Mercy is about all they can get from God and that’s not even a promise. Under the regime of Barack Obama killing children will become a badge of courage.


  2. Neil, forgive me for interrupting this comment thread by my shameless self promotion, but I really would like your thoughts on an entry I posted at My religious blog.

    On the topic, Planned parenthood, despite all the true good they do, is an evil, evil organization spawned by Satan himself, and conceived of in the very pit of hell.

    Yes, may God have mercy on their souls, because I won’t.


  3. Educlaytion

    USA Today should run a story on this, but not because it has anything to do with religion and faith – because it doesn’t. This is a legal issue and PP should be slammed with lawsuits to prevent this from happening.

    It’s bad enough that it’s legal in Tennessee (and other states) for an under aged girl to get an abortion without her parent’s consent – or even knowledge! But to turn a blind eye to rape just makes the problem even worse. This man will go completely unpunished for his crime. How many other girls will he send to PP to cover up his actions?


  4. Oh, what a relief! The above comment didn’t come form That Dan!

    I’ve never understood how punishing the innocent baby in situations such as these makes sense.

    I am against abortion for all reasons excepting the unlikely possibility that a mother could die without one. But that, as everyone knows, simply doesn’t happen often enough to even throw in that provision.

    Rape? Why kill the innocent baby? Incest? Why kill the innocent baby? Health of the mother? What kind of health? Mental health? Whatever. Why kill the innocent baby?

    As I said. It makes no sense.


  5. “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

    That thought came to mind as I read your post. Seeing that the left is entrenched in darkness, and entrenched in control, then it will be up to God to change the situation. The National Day of Prayer is coming up, and sadly, they believe that it is “prayer” that will save this nation. I know they mean well. But that misses the mark entirely. Prayer is a means of grace, but prayer never saves a nation or us. Only Christ can do that.

    Christ and Christ alone can change the situation.


  6. This morning I watched a news segemtn on the death of Bea Arthur, and they showed a segment where she made the decision to abort a child on the tv show. My 7-year old daughter was sitting beside me, and heard the words “we’re too old to have kids so its okay to have the abortion.”

    It was an opportunity to telll my daughter that it was wrong, and that the woman was making a decision to kill her baby. Then I shared with her, “In California, its okay to kill an unborn child, but against the law to drive a car while talking on your cell phone.” Our world is upside down as a result of spiritula warfare.

    My daughter walks with Christ in her heart. When she is a young adult, I’m hopeful she will guide her peers into God’s values instead of world values. We’ve got to talk to our children now, while they are young enough to listen.

    This video from PP is a good opportunity to teach children why then can’t trust PP! It reminds us PP is not about family planning and abotion, it is about killing innocent babies.


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